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Zhou Shen

Zhou Shen (Charlie Zhou / 周深), born on 29 September 1992 in Shaoyang, Hunan, and raised in Guiyang, is a singer in China who graduated from the Lviv National Musical Academy, Ukraine.

Zhou Shen debuted in 2014 by participating in the third season of The Voice of China.

Basic Info

Zhou Shen

Stage Name: Zhou Shen(周深)
English Name: Charlie Zhou
Birth Name: Zhou XingXing(周星星)
Nickname: Shen Shen, Ka Bu
Birthday: September 29, 1992
Place of Birth: Shaoyang, Hunan
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 161cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood Type: O
Fandom Color: Skyblue
Fandom’s Name: Sheng Mi(Uncooked rice, Means: Shen’s Fans)
Fanchant: kǎ bù suǒ zài yīn zhī tiān lài fēng yǔ tóng zhōu shēn qíng bú yí(卡布所在 音之天籁 风雨同周 深情不移)
Weibo: 卡布叻_周深

Zhou Shen Facts:

  1. Zhou Shen studied bel canto at Lviv National Musical Academy.
  2. He can speak English, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian.
  3. He plays piano, guitar, and clarinet.
  4. His voice is a magical sound between a girl’s voice and a child’s voice.
  5. His voice range spans three octaves, from C3 to D6.
  6. He can compose.
  7. Charlie can mimic the different voices, Pikachu with different emotions, Siri, Customer service, and the pig-killing voice.
  8. He doesn’t drink beverages much, and mostly just drinks water.
  9. He prefers vegetables to meat.
  10. Charlie is good at cooking, his specialty dish is Pork Cooked with Green Chilli.
  11. Zhou Shen likes to watch films, his favorite movie is ”Farewell My Concubine“(霸王别姬).
  12. He loves the ACGN and also likes to sing anime songs.
  13. He’s a little bit of a chatterbox who used to chat with his followers on Weibo, but now he’s getting busier and busier, but he still insists on replying to the first 50 comments under each Weibo.
  14. He is particularly fond of Kabutack, so he always uses the screen name “Kabuda”.
  15. Shen has a good sense of humor and knows how to joke around without offending others, and he often praises others.

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    1. Zhou Shen failed in the college entrance examination, his dream school is Xiamen University, but he only got an offer from Chongqing University. Then he listened to his family’s suggestion to study dentists in Ukraine


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