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Look Up and See Joy – Dylan Wang, Pan Binlong, Huang Xiaolei

Look Up and See Joy is a comedy film directed by Hu Guohan, Wu Youyin, Liu Jiangjiang, and Gao Ke, starring Dylan Wang Hedi, Zhang Yaqin, Pan Binlong, Gong Beibi, Huang Xiaolei, Wang Xun, and Jiang Yi.


Look Up and See Joy

English Title: Look Up and See Joy
Chinese Title: 抬头见喜
Genre: Comedy, Family, Life, Friendship
Duration: 138 min.
Director: Liu Jiangjiang, Wu Youyin, Gao Ke, Hu Guohan
Writer: Hu Guohan, Wu Youyin, Liu Jingjiang, Huang Zhanzhong, Gao Ke
Released Date: 2023-01-22
Broadcast Website: Youku



The film focuses on the hot topics of mid-life crisis, family responsibility, elderly care, and children's education, and uses comedic audio-visual techniques to tell the story of a corporate employee who is laid off at mid-life and doesn't bow to fate; an older sister who opposes the foster care of her little brother and fights with her elders to "win" back her younger brother; a grandson who uses meta-universe technology to reunite her grandfather with her late grandmother; a childish rich young man who finds his value of life after being changed by fate. The four stories are happy, inspiring, warm, and positive, and each chapter is performed with the most sincere emotions.


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