2023 Chinese Drama List

Only For Love (Accidental Love) – Dylan Wang, Bai Lu

Only For Love is an urban romantic comedy directed by Guo Hu, led by Dylan Wang and Bai Lu, co-starring Miles Wei, Shen Yujie, An Yuexi, Zhou Keyu, Liu Dongqin, wang wei, and Jiang Peiyao.

It is based on the novel “Cuo Liao / 错撩”. It’s a love story between a financial journalist and an ”overbearing” CEO.


Only For Love (Accidental Love)

English Title: Only For Love (Accidental Love)
Chinese Title: 以爱为营
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Hu
Writer: Yang Qianzi
Product Company: MGTV, LIE HUO
Released Date:
Watch On: MGTV



A love story between a bossy CEO, Shi Yan, and a “foolish” female protagonist, Zheng Shuyi. They embark on a love journey due to a misunderstanding.

Career-driven financial journalist Zheng Shuyi, who was determined to secure the front page, made great efforts to obtain an exclusive interview with Mingyu Yunchuang CEO Shi Yan. They left a deep impression on each other.

Zheng Shuyi wrote several objective and concise reports through in-depth research on various industries, while Shi Yan continued to seek out potential and socially responsible start-ups for investment, hoping to give back to society.

Shi Yan found that Zheng Shuyi’s views conveyed through her reports always coincided with his own, and accepted her invitation to do a series of reports on Mingyu Yunchuang.

Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan analyzed the industry together, exchanged views, and used new media channels to bring the latest financial information to readers.

They also faced various difficulties and challenges in the investment and interview process, and their hearts gradually approached each other in the back-and-forth exchange.

In the end, Zheng Shuyi’s career ambition to create an electronic magazine was realized, and Shi Yan led Mingyu Yunchuang to complete successful investments, opening up a new world for their careers and ultimately finding love together.


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