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Demon Girl – Li Yitong, Zhang Zhehan

Demon Girl is a fantasy romance drama based on the novel of the same name by Mo Bai Qian Jiu, co-directed by Ren Haiyao and Liu Zhenming, starring Li Yitong, Zhang Zhehan, Merxat, He Ruixian, Wang Maolei, and Liu Min.

The drama tells the story of the twisted and sadistic love between the half-demon Nie Qingcheng and the wealthy young man Ming Xia in the Republic of China.


Demon Girl

English Title: Demon Girl
Chinese Title: 半妖倾城
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 20
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ren Haiyao, Liu Zhenming
Writer: Yu Zheng
Producer: Yu Zheng
Produce Company: MGTV, Huanyu Entertainment Co., Ltd
Broadcasting Website:
Released Date: June 30, 2016


Zhang Zhehan Zhang Zhehan as Ming Xia
Li Yitong Li Yitong as Nie Qingcheng
Merxat Yalkun Merxat Yalkun as You Tong
He Ruixian He Ruixian as Jiang Xuewu
Ady An Ady An as Ying Die
Wang Maolei Wang Maolei as Nie Rufeng
Liu Min Liu Min as Fang Yaqing
Cheng Zining Cheng Zining as Nie Qingxin


At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing and in a massacre, Nie Rufeng’s family encountered a life-threatening situation.

In this situation, Nie Rufeng’s wife, Ying Die, chased Nie Rufeng and his daughter away to face the enemy alone.

Fifteen years later, Nie Rufeng’s eldest daughter, Nie Qingcheng, befriended Mingxia who came from a wealthy family.

In the midst of the chaotic world, they fell in love and got together after all the twists and turns.

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