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Only For Love – Dylan Wang, Bai Lu

Only For Love is an urban romantic comedy directed by Guo Hu, led by Dylan Wang and Bai Lu, co-starring Miles Wei, Shen Yujie, An Yuexi, Zhou Keyu, Liu Dongqin, wang wei, Duan Xingyu, and Jiang Peiyao.

It is based on the novel "Cuo Liao / 错撩". It's a love story between a financial journalist and an ”overbearing" CEO.


Only For Love

English Title: Only For Love
Chinese Title: 以爱为营
Other Titles: Accidental Love, 错撩
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Tag: CEO Male Lead, Rich Male Lead, Female Chases Male First, Boss-Employee Relationship, Multiple Couples, Reporter Female Lead
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Hu
Writer: Yang Qianzi, Li Min, Qin Qin
Producer: Ren Xu, Li Xingjian, Zhou Dun, Jiang Zhifang
Product Company: MGTV, LIE HUO
Released Date: 2023-11-03
Broadcast Website: MGTV, MangoTV Drama, Viki



A love story between a bossy CEO, Shi Yan, and a "foolish" female protagonist, Zheng Shuyi. They embark on a love journey due to a misunderstanding.

Career-driven financial journalist Zheng Shuyi, who was determined to secure the front page, made great efforts to obtain an exclusive interview with Mingyu Yunchuang CEO Shi Yan. They left a deep impression on each other.

Zheng Shuyi wrote several objective and concise reports through in-depth research on various industries, while Shi Yan continued to seek out potential and socially responsible start-ups for investment, hoping to give back to society.

Shi Yan found that Zheng Shuyi's views conveyed through her reports always coincided with his own, and accepted her invitation to do a series of reports on Mingyu Yunchuang.

Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan analyzed the industry together, exchanged views, and used new media channels to bring the latest financial information to readers.

They also faced various difficulties and challenges in the investment and interview process, and their hearts gradually approached each other in the back-and-forth exchange.

In the end, Zheng Shuyi's career ambition to create an electronic magazine was realized, and Shi Yan led Mingyu Yunchuang to complete successful investments, opening up a new world for their careers and ultimately finding love together.


Zheng Shuyi is the star journalist of the Financial Weekly. Having just lost an interview opportunity, Zheng Shuyi decided to improve her interview skills to better interview Shi Yan, the CEO of Mingyu Cloud Creation. However, her colleague informed her that the chief editor had recommended Xu Yuling to Mingyu Cloud Creation, and Zheng Shuyi had missed the chance to interview Shi Yan. Nevertheless, Zheng Shuyi believed that only with competence could she write outstanding articles. So, she decided to work diligently to enhance her interviewing skills.

On the other hand, Shi Yan received a notification for an exclusive interview from the Financial Journal. Shi Yan believed that an interview should be an inspiring conversation and reflection. He was not pleased with the journalist Xu Yuling recommended by the Financial Journal and preferred Zheng Shuyi's interview outline. Zheng Shuyi met with the chief editor, Tang Yi. Though she was disappointed she couldn't interview Shi Yan, she saw it as an opportunity to spend time with her boyfriend on his birthday. However, Tang Yi informed Zheng Shuyi that Mingyu Cloud Creation had ultimately chosen her to interview Shi Yan. Zheng Shuyi made the decision to forgo celebrating her boyfriend's birthday and instead seize the rare opportunity to interview Shi Yan.

Shi Yan reviewed his work schedule and had his assistant arrange the interview location for Zheng Shuyi at his family's old mansion. Zheng Shuyi and her colleagues gossiped about Shi Yan's past, realizing that he had never appeared in the media. They believed that securing exclusive video or audio content from Shi Yan for the electronic publication would attract many readers. Zheng Shuyi decided to demonstrate her ability to lead the electronic publication's upgrade to her superiors and secure the necessary resources for the new electronic publication through monetizing content.

Shi Yan met with Li Zong from Lanye Corporation to discuss business. While the two companies had a prior relationship, Shi Yan was dissatisfied with the proposed plan and believed that investment should be about acquiring future value. He hoped the other party could present a satisfactory plan to obtain Mingyu Cloud Creation's investment. Conversely, Shi Yan saw the core technology of Le'an Group and expressed an interest in investing in the company.

Because Guan Ji invited Shi Yan to Warner Mansion for a dinner and planned to introduce him to the financial expert Yu You, Shi Yan decided to attend the dinner, which required changing the interview time arranged with the Financial Journal. Zheng Shuyi called her boyfriend, Yue Xingzhou, and explained that she would be interviewing Shi Yan that evening, mentioning she had prepared for it for two months. Though Yue Xingzhou was somewhat disappointed, he ultimately supported Zheng Shuyi's dedication to her work. Zheng Shuyi was about to leave for the interview with Shi Yan when Shi Yan's assistant, Chen Sheng, informed her that the interview time had changed. Unwilling to miss the special feature in the next week's publication, Zheng Shuyi learned that Shi Yan's friend, Guan Ji, was hosting a dinner at Warner Mansion. She decided to pay a visit to Shi Yan.

Zheng Shuyi arrived at Warner Mansion, hoping that Shi Yan would find time to accept her interview. Chen Sheng relayed her request to Shi Yan, who regretfully informed her that he couldn't be interviewed that evening and arranged for a car to take Zheng Shuyi back. At the dinner, Zheng Shuyi overheard people discussing Yu You and found out that Yu You was about to become the youngest professor at the School of Economics. Due to menstrual discomfort, Yu You kindly brought her a cup of hot water. After exchanging a few words about economics, Zheng Shuyi took the opportunity to ask for Yu You's contact information. Shi Yan, prompted by Chen Sheng, spotted Zheng Shuyi but was unexpectedly interrupted by Guan Ji's arrival, causing Zheng Shuyi to miss her chance to meet Shi Yan.

During the dinner, Guan Ji introduced Yu You as the strategic advisor of the Guan family and facilitated the introduction between Yu You and Shi Yan. The three of them jokingly referred to themselves as the "Three Musketeers of Jiangcheng" and planned to collaborate for mutual success. Zheng Shuyi waited in the rain for her boyfriend, Yue Xingzhou, to pick her up. After the dinner, Shi Yan noticed that Zheng Shuyi had not left yet and intended to offer her a ride. However, Zheng Shuyi misunderstood his intentions and believed he was trying to strike up a conversation. She politely declined his offer, mentioning that she already had a boyfriend. After rejecting his offer, Zheng Shuyi realized that the person she had just met might be the Shi Yan she had been longing to interview, leading to regret.

Yue Xingzhou picked up Zheng Shuyi and apologized for not celebrating her birthday with her. He noticed a scent of perfume in the car but didn't misunderstand it. He assumed it was the scent used by his male friends. However, when Zheng Shuyi returned home, she discovered that she had left her phone in Yue Xingzhou's car. She tracked her phone's location and found it was at the hospital. Worried that something had happened to Yue Xingzhou, she rushed to the hospital, only to discover him kissing another woman at the hospital entrance, realizing that he had betrayed her.

After parting ways with his lover, Yue Xingzhou noticed the bracelet left by Zheng Shuyi by the car and realized that she had discovered his betrayal. He hurriedly went to find Zheng Shuyi. Upon returning home, Zheng Shuyi packed up her boyfriend Yue Xingzhou's belongings and waited for him to come and apologize. To her disappointment, when Yue Xingzhou arrived, he immediately suggested a breakup. Yue Xingzhou said he loved Zheng Shuyi, but he couldn't handle the current life of striving and didn't share her ambitions and ideals. His new lover came from a wealthy family, and he didn't need to put in much effort while being with her. It was then that Zheng Shuyi finally realized her boyfriend's shamelessness. She threw his belongings at him and kicked him out.

Devastated by the breakup, Zheng Shuyi called her friend Bi Ruoshan to vent about her ex-boyfriend, Yue Xingzhou. After sharing her feelings, Zheng Shuyi decided to turn her sorrow and anger into motivation. She planned to continue pursuing Shi Yan at work. But Zheng Shuyi still couldn't accept that she lost to a car. With Bi Ruoshan's comfort, Zheng Shuyi resolved to work hard to make Yue Xingzhou regret leaving her.

The next day, Zheng Shuyi visited the Financial Journal and informed the chief editor, Tang Yi, that she couldn't arrange a meeting with Shi Yan the previous night. She assured him that she would contact Chen Sheng to reschedule the interview. Tang Yi noticed Zheng Shuyi's exhausted appearance and, suspecting the reason, advised her to date someone more suitable. She had long believed that Zheng Shuyi and Yue Xingzhou were not a compatible couple, and breaking up was for the best.

To help Zheng Shuyi change her mood, Tang Yi arranged for her to interview Chen Kang from Le'an Technology. After completing the interview with Chen Kang, Zheng Shuyi felt hungry and went to a bakery. To her surprise, she saw Yue Xingzhou and his new girlfriend, Qin Lezhi, at the bakery. Qin Lezhi noticed Zheng Shuyi's presence and seemed to assert her dominance. Zheng Shuyi made a sarcastic comment about Qin Lezhi's interest in "secondhand goods."

Seeing Yue Xingzhou and Qin Lezhi made Zheng Shuyi very angry. Moments later, outside the bakery, she saw Shi Yan's car, which she mistakenly believed belonged to Qin Lezhi's uncle. Fueled by anger, Zheng Shuyi decided to interview Shi Yan and ensure that Yue Xingzhou would be unable to enter the Qin family's circle. On the other hand, Shi Yan had just finished arranging work matters when he saw Zheng Shuyi approaching his car and initiating a conversation. Zheng Shuyi was surprised to find Shi Yan inside the car, so she changed her statement and claimed she had come specifically to request an interview. However, Shi Yan declined her request and instructed her to contact his assistant to schedule an interview.

Tang Yi was worried that Zheng Shuyi might not be able to interview Shi Yan and had Xu Yuling modify the articles. If they couldn't secure the interview with Shi Yan, they would have to use Xu Yuling's articles in the next week's publication. Zheng Shuyi contacted Bi Ruoshan to gather information about Shi Yan's family relationships and found out that he indeed had a niece with the last name Qin. The Shi family was very protective of their privacy, and after Shi Yan left the family, media coverage of him had decreased significantly.

In the following days, Zheng Shuyi repeatedly tried to schedule an interview with Chen Sheng, but Shi Yan was busy working late into the night every day, and she couldn't secure an interview time. During a company meeting, Shi Yan brought up the topic of Lanye Corporation, which was met with opposition from the company's shareholders. The shareholders also wanted Shi Yan to disclose the relationship between Mingyu and Cloud Creation at the right time to showcase Cloud Creation's capabilities to the public.

Shi Yan completed his work for the week ahead of schedule and had Chen Sheng arrange a time for Zheng Shuyi to interview him during the next day's lunch break. Xu Yuling overheard Zheng Shuyi confirming the interview time with Shi Yan and, feeling jealous, privately took Zheng Shuyi's interview outline. Bi Ruoshan advised Zheng Shuyi to dress elegantly and attract Shi Yan's attention during the interview.

Xu Yuling arrived at Cloud Creation early to interview Shi Yan. Shi Yan mistakenly thought that Zheng Shuyi had something urgent and sent a colleague for the interview. When Xu Yuling showed Zheng Shuyi's interview outline, Shi Yan accepted the interview. Zheng Shuyi visited Cloud Creation and was surprised to see that Xu Yuling had already registered for the interview at the front desk. She inquired with Chen Sheng and learned that Xu Yuling had interviewed Shi Yan on her behalf.

At Cloud Creation, Zheng Shuyi encountered Shi Yan and requested another interview, citing five questions about Cloud Creation's future. After hearing her questions, Shi Yan agreed to continue the interview. Since Shi Yan was occasionally away, Zheng Shuyi conducted the interview during a two-hour car journey, which was acceptable to her.

During the journey, Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan introduced themselves, officially getting to know each other. Zheng Shuyi then began recording the interview with Shi Yan. Towards the end of the interview, she asked whether Shi Yan's decision to leave Mingyu and establish Cloud Creation had been approved by his father. Back then, Shi Yan's father had wanted him to stay at Mingyu, but Shi Yan had handed over control of Mingyu to his brother-in-law and decided to venture out on his own. Eventually, his father understood and supported his decision, but Shi Yan preferred not to make this family matter public. As a result, he didn't provide a direct answer to Zheng Shuyi.

After the interview, Shi Yan asked Zheng Shuyi to leave. Zheng Shuyi, who had seen the remote and desolate area around the racecourse, decided to hitch a ride with Shi Yan instead. She intended to ask if Shi Yan had a girlfriend, but he didn't respond. Guan Xiangcheng unexpectedly saw Shi Yan with Zheng Shuyi and used the opportunity to engage in small talk with Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi took advantage of the situation and remained at the racetrack.

Guan Xiangcheng learned that Zheng Shuyi didn't know how to ride horses, so he lent her his wife's riding outfit. Zheng Shuyi planned to ask Shi Yan for help in fastening her belt as a way to get his attention. However, Shi Yan misinterpreted her actions as playful and left abruptly. Zheng Shuyi asked Shi Yan to teach her how to ride a horse, and they ended up riding together for a lesson. Shi Yan even intentionally spurred the horse to jump, scaring Zheng Shuyi, who ultimately gave up on horseback riding.

During their conversation, Guan Xiangcheng discussed business matters with Shi Yan. He advised Shi Yan to consider investing in Lanye Corporation, as the people at Lanye were old friends of his father. He believed there was no need for animosity and that Shi Yan could benefit from the relationship. However, Shi Yan insisted on staying focused on a single goal and not changing his principles for others' happiness. Guan Xiangcheng also mentioned that Qin Shimonth had returned to China and suggested trying his niece as a reporter since her major aligned with journalism. Shi Yan was initially skeptical about his less qualified niece becoming a reporter, but when he saw Zheng Shuyi's determination, he agreed to give Qin Shimonth a chance.

On their way back, Shi Yan asked the driver to drop Zheng Shuyi off at her home. Zheng Shuyi was surprised that Shi Yan didn't even offer to have a meal with her. She fell asleep in the car due to exhaustion, and when she woke up, she found that Shi Yan had left. She couldn't help but complain about his indifferent hospitality.

Lanye Corporation planned to acquire Le'an Technology for 50 million RMB. Shi Yan contacted Chen Kang from Le'an Technology and suggested a collaboration between Le'an and Cloud Creation to develop Chinese chips. However, Chen Kang believed that Le'an needed funding more than acquisition at the moment and continued to seek financial support. Shi Yan asked Chen Kang to take his time to consider, as he intended to move forward with the cooperation.

The next day, Zheng Shuyi handed over her interview transcript to Tang Yi. She also proposed including an audio recording of Shi Yan in the digital magazine to satisfy readers' curiosity about him. Tang Yi agreed to communicate with the chief editor to explore the possibility of Zheng Shuyi trying this in the magazine's upgrade.

Zheng Shuyi learned from her colleague that Xu Yuling not only interviewed Shi Yan but also stole her interview outline. Zheng Shuyi realized that Shi Yan knew her interview had been intercepted, and her outline had been stolen, making her feel embarrassed in front of him. While on the street, Zheng Shuyi ran into her ex-boyfriend, Yue Xingzhou. Yue Xingzhou not only boasted about his new car but also mentioned that he would be starting work at Mingyu in a few days. Bi Ruoshan couldn't stand his attitude and mocked him, leading to Yue Xingzhou leaving in frustration.

Bi Ruoshan helped Zheng Shuyi arrange a meeting with Situ Yi, for which Zheng Shuyi was very grateful. Zheng Shuyi had always aspired to upgrade the digital magazine, and she was determined not to give up on her career goals. Bi Ruoshan learned that Xu Yuling and Zheng Shuyi used the same interview outline to interview Shi Yan, so she understood that they needed new interview content to stand out. When she found out that Zheng Shuyi had left something in Shi Yan's car, Bi Ruoshan encouraged her to use it as an opportunity to get closer to him.

Zheng Shuyi called Chen Sheng to borrow his phone and contacted Shi Yan to search for her lost earring. She explained that the earring was essential to her, as it was a precious item passed down from her grandmother and part of her dowry. Shi Yan looked at the earring in his hand and jokingly commented on it being made of plastic. Nevertheless, he agreed to let Zheng Shuyi come and retrieve her earring, providing her with his location.

When Shi Yan returned home, he found his niece, Qin Shimonth, and instructed her to stay in his room and not come out. Zheng Shuyi visited Shi Yan's home and noticed a photo of Song Lelan, assuming that she was Shi Yan's idol. Zheng Shuyi speculated that there were internal disagreements within Cloud Creation regarding whether to invest in Le'an or Lanye. She noticed from the interview that Shi Yan was focused on Lanye Technology. Zheng Shuyi also understood that there were different opinions within Cloud Creation, and recently, she was conducting an interview with Chen Kang. She hoped to use the interview with Shi Yan as an opportunity to create an exclusive series of interviews. Zheng Shuyi saw Shi Yan, who looked handsome at home, making lemon water for her. She couldn't help but have a crush on him. She was surprised to learn that Shi Yan's niece was at home, so she decided to leave quickly to avoid a hasty encounter.

Qin Shimonth wanted to study abroad, stating that the whole family was earning money, and she had time and resources to enjoy life. She tried to come up with various excuses to avoid going to work, but Shi Yan firmly told her that the Shi family didn't support idleness, ultimately refusing her request.

While in the company restroom, Zheng Shuyi overheard Xu Yuling complaining about Tang Yi selecting her article. Xu Yuling believed that Zheng Shuyi used her charm to captivate Shi Yan, making his interview responses more valuable and leading to her losing her article. Zheng Shuyi informed Tang Yi about Xu Yuling stealing her article. Tang Yi stated that Zheng Shuyi had proven herself through her skills but advised her to be more forgiving, as she had a long way to go in Financial Digest.

Early in the morning, Shi Yan persuaded Qin Shimonth to go to work, even threatening to cut off some of her expenses if she didn't comply. Qin Shimonth had no choice but to agree. After their meal, Shi Yan specifically dropped off his niece at Financial Digest for work. Zheng Shuyi was assigned to mentor a new intern as soon as she arrived at the company, who turned out to be Qin Shimonth. Zheng Shuyi didn't know Qin Shimonth's true identity and assumed she was a wealthy second-generation individual. When she saw Tang Yi specifically asking her to mentor the intern, she reluctantly agreed to help.

Xu Yuling scheduled an interview with Guan Ji, hoping to use the interview as an opportunity to contact Shi Yan. Qin Shimonth, forced to go to work, called Guan Ji for help, but he couldn't do much and advised Qin Shimonth to relax and focus on her job. Xu Yuling initially intended to obtain Guan Ji's contact information during the interview, but Guan Ji saw through her intentions and naturally found an excuse to refuse.

Qin Shimonth gave Zheng Shuyi a gift, hoping for her favor, but Zheng Shuyi declined the gift and assigned her some work. She also asked Qin Shimonth to report to her before leaving work. Shi Yan learned that Mingyu lent money to Lanye, and due to the company's financial problems, they decided to agree to Lanye's acquisition. After hearing this, Shi Yan rushed to persuade Chen Kang to consider the long-term development of Le'an Technology before deciding on cooperation with Lanye. Shi Yan understood Le'an's financial difficulties and presented his investment plan, intending to invest in Le'an Technology in stages. His cooperative attitude impressed Chen Kang, and Chen Kang ultimately decided to give Shi Yan time to continue the cooperation.

After work, Xu Yuling introduced the intern she was mentoring to everyone. Zheng Shuyi couldn't help but notice the difference between Qin Shimonth, the intern she was mentoring, and the one Xu Yuling was mentoring. She consoled herself by thinking that comparisons would only lead to harm. After a day at work, Qin Shimonth returned home and complained to her grandfather about the exhaustion of working. She pretended to be a victim, claiming that her supervisor was unwilling to teach her. When Shi Yan learned that Zheng Shuyi was Qin Shimonth's supervisor, he advised Qin Shimonth to learn from Zheng Shuyi and not to overemphasize her victimization.

During dinner, Shi Yan and his father discussed the company's operation issues. Shi Yan's father mentioned that the uncles from Mingyu used to be intelligent and had their own ideas, even though Shi Yan's ideas now differed from theirs. Even if they couldn't be of assistance, they shouldn't become obstacles on Shi Yan's path forward.

Zheng Shuyi's article passed the final editorial review, but Shi Yan was dissatisfied and didn't approve it. Zheng Shuyi had to make several revisions to her interview transcript, but it was repeatedly returned for further modifications. Tang Yi urged Zheng Shuyi to find a way to make Shi Yan happy, as the deadline for submission was approaching quickly.

Shi Yan and Yu You went rock climbing together, and he used the opportunity to ask Yu You to contact his former colleague, Bruce, in the hope of inviting Bruce to work at Cloud Creation. Shi Yan knew that Le'an was currently facing technical challenges, and he believed that Bruce could help solve them. He asked Yu You for assistance. Afterward, Yu You contacted Bruce and secured an opportunity for Bruce to meet Shi Yan. However, persuading Bruce to stay and help Le'an with its technical challenges would depend on Shi Yan's persuasiveness.

Zheng Shuyi obtained Shi Yan's phone number from Tang Yi, but she couldn't reach him despite multiple attempts. She decided to contact Chen Sheng to help her reach Shi Yan, but Chen Sheng relayed Shi Yan's message that he wouldn't discuss personal matters during work hours and declined the meeting with Zheng Shuyi. Zheng Shuyi realized that she had a valid reason to meet Shi Yan both professionally and personally since she needed to discuss modifying her article and retrieve her earring. On the other hand, after finishing his work, Shi Yan saw that it was getting late and decided to return home to wait for someone to arrive.

Shi Yan just returned to the residential area when he saw Zheng Shuyi. He pretended not to know her intentions and asked why she had come. Zheng Shuyi believed that Shi Yan had rejected her article three times just to see her. Shi Yan denied wanting to meet Zheng Shuyi and instead pointed out the issues in her three drafts. Zheng Shuyi acknowledged the issues in her article and hoped that Shi Yan could provide suggestions to help her revise it.

Based on Shi Yan's feedback, Zheng Shuyi continued to revise her article, and Shi Yan specifically asked her to come to his home for the revisions. Zheng Shuyi, while making revisions at Shi Yan's home, noticed that he was not moved by her beauty, which left her somewhat disheartened. To persuade her uncle, Qin Shimonth bought a bottle of good wine and hoped that it would help. However, when she called Shi Yan, she learned that he was not available to meet her. Guan Ji speculated that Shi Yan was entertaining someone, and Qin Shimonth marveled at her uncle's blossoming love life.

After a series of revisions, Shi Yan approved Zheng Shuyi's article due to the late hour. Elated, Zheng Shuyi suggested that Shi Yan consider her for a special feature interview. She also hoped to have her article published in the electronic magazine of Finance Digest. With the article issue resolved, Shi Yan seized the opportunity to ask Zheng Shuyi if her boyfriend had any objections to her returning home so late. Zheng Shuyi straightforwardly explained that she had broken up with her boyfriend the same day she met Shi Yan and inquired if it was possible for her to pursue him. Confronted with Zheng Shuyi's bold confession, Shi Yan became nervous.

Qin Shimonth visited her uncle's home and happened to see Zheng Shuyi leaving in a hurry. However, she did not suspect that Zheng Shuyi was the one having a secret relationship with her uncle. Later, Zheng Shuyi shared her encounter with Shi Yan with Bi Ruoshan, expressing her disappointment that Shi Yan kicked her out after her confession. Bi Ruoshan commented that Shi Yan was very immature and typical of someone who denied their feelings the more they liked someone. She even speculated that Shi Yan rejected Zheng Shuyi's drafts on purpose to get closer to her, suggesting that Shi Yan might already have feelings for Zheng Shuyi.

On the other hand, Qin Shimonth was surprised that Shi Yan had left after inviting someone for drinks, thinking that her uncle didn't understand romance. She advised him to learn from Guan Ji's techniques in pursuing someone and to be more proactive. Zheng Shuyi realized that Shi Yan had not rejected her request to pursue him. In the evening, she bombarded Shi Yan with text messages.

Zheng Shuyi realized that securing the Guan family was a crucial step for Mingyu's Cloud Creation. Since the Guan family's invitation to Yu You to return to China was undoubtedly related to cooperation, Yu You's professional insights were essential to the Guan family. Zheng Shuyi planned to meet with Yu You to potentially gain insights into Cloud Creation's future development.

Shi Yan invited Yu You for a shooting session and took the opportunity to discuss Bruce with him. Yu You mentioned that Bruce enjoyed excitement, adventure, and challenges, making it clear that the terms and conditions were not his primary considerations. He suggested that Shi Yan choose interesting and challenging topics to persuade Bruce to return to China for employment. Zheng Shuyi called Yu You to ask for advice, and Shi Yan overheard the conversation, feeling somewhat jealous.

Xu Yuling came to Tang Yi's office to submit her article, aiming for a front-page story this week. However, Zheng Shuyi had not received the final response from Cloud Creation yet. Tang Yi had to inform her that if Cloud Creation did not respond by midnight, Xu Yuling's article would be published on the front page of Finance Digest. Zheng Shuyi contacted Shi Yan, hoping he would approve the final draft soon, but Shi Yan, out of jealousy, intentionally did not respond to Zheng Shuyi. As a result, the entire Finance Digest department was working overtime, awaiting the approval of Zheng Shuyi's article.

Zheng Shuyi sent a message to inquire if Shi Yan had been jealous earlier. Shi Yan naturally denied being jealous. Following the advice of her friend, Bi Ruoshan, Zheng Shuyi decided to ignore Shi Yan for a few days. She believed that doing so would make him unable to figure her out and possibly pique his interest.

Zheng Shuyi continued to send Shi Yan down-to-earth love messages. Although Shi Yan checked Zheng Shuyi's messages and felt delighted, he didn't reply specifically. Bi Ruoshan was fixated on Guan Ji, making him wonder what she was looking at. When he asked, Bi Ruoshan said she wanted to see what made Guan Ji different, but she was taken aback when Guan Ji kindly helped her fasten her seatbelt.

During the Qin Dynasty, Yue Yue felt dizzy at the press conference, so she purposely left the venue for some fresh air. During the break, He Boming, a reporter from the Jiangcheng Daily, came over to greet Zheng Shuyi and they exchanged WeChat contacts. This scene made Shi Yan extremely jealous, and he immediately called Zheng Shuyi over. Zheng Shuyi suspected that Shi Yan was jealous, so she approached him with enthusiasm. To her surprise, Shi Yan was inquiring about the whereabouts of Qin Shimoon. Zheng Shuyi contacted Qin Shimoon and deliberately told Shi Yan that she had already left. She did this because she found Shi Yan's presence terrifying, unlike herself, who felt ecstatic and overjoyed when seeing him.

Qin Shimoon unexpectedly encountered Yu You in the lobby and was charmed by his elegant demeanor.

The second half of the Yun Chuang press conference officially began, and Qin Shimoon learned that Yu You was actually a strategic advisor for the Guan Capital, which made her admire him even more. However, Zheng Shuyi noticed that Shi Yan had been closely following Qin Shimoon. After the press conference, she left angrily. To her surprise, outside the venue, she saw Qin Shimoon acting cute with Shi Yan. Filled with jealousy, Zheng Shuyi hastily left.

Shi Yan followed Zheng Shuyi to the parking lot and, seeing her discomfort, he directly held her hand and offered to drive her home. Zheng Shuyi fell asleep in Shi Yan's car again and woke up at her doorstep. To express her gratitude for the ride, she invited Shi Yan to have dinner, but he declined her invitation when he found out that Zheng Shuyi wanted to discuss a special interview.

Feeling frustrated, Zheng Shuyi and Shi Yan initially planned to go out for drinks with their friends, but Bi Ruoshan and Guan Ji both declined simultaneously, unaware that they were together at the moment. Zheng Shuyi's interview received praise from the editor-in-chief, and her colleagues teased her to treat them to dinner, to which she happily agreed.

Qin Shimoon realized that she had misunderstood the situation on her first day at work when Zheng Shuyi ignored her. She had even complained to Shi Yan in her anger. She felt guilty for this and wanted to apologize to Zheng Shuyi. However, she was hesitant to do it herself and thought of asking her uncle Shi Yan for help. Unfortunately, Shi Yan's words hurt her, so she swallowed her pride and went to apologize to Zheng Shuyi.

Zheng Shuyi was concerned about the relationship between Qin Shimoon and Shi Yan. She had developed some feelings for Shi Yan, and Bi Ruoshan advised her that Shi Yan was destined to live on the edge. If a relationship couldn't last, it might be better not to start it. However, Zheng Shuyi believed in following her heart when it came to relationships.

Zheng Shuyi bought tickets for Song Lelan's concert and initially planned to invite Shi Yan via WeChat. However, Qin Shimoon added Zheng Shuyi on WeChat to apologize, leading Zheng Shuyi to mistakenly think it was Shi Yan. She directly invited Qin Shimoon to attend Song Lelan's concert, and Qin Shimoon agreed, making Zheng Shuyi very happy. Guan Ji saw news about Song Lelan's 25th-anniversary concert and wanted to go with Bi Ruoshan. After considering Zheng Shuyi's words, Bi Ruoshan decided to follow her heart in matters of love and agreed to attend Song Lelan's concert with Guan Ji.

Zheng Shuyi dressed up beautifully and arrived at the concert venue, waiting for Shi Yan. To her surprise, Qin Shimoon appeared in front of her and mentioned that she had invited her to watch the concert. Zheng Shuyi realized that she had mistaken the WeChat name and felt regretful about her carelessness. However, she had no choice but to attend the concert with Qin Shimoon. What Zheng Shuyi didn't expect was that Shi Yan was also at the concert.

During the concert, Zheng Shuyi and Qin Shimoon talked about Zheng Shuyi's past experience with a "scumbag" who cared more about money than the person. It turned out that the scumbag had a wealthy uncle, and Qin Shimoon wholeheartedly supported Zheng Shuyi pursuing this wealthy uncle.

After the concert, Qin Shimoon unexpectedly saw Yu You and decided to ask her mother, Song Lelan, for a few limited-edition albums to give to him. Yu You also noticed Zheng Shuyi, and they scheduled an interview for the next week. This led Shi Yan, who had seen them together at the concert, to believe they were planning to attend the concert together.

Shi Yan, feeling jealous, initially didn't want to pay attention to Zheng Shuyi, who was taking a taxi alone. However, when he saw Zheng Shuyi stumble, he couldn't help but drive her to the hospital. Zheng Shuyi intentionally pretended to be unable to walk due to foot pain, hoping to make Shi Yan feel sympathetic. However, she accidentally overheard Shi Yan and the doctor complaining about her, which made her feel cold-hearted. As a result, the nurse used a wheelchair to take her out of the hospital. Zheng Shuyi was unable to enjoy being carried like a princess by Shi Yan because she didn't want to reveal that her foot injury was not serious due to her fear of cats.

On their way back, Guan Ji contacted Shi Yan about getting in touch with his ex-girlfriend for a film. Shi Yan directly criticized his ex-girlfriend's acting skills, which made Zheng Shuyi feel particularly embarrassed. After dropping Zheng Shuyi at home, Shi Yan went to have dinner with his sister Song Lelan and his mother. From Qin Shimoon, he learned that Zheng Shuyi had invited her to the concert that evening. Shi Yan realized that he had misunderstood Zheng Shuyi and Yu You. Qin Shimoon, noticing Shi Yan's changed attitude, suspected that her uncle was in love and decided to find out the identity of his love interest.

Zheng Shuyi asked Shi Yan about the medical expenses for the hospital visit, and Shi Yan took the opportunity to add her on WeChat. Zheng Shuyi, acting coquettish, wanted Shi Yan to invite her for dinner the next day. However, Shi Yan, thinking about the upcoming party, decided to have Zheng Shuyi be his companion for the event.

The next day, while shopping for her outfit for the party, Zheng Shuyi unexpectedly bumped into her ex-boyfriend Yue Xingzhou and his girlfriend, Qin Leyi. She informed Qin Shimoon of this, who promptly came to support her. Zheng Shuyi and Qin Leyi tried on the same outfit in a store. Zheng Shuyi looked even better in it because of her fair complexion and slender figure. This infuriated Qin Leyi. To assert herself, Qin Leyi asked Yue Xingzhou to buy all the clothes she wanted. Qin Shimoon arrived at the clothing store to support Zheng Shuyi and decided to purchase the outfits Zheng Shuyi had tried on, which left Qin Leyi even more frustrated.

When Zheng Shuyi returned home, she was met by Shi Yan, who complimented her on how beautiful she looked that day, making Zheng Shuyi feel delighted. It was only after arriving at the party location that Zheng Shuyi realized that she was accompanying Shi Yan to a family gathering of an elder. Her presence led many people to speculate that she might be Shi Yan's new girlfriend.

Qin Leyi was displeased that Yue Xingzhou hadn't purchased the clothes for her. Yue Xingzhou explained that he was saving for the future and promised to buy her the clothes she wanted once he started working at Ming Yu. After seeing Zheng Shuyi again, Yue Xingzhou became conflicted and reached out to her, causing Zheng Shuyi to feel troubled about her scumbag ex-boyfriend once again.

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