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Warm on a Cold Night – Li Yitong, Bi Wenjun

Warm on a Cold Night is a historical romantic detective drama directed by Li Huizhu, Deng Wei’en, and Huang Bin, led by Li Yitong and Bi Wenjun, co-starring He Ruixian and Chen Heyi, with a special appearance by Wang Maolei.

The drama mainly tells the story of the witty female constable Su Jiu’er partnering with the cool young master of the Qi clan, Han Zheng, to explore the Jiuxiao mystery case and start a sweet love story.


Warm on a Cold Night

English Title: Warm on a Cold Night
Chinese Title: 九霄寒夜暖
Genre: Historical, Romance, Suspense, Fantasy
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Huizhu, Deng Weien, Huang Bin
Writer: Lei Xinlin
Producer: Dai Ying, Yao Jun, Zhang Yan, Lu Lin
Product Company: iQIYI, HERO KIDDO
Released Date: 2023-02-25
Boradcast Website: iQIYI, Viki, NewTV热播剧场 Hit Drama



Su Jiu’er, a female constable of the Qian Kingdom, and Han Zheng, the young master of the Qi Clan, encounter each other in a bizarre murder case that relates to the relationship between the two clans.

By chance, they form a partnership and work together to break through the fog of intrigue and find the truth behind the case while solving the crisis of their family and country.

Episode Plot

In the city of Jiuxiao in the country of Qian, there are People of Qi living there. Qi comes from the north and can transform into animals, but they look the same as Qian people on normal days. However, in the past two years, the Qian law has been unable to control the natural abilities of the Qi, and conflicts between the two groups have been frequent.

Recently, a horrifying "nursery rhyme murder case" occurred in Jiuxiao city. A mysterious Qiren with three scars transformed into an animal and committed the crime, leaving a scene of blood and four missing officials. Soon after, the bodies of two officials were thrown out, with injuries matching the "nursery rhyme" case. The people in Jiuxiao city were terrified.

After a chase, a people of Qi with three scars was captured, and the dangerous task of interrogating him fell to Su Jiuer, a small patrol officer. Although Su Jiuer seems useless, she has great ambitions because she has suffered from a disease that causes her to lack five senses since she was young, and she can only pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger. But if Su Jiuer cannot make the Qi people with three scars confess, she will be expelled from the inspection guard with her foster father Hu Badao.

The "fake prisoner" is named Han Zheng, who is actually a prince of Qi Chan. He came to Qian to find his true friend Mu Yan, the real"three scars" who was framed for being the "culprit" of stealing the holy fire of Qi Chan. Han Zheng must find him before Qi Chan finds Mu Yan's trail.

Su Jiuer predicted that Han Zheng would go to the crime scene "Hualiu Hall" to investigate, so she decided to catch him there. Unexpectedly, Su Jiuer suddenly became dizzy during the chase and almost died in a fire, but Han Zheng saved her at a critical moment.

Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng finally escaped from the fire, and while the people were putting out the fire, the third body was secretly thrown into a well by the killer. The owner of "Hua Liu Tang" made a scene at the inspectorate to demand compensation and to find Su Jiu'er. Chief Yan was very angry and ordered Su Jiu'er and Hu Badao to leave immediately. Su Jiu'er boldly proposed that if she could solve the "Child Rhyme Murder Case" within half a month, she would be pardoned.

To catch Han Zheng, Su Jiu'er took advantage of his weakness of not having a pass and lured him into getting a fake one. She and her team set a trap and finally captured him. Su Jiu'er had made thorough preparations to deal with the Qi people and used a smell that could stimulate and make them unconscious.

Inside the carriage, Su Jiu'er's next move shocked Han Zheng even more-- she hugged Han Zheng's arm. In an instant, Su Jiu'er's five senses were restored, and her body was full of vitality. She finally confirmed that, for some unknown reason, as long as she touched Han Zheng, her body could recover.

Han Zheng was not controlled by Su Jiu'er, instead, he used his own methods to discipline her severely! Su Jiu'er confirmed that Han Zheng could cure her condition of losing all five senses, and humbly invited him to cooperate in capturing "Three Scars", but was harshly rejected. Helpless, Su Jiu'er had to fight alone and followed her father Su Huan's investigation approach to find the next location where the victim would be dumped. Finally, Su Jiu'er used Han Zheng to track down the whereabouts of "Three Scars", but was unexpectedly attacked by him and almost lost her life. Thanks to Han Zheng's timely rescue, she missed the opportunity to catch "Three Scars" and let him escape without a trace. Just when everyone was empty-handed, another body appeared. While inspecting the corpse, Su Jiu'er found a crucial clue to the "Children's Song" case. She used it as bait and personally asked Han Zheng to cooperate with her in solving the case, but he thought she only wanted a free bodyguard. Su Jiu'er took a step back and pretended to be sad, expressing that the proud Han Zheng was unwilling to make friends with her.

Han Zheng was tricked into agreeing to Su Jiu'er's request to work together on the case by her "friendship" rhetoric. They pretended to be lovers and went to investigate at a wine shop, where they learned that the four dead officials of the Qian clan were all supporters of the Qi clan in the court. They each had their own guesses but didn't communicate with each other.

When Su Jiu'er secretly went to examine the corpse, she was caught by Han Zheng. He questioned her motives and believed she had a greater conspiracy, always wanting to touch him. Su Jiu'er revealed her illness and the truth about Han Zheng's ability to cure her, but he didn't believe her. They argued until Su Jiu'er had another attack, and Yue Daren suddenly appeared. Su Jiu'er asked Han Zheng to hide, but he didn't listen. In desperation, Su Jiu'er kissed Han Zheng, and he saw her eyes gradually become lively again.

Su Jiu'er reported the new clues to Yue Darenyue, suggesting that the case may have been a deliberate framing of the Qi clan, and "San Dao Ba" may not be the real killer! However, Yue Darenyue just wanted to quickly close the case, ignoring the crisis of the Qi clan. Han Zheng was about to attack Yue Daren in anger, but Su Jiu'er calmed him down, and she said she wanted to pursue a fair truth. Han Zheng was moved and became Su Jiu'er's partner.

Han Zheng found a clue about a decapitated body and invited Su Jiu'er to investigate the underground market of the Qi clan. They found the body of a man named Zha Mu Ke, who was a wanted criminal, but they couldn't get any useful information. While exploring the market, Su Jiu'er bought a keepsake that belonged to her mother and father. However, when she gave it to her mother Qin Xiangyi, she became worried because Su Jiu'er's father was a righteous patrol officer who died while investigating a case, and her mother didn't want Su Jiu'er to follow in his footsteps. Su Jiu'er learned a line from a play that mentioned Zha Mu Ke's name and suspected that the playwright, "Qiao Qiao Ke," might have some connection to the case. They went to the playwright's room and found everything neatly arranged, but when Su Jiu'er met the playwright outside, Han Zheng discovered some dolls of the four victims, a map of Jiuxiao City, and a children's song. Suddenly, Su Jiu'er screamed, and Han Zheng rushed to her aid.

Han Zheng warned Su Jiu'er to be cautious and believed that the evidence found in Wen Jun's room was most likely related to the nursery rhyme case. However, Su Jiu'er disagreed, saying that Wen Jun's character was opposite to that of the killer in the nursery rhyme case. Han Zheng suspected that Su Jiu'er was being blinded by Wen Jun's charm and that their planned meeting tomorrow was a trap.

At the De Yue Building, Su Jiu'er and Wen Jun chatted about drama and got along well. Han Zheng monitored Wen Jun's servant Liu Fu and found that he was skilled in martial arts, even matching Han Zheng's moves. Han Zheng suspected that Wen Jun and Liu Fu were both suspicious characters. Su Jiu'er experienced Wen Jun's play, in which a girl and her deceased father communicated across space, expressing their longing for each other. Su Jiu'er was deeply moved and praised Wen Jun's new play, which greatly excited him and increased his fondness for Su Jiu'er.

Meanwhile, Han Zheng discovered Wen Jun's true identity as a prince of the Qian Dynasty who concealed his identity because of his love for drama. Liu Fu was actually his caretaker since childhood. After this misunderstanding was cleared up, Wen Jun learned of Su Jiu'er's investigation and told her that he heard the name "Zhamuke" from Zhang Yuchu. Su Jiu'er wanted to meet Zhang Yuchu, and Wen Jun agreed. However, Han Zheng decided to investigate Zhang Yuchu's home himself.

In the palace, Su Jiu'er met Zhang, the royal chef, and learned that Zhamuke was actually a Qi man who eloped with his wife. Su Jiu'er noticed something suspicious on Zhang's frostbite, so she went to the ice cellar alone to investigate. Inside, she found the body of Zhang's wife but was locked inside by Zhang. As she was about to freeze to death, Su Jiu'er discovered some aged wine in the cellar and drank it to stay warm. Meanwhile, Han Zheng sneaked into Zhang's house and found a waist plate with Jiu'er's name on it, suspecting that Zhang was the true culprit behind the Tongyao case. Realizing that Jiu'er might be in danger, Han Zheng rushed to the palace. He had to transform into his Qi form to fully release his sense of smell and search for Jiu'er's whereabouts in the vast palace. Despite being pursued and blocked by the palace guards, Han Zheng broke open the locked ice cellar door and rescued Su Jiu'er, who was delirious and mistook him for her long-deceased father, Su Huan. Jiu'er revealed her vulnerability, and Han Zheng finally understood her determination to solve the case at any cost. He couldn't help but hold her close to his chest until her face gradually turned rosy.

Han Zheng and Su Jiu'er were brought to the imperial court after Han's intrusion into the palace caused alarm to the emperor. Su Jiu'er desperately tried to explain Han Zheng's reason for entering the palace and accused Zhang, the royal chef, of murder, but had no evidence to support her claims. In a critical moment, Han Zheng broke open a giant block of ice that was holding raw fish, revealing the body of Zhang's wife to the crowd. This shocking scene led to Zhang's confession and punishment.

As a result of his actions, Han Zheng was imprisoned, and his status as a prince of the Qi clan made his situation even more sensitive. Su Jiu'er was devastated to learn that Han Zheng was the only son of the Xue Qi King, who was in charge of the four Qi clans. Wen Jun and Su Jiu'er analyzed the history and conflicts between the Qi and Qian nations, realizing that Han Zheng's intrusion into the palace was a matter of political interest, and they feared they would be unable to help him.

Wen Ying, the Crown Prince, was constantly urging Wen Jun to release Han Zheng. Finally, they came up with a compromise. They dispatched an envoy to the northern frontier to negotiate with the Qi clan. If the Xue Qi King was willing to give up the "Six Treaties of Qian Qi," then the Qian nation would not pursue Han Zheng's actions.

When the Xue Qi King learned of Han Zheng's intrusion into the palace and his behavior, he was furious. The nobles of the Qi clans were also displeased with Han Zheng's actions. Despite his son's situation, the Xue Qi King refused to sacrifice the interests of his clan to help Han Zheng. He planned to reject the Qian nation's demands, but unfortunately, the envoy sent by the Qian nation was killed on the northern frontier, which would inevitably lead to a conflict between the Qian and Qi nations.


When Lord of Xueqi was worried, the female general, Chi Lan, from the Red Qi tribe, and the national teacher, Han Lin, arrived and identified the person who attacked the envoy as the new Lord of Xuanqi. It turned out that he had been dissatisfied with the friendship between Lord of Xueqi and Qian Kingdom, and had been trying to stir up conflict between the two. Han Lin was also Han Zheng's teacher, and he was eager to protect his disciple. He asked Lord of Xueqi for permission to go to Jiu Xiao City with Chi Lan to negotiate with the court.

In Jiu Xiao City, Chi Lan finally learned the whole story by questioning Su Jiu'er. She and Han Zheng sneaked into the prison and met Han Zheng, who was weak. They discussed a plan and prepared to work together to rescue Han Zheng.

In court, Wen Ying and Chi Lan debated fiercely, and it was difficult to determine who was right or wrong. At a critical moment, Su Jiu'er produced the letter of appointment that hired Han Zheng as a chief inspector, proving that his actions were done on behalf of himself and the inspectorate, and had nothing to do with the Qi clan. The court was in the wrong but didn't dare to break ties with the Qi clan. They finally punished Han Zheng with a severe beating as a warning to others. However, Su Jiu'er stepped forward and offered to share the punishment with Han Zheng. Han Zheng was deeply moved, and Wen Jun also stepped forward to support Su Jiu'er. In the end, the three of them were punished with thirty lashes each and went home to recover from their injuries.


Han Zheng felt guilty for all that Su Jiu'er had done to save him, and despite his usual arrogance, he actively sought her out to restore her health and longevity. The national teacher advised Han Zheng to return to the North, but he insisted on staying to find Mu Yan, so he had to leave Chi Lan with Han Zheng to negotiate Qian Qi's Six Treaties and monitor his words and actions as an assistant.

When they interrogated Zhang Yuchu, they found that he had died in prison, and although it appeared to be suicide, there were many doubts. Han Zheng wanted to catch the accomplice, who was likely to be the "Three-Scarred" person. However, the inspectors and guards wanted to quickly close the case, and when they were debating, Wen Jun suddenly arrived and claimed to be supervising the case on behalf of the emperor, saying that the case could not be closed.

Han Zheng looked at Wen Jun differently, but he soon realized that Wen Jun was just pretending to be powerful. In fact, he also wanted to close the case as soon as possible because Su Jiu'er had been pushed off the tower by the culprit in the nursery rhyme case, and he was worried that the culprit would attack her again. Han Zheng promised to protect Su Jiu'er and had a disagreement with Wen Jun. Su Jiu'er had a clever idea that closing the case might relax the vigilance of the accomplice and make him reveal himself. Han Zheng was worried about Su Jiu'er and decided to investigate alone. At this time, "Three-Scarred" sent him a message, saying that he would appear again soon.

While organizing documents, Su Jiu'er was surprised to find a record in her father's notes about investigating the "Three Scars". Suddenly, she fell ill and was accidentally injured. Wen Jun and Han Zheng came to visit Su Jiu'er, much to the delight of Qin Xiangyi. Wen Jun told Jiu'er that he had found a clue to the "Three Scars" that she had been thinking about, but the clue was a painting.

Jiu'er avoided Wen Jun and took the opportunity to ask Han Zheng about the Qi clan characters in the documents. Han Zheng didn't know the significance, but he answered each question. Jiu'er was convinced that the "Three Scars" was somehow related to her father, so she took the opportunity to ask Han Zheng why he wanted to investigate it. However, this angered Han Zheng, and Jiu'er realized that he was deliberately hiding something from her. She couldn't tell Han Zheng about her suspicion that the "Three Scars" was related to her father's death, and so a seed of estrangement was planted between them.

At the Lantern Festival, Han Zheng sought help from Chi Lan and obtained a rabbit lantern, intending to surprise Su Jiu'er. At the same time, Su Jiu'er and Wen Jun were looking for clues to the "Three Scars" at an art exhibition. Along the way, Wen Jun told Jiu'er about their childhood history together and gave her a horse lantern. The two reminisced about old times and were moved. Nearby, Han Zheng quietly watched Jiu'er and Wen Jun, feeling a pang of heartache. He pretended not to care and casually gave the rabbit lantern to Chi Lan before leaving on the pretext of being alone.

Wen Jun and Su Jiu'er discovered a strange painting of a humanoid wolf's head at an art exhibition. What's even more horrifying is that at the lantern festival, a humanoid wolf's head corpse appeared with three scars on its head, similar to the painting "Night Tour of the Wolf-Headed Man." The inspector general ordered everyone to solve the case quickly as it had a severe impact. They went to the art society where the painting's author, Xu Youdao, was located to investigate. Lin Zhixing, the deputy master of Nanfeng Studio, entertained them. They met Xu Youdao, the painter of "Night Tour of the Wolf-Headed Man," and Han Zheng noticed a bloody smell in Xu's studio. Upon investigation, they found the missing head of a wolf specimen and the victim's head. The scene seemed to confirm Xu Youdao as the murderer, but Su Jiu'er felt that something was not right. Yue Daren arrived and discovered that the victim was Wang Jirong, a painter at Nanfeng Studio. The inspector general investigated Wang's relationship with Xu Youdao. However, Han Zheng, jealous and angry with Su Jiu'er, left her and went to investigate the case separately. Su Jiu'er and Wen Jun questioned the painters and servants at the art society and discovered that Wang Jirong and Xu Youdao were like brothers. Moreover, Xu Youdao had an alibi, and the case was once again at a stalemate.

Han Zheng and Chi Lan secretly interrogated Xu Youdao. Xu told them that he had a dream about Three Scars and the memory was so deep that he drew a painting. Chi Lan suspected that someone was using the Qi Yuan Stone to cause trouble.

After analyzing the situation, Su Jiu'er and Wen Jun decided to start their investigation by looking into a painting by Wang Jirong. They planned to go to the Nameless Art Society to investigate. The owner of the Nameless Art Society remembered that there was something strange about Wang Jirong's painting "Fishing Alone in a Cold River". The old man in the painting disappeared for no reason, and Wang Jirong redeemed the painting after that. The more mysterious thing was actually the masterpiece of the owner of Nanfeng Studio, Wei Gonglin. It was named "Immortal in the Painting" because a red-clothed woman suddenly appeared in the painting.

When they returned to the art society, they learned that Xu Youdao had died, and his death scene was exactly the same as the scene in Lin Zhixing's painting "Evil Flower". Yue Daren investigated and found out that the flowers on Xu's body came from Lin Zhixing's courtyard. The culprit had warned of the murder and they could catch him if they guarded Lin Zhixing. However, Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng did not agree with this approach and planned to investigate in their own way.

The next morning, Qin Xiangyi accidentally washed Su Jiu'er's clothes and caused them to be dyed. While Qin Xiangyi was dealing with the clothes, Su Jiu'er suddenly had an inspiration. She realized that the "disappearance of the figure in the painting" was only an illusion of "disappearance of color," and as long as she found the recipe for the pigments, the trick would be broken easily.

Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng took the opportunity when Lin Zhixing was "cleaning impurities" in the fasting room to sneak into his room and search. They found the Qi Yuan Stone hidden in the room, and Han Zheng was immediately furious.

Wen Jun also rushed over in a hurry with a clue. He discovered that Wang Jirong, Xu Youdao, and Lin Zhixing had something in common. Their paintings were obviously divided into two different periods. Originally, all three were ordinary craftsmen, but they turned into crazy and sinister painting styles at the same time. At that time, all three were taking "Qi Yuan Stone."

Han Zheng returned to the mansion, and Chi Lan informed her that they had discovered someone secretly buying "Qi Yuan Stone" from the desperate Qi people to make a fortune. Han Zheng was angry and vowed to investigate thoroughly. She also had the idea of promoting the "Qian Qi Six Agreements" with Chi Lan to protect the rights of the Qi people.

In Nanfeng Studio, Lin Zhixing has died and his body has been used to create another disciple, Feng Muyuan's, painting "Flying Heavenly Maidens". This indicates that the fairy in the painting will now kill Feng Muyuan. Su Jiu'er and her companions investigate and discover that the three victims not only shared taking Qi Yuan Stone but also sold paintings by their talented junior sister, Meng Huaiyun. Su Jiu'er tries to learn about the relationship between the three victims and their junior sister from Feng Muyuan, but he refuses to cooperate, insisting that the fairy in the painting is real. However, Han Zheng uses the painting to demonstrate that the so-called "fairy in the painting" is a fake created using Lang Wen Grass. The appearance of the woman in red was just to hide the red bloodstains on the painting, which appeared at the same time as Meng Huaiyun's death. Therefore, these bloodstains are likely evidence of her murder. All the clues point to the culprit being the master of Nanfeng Studio, Wei Gonglin, who claimed to have been traveling. However, Feng Muyuan denies everything and claims that even painters use blood in their work and it doesn't mean anything. Without evidence, they can't convince him, and he still believes in the existence of the fairy in the painting who wouldn't harm him.

Due to a series of failures, Nanfeng Studio no longer cooperated with the inspections by the guards. Frustrated, Yue Daren gave Su Jiu'er the task of patrolling Nanfeng Studio at night, and he also put a little bit of Han Zheng's Qi Yuan Stone in the water that Jiu'er drank.

Han Zheng, disguised as Wei Gonglin, waited in Feng Muyuan's room and tricked him into revealing the truth. Faced with the ironclad evidence, Feng Muyuan was powerless to resist. After Jiu'er woke up, she was reminded that her crazy behavior from the previous day was due to the influence of the Qi Yuan Stone from Han Zheng.

The next day, they questioned Feng Muyuan again, and this time he finally told the truth. It turned out that the three disciples who died were originally the master's favorite students. However, when the little junior sister appeared with her exceptional talent, they felt overshadowed and ordinary. The three of them wanted to become famous and started using the lowly tactic of using the "Qi Yuan Stone" to paint. One day, after getting drunk and taking the Qi Yuan Stone, they accidentally killed the little junior sister. The red-clad woman in the painting was indeed her blood. Feng Muyuan stumbled upon the scene and was threatened by the three disciples. He kept silent out of fear. Unexpectedly, all three of them suddenly died. Feng Muyuan understood that it was the master's revenge, but believed that he himself did not kill Meng Huaiyun, so he thought that the master would spare his life and thus didn't speak up.

Although the case was gradually becoming clear, Jiu'er still felt that this was only one side of the story from Feng Muyuan, so they re-examined the relationships between the people in the studio regarding Meng Huaiyun.

Three people followed the timeline clues and discovered that Feng Muyuan did not witness Meng Huaiyun's murder, and that the whole story was fabricated by him to frame Wei Gonglin. The real culprit was him. In Feng Muyuan's room, the three found a secret room with someone imprisoned and evidence of living. They immediately realized that the real Wei Gonglin had not traveled, but had been imprisoned here all along.

Indeed, Feng Muyuan brought Wei Gonglin to the back mountain and demanded that he reveal the location of the little junior sister's remains that they had hidden years ago. It turned out that Feng Muyuan kept their master alive to punish him and also to find the junior sister's remains. At this point, Jiu'er and Han Zheng also arrived. With everything at this point, Feng Muyuan no longer concealed anything and admitted to all his crimes. Everything Feng Muyuan did was to avenge his little junior sister whom he secretly loved. After speaking, Feng Muyuan jumped into the lake to commit suicide.

Because Jiu'er correctly deduced the case, Han Zheng was willing to concede, and Jiu'er also calmly stated that she believed her father's death seemed to be related to Three Scars. The two agreed to find Three Scars together.

Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng became famous for solving the case of the painter's death. Although they were known as partners in the Qian and Qi, this also led to gossip and speculation that the two were lovers. Qin Xiangyi reminded Jiu'er not to engage in a romance with Han Zheng, as the customs between the Qian and Qi were different, and the drawbacks of being in love would soon become apparent. Jiu'er became increasingly frustrated and stressed.

To cheer Jiu'er up, Wen Jun invited her to watch his new play "The Immortal in the Painting." However, during the rehearsal, a strange singing voice suddenly came from the theater, scaring the audience. It was the unique singing voice of the late famous actor Shi Luqing, who was said to have died in the theater. The theater owner held a purification ceremony, tying up a Qian person wearing a costume to a pole to remove impurities. Han Zheng thought it was humiliating for the Qi person and immediately rescued him, ruining the theater owner's purification ceremony.

The theater owner wanted Jiu'er to be fair, but she was immediately suspected of favoring the Qi person. Some even brought up the rumors of their Qian Qi romance, causing a commotion. In the midst of the chaos, Han Zheng and Jiu'er immediately split up, announcing that they would no longer be partners, shocking everyone.

Jiu'er and Hu Badao went on patrol together and discussed the recent "strange events" at the theater. They learned about the causes and consequences of Shi Luqing's suicide and felt that something was amiss with the theater.

During the Ghost Festival, Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng disguised themselves as an uneasy pair and went to the theater to watch the premiere of "The Immortal in the Painting," intentionally separating from each other. Just as the performance reached its climax, Shi Luqing's singing suddenly came from the stage, startling everyone. Ren Fengyang, who was on stage, suddenly fell off and died on the spot. A tall Xuanqi man appeared on stage in an instant, but was unable to save Ren Fengyang.

The audience at the theater, having just heard Shi Luqing's singing, assumed that Ren Fengyang was killed by a female ghost, and panic ensued. Jiu'er didn't believe in evil spirits and suspected that the killer was the Xuanqi man who appeared on stage at the first moment. When everyone grabbed him to take a closer look, Han Zheng was dumbfounded – the person turned out to be his childhood friend, Ke Yun Cha. Chi Lan stated that she was chasing Ke Yun Cha at the time of the incident, so she could confirm that he had nothing to do with the case.

As everyone was discussing the case, the theater's maid Xiao Mei suddenly appeared, seeking protection to safely get through the Ghost Festival. Xiao Mei revealed that she knew the truth about Shi Luqing's death. Before her death, Shi Luqing had been violated by Ren Fengyang, and Xiao Mei inadvertently became an accomplice. Feeling guilty, she was afraid that Shi Luqing would seek revenge on her. However, Jiu'er still didn't believe Xiao Mei and thought she was also a suspect.

News of Xiao Mei's suicide by hanging in the outskirts of the city spread. Su Jiu'er and Han Zheng conducted an autopsy and found that Xiao Mei's cause of death was suspicious and obviously a "fake suicide" created by someone. Ren Fengyang and Xiao Mei, the master and servant, died one after another, and they both felt that there must be something fishy going on. However, to avoid gossip, they deliberately investigated the case separately.

Jiu'er investigated at the theater and discovered that Ren Fengyang was drugged with "Huan Shen San" before his death, causing him to lose control of his body and voice - the matter of Shi Luqing's resurrection must have been someone playing tricks. Han Zheng also returned from his investigation and found that Xiao Mei was murdered by someone who hired a hitman, but the person who hired the hitman was still hiding in the shadows. The group had different opinions on how to draw out the mastermind behind the scenes.

At the riverside cottage, Prince Wen Ying and his guard A Qi rescued Chi Lan, who disguised herself as a maid to investigate the Qi Yuan Stone clue. Wen Ying spoke with righteousness and said that he would definitely investigate the matter. They made an agreement that if Chi Lan produced conclusive evidence, Wen Ying would also do his best to promote the "Qian Qi Six Agreements."

Everyone watched the river lanterns together. Jiu'er also wanted to pray for her deceased father when she saw the scene and was eager to try it out. To please Jiu'er, Han Zheng bought all the river lanterns for her.

Everyone lit the lanterns and recalled their youthful years.

Jiu'er only realized now why Han Zheng was so desperate to find him. The next day, Ke Yun Cha discovered that the hired assassin was actually the wealthy merchant Zhou Guanglin. To get Zhou Guanglin to talk, the group decided to stage a "play" tailored just for him. They played out a scene from the underworld, tricking Zhou Guanglin into confessing to killing Xiaomei. But as soon as he confessed, the scene changed to the inspectorate, and his confession became a real one. After some questioning, Zhou Guanglin finally admitted to his crimes.

It turned out that he and Ren Fengyang coveted the beauty of Shi Luqing, so Ren Fengyang drugged her and, along with Zhou and the theater owner Chen, violated her. Shi Luqing, saddened and outraged, committed suicide. Zhou killed Xiaomei because he was afraid of being implicated after seeing her go to the inspectorate. But Ren Fengyang's death had nothing to do with him.

With the truth now out, everyone realized that they had been pursuing the wrong suspect and that there was someone else who was truly seeking justice for Shi Luqing. However, facing the lack of evidence, Chen had already cleared himself of any involvement, and the group had no way to hold him accountable.

Su Jiu'er, Han Zheng, and Wen Jun arrived at the old residence where Shi Luqing had lived and discovered that Shi Luqing was a descendant of the "Nan Kingdom He Faction." They also discovered that Ke Yun Cha gave up his position as the young master in order to elope with Shi Luqing. They suspected that Ke Yun Cha was the one behind Shi Luqing's revenge. Afraid that Ke Yun Cha might do something foolish, the three immediately went to the theater to find Boss Chen. But they encountered an explosion at the theater, and Han Zheng and Su Jiu'er survived the attack. They embraced each other emotionally and understood each other's importance. Wen Jun, who saw everything from afar, was distraught and left dejectedly.

Jiu'er analyzed that the explosion was caused intentionally by an old prop master, and after interrogation, they found out that his name was He Yuqin, a descendant of the Nan Kingdom He Faction. Shi Luqing, whose original name was He Qing, was his daughter. Back then, He Qing fell in love with a Qi person, but their love was not allowed by their families. She ran away from home and ended up in Jiu Xiao City. He Yuqin searched for her for a long time, but when he found her, she had already committed suicide by jumping off a building. He regretted not being able to protect his daughter and sought revenge, investigating and discovering that Ren Fengyang had killed his daughter. He then disguised himself as "Shi Luqing's ghost" and killed Ren Fengyang. However, Xiaomei suddenly died, and Zhou Guanglin and Boss Chen emerged from hiding. He learned of the injustice his daughter had suffered, but there was no evidence. He took the risk of blowing up the theater and killing him..

In order to avenge his lover and leave the prison, Ke Yun Cha did not hesitate to transform and cut off one arm. Su Jiu'er asked Han Zheng to quickly find Boss Chen, and Hu Badao was also anxious to follow. By the time Han Zheng arrived, Ke Yun Cha had already killed Boss Chen. Han Zheng was shocked, but subconsciously wanted to protect his brother and send him back to Shuobei. Hu Badao arrived and stopped Han Zheng, preventing him from becoming an accomplice. Han Zheng pushed Hu Badao against the wall and left with Ke Yun Cha. At this time, the guards of Jiu Xiao City arrived. In order not to implicate everyone, Ke Yun Cha admitted that he had killed Boss Chen and then committed suicide by drawing his sword and dying in the pouring rain. At this moment, Su Jiu'er stumbled over and questioned Han Zheng why he killed his foster father. It turned out that when Su Jiu'er hurried over, she found that Hu Badao had also died in a pool of blood...

Han Zheng, in a moment of desperation, unknowingly caused the death of Hu Badao with a push. Faced with Su Jiu'er's questioning, Han Zheng didn't know how to answer. Han Zheng was imprisoned for this incident, while Su Jiu'er, who had lost her adoptive father, forced herself to search for any clues, but found nothing. Everything pointed to Han Zheng having accidentally killed Hu Badao. Faced with this outcome, Su Jiu'er told Han Zheng that she couldn't forgive him, and the two went their separate ways.

The inspection team organized a funeral for Hu Badao, and even though they had previously argued with him, they all had deep feelings for him. Even the neighbors came to see Hu Badao off on his final journey.

At Hu Badao's funeral, only Jiu'er was absent, as she couldn't come to terms with his death. Wen Jun arrived and felt sorry for her sadness. Meanwhile, in the prison cell, Han Zheng listened to the commotion outside and felt particularly guilty. A few words from Qi Yuan Stone, a young member of the Qi family also in the cell, reminded Han Zheng of the last words Hu Badao said to him, which didn't sound like they came from someone who was injured. He began to suspect that someone else had hurt Hu Badao.

Jiu'er appeared like a walking dead, worrying Qin Xiangyi and the entire Inspection Guard. Her colleagues tried to find ways to help her recover her vitality, but Jiu'er had closed herself off emotionally and ignored everything around her. The news also reached Han Zheng in the cell. He sought Wen Jun's help to guide Jiu'er. Wen Jun used a "summoning bell" to release Jiu'er's pent-up emotions and help her accept Hu Badao's departure.

In the peace hall, Jiu'er and Qin Xiangyi were selecting vegetables together, feeling bored with their lives. Kaka and Wen Jun found Jiu'er and asked for her help in investigating the Peony Case. Jiu'er's father was the one who handled the case years ago, and she became interested.

Wen Jun and Su Jiu'er went to Uncle Liu's house, who was involved in the Paeonia lactiflora case. Uncle Liu told them that it was raining heavily that day when he and Su Huan arrived at the scene and found that Ka Ka Niang had been killed by a heavy blow to the head. However, there was no physical evidence or eyewitnesses at the scene, only a hairpin with a Paeonia lactiflora, which they believed was left by the killer. Jiu'er discovered that the hairpin was not a Paeonia lactiflora but a tree peony, which made her wonder why her father did not notice this difference.

While Wen Ying was contemplating the chessboard on the stone table, Chi Lan came to visit and invited her to play the Hundred Beasts Chess of Qi Kingdom. They talked about the imprisonment of Han Zheng, and Chi Lan suggested that he should be imprisoned in the Qi Kingdom dungeon. However, Wen Ying asked Chi Lan to release two Qian Kingdom spies and forbade Han Zheng from entering Jiu Xiao City again. Chi Lan agreed to persuade the Lord of Xueqi.

Suddenly, a haze of smoke drifted into the cell, and the iron lock on Han Zheng's cell quietly opened. Han Zheng went to Jun's mansion, knowing that he was a fraud but wanted to find out the motives of the black-clothed men. Meanwhile, the people in the cell suspected that Jiu'er was involved.

In the prison, everyone suspected that Jiu'er had released Han Zheng, but Jiu'er denied it and was suspended from duty for investigation. However, when Jiu'er returned home, she found that Han Zheng was actually in her house.

After recalling the details of the case, Han Zheng explained the truth and his thoughts to Su Jiu'er, hoping to investigate the case together and even shamelessly stay at Jiu'er's house. Han Zheng had long suspected Liu Bo and was planning to follow him when he saw Xiao Bin being bullied. However, Liu Bo changed his usual kind demeanor and threatened the children, which surprised Han Zheng.

Wen Jun and Jiu'er arrived at the scene of the Paeonia lactiflora Case and Jiu'er unexpectedly noticed that the women here were very wary of men, deducing that the culprit was not a man. They realized the problem and went to find Liu Bo, but Liu Bo took all the blame. Suddenly, a thunderbolt sounded outside the window, and the rain poured down. Xiao Bin rushed out of the room and protected Liu Bo, but then became extremely violent, grabbing Jiu'er. Fortunately, Han Zheng arrived in time to control Xiao Bin, but his arm was cut. Jiu'er realized that Liu Bo was not the real culprit.

The case was solved and Liu Bo confessed that Hu Badao's death was Xiao Bin's doing, and Jiu'er finally understood that she had misunderstood Han Zheng.

Jiu'er completed the new case file and wiped away the tears in her eyes. Suddenly, the wind chime on the beam made a ringing sound, as if Hu Badao had returned to Jiu'er's side. Han Zheng came to Jiu'er and comforted her, but Jiu'er accidentally bumped into Han Zheng's wound and hurriedly went to find medicine. Jiu'er gently helped him apply the medicine to his wound, and the unconscious gaze between the two made the atmosphere more ambiguous.

Jiu'er learned that Han Zheng was going back to the North to participate in the Xuan Dong ceremony and couldn't help feeling a little sad. Han Zheng told Jiu'er that Mu Yan had stolen the sacred object of the Qi clan, which was related to the survival of the clan, and he would come back to investigate the matter clearly. Jiu'er asked Wen Jun to help investigate the matter of Mu Yan and found out that Mu Yan had traded the sacred object of the Qi clan with a mysterious organization in Jiu Xiao City years ago, which was full of doubts. Jiu'er told Han Zheng about Mu Yan, but Han Zheng did not believe that Mu Yan would harm the Qi clan. The two of them cooperated to uncover the truth.

Qin Xiangyi suspected that Han Zheng would leave at any time and worried about Jiu'er's condition. She bought a bottle of "miracle drug" from the black market and added it to Jiu'er's soup medicine, which Jiu'er drank. After taking it, Jiu'er had a nightmare. In the dream, Jiu'er was on the deck of a rocking ship with crew members who were closing their eyes and fleeing. Jiu'er discovered that the sea monster in the crew's mouth was actually Three Scars, and the "sea monster's" singing approached quickly. Jiu'er was dragged down by something and everything turned black in front of her.

Jiu'er woke up from a nightmare and learned that she was invited to the palace by the queen. Han Zheng followed her to the banquet when he heard that Jiu'er was going. During the banquet, Jiu'er talked about the case and introduced Han Zheng's abilities, which amazed everyone. Duke Xian not only arrived late but also looked down on Han Zheng, a member of the Qi clan. He not only ignored the queen's reminder but also made a scene, mocking the relationship between Han Zheng and Jiu'er, making Jiu'er embarrassed. Wen Jun stood up to protect Jiu'er and declared his affection for her, which upset He Yin, the daughter of Duke Xian and someone who has always had a crush on Wen Jun.

The situation at the fighting ring was interrupted by the news of an incident at the dock. Everyone went to the dock to investigate the case, and Jiu'er discovered that the scene was identical to the one in her dream. After returning home, Qin Xiangyi revealed the matter of buying medicine, and Jiu'er immediately realized that more than one person had the same dream. Chi Lan and Han Zheng suspected that the sea monster incident was intentionally caused by Mu Yan, and Han Zheng said that he wouldn't do anything as a Qi person if he couldn't find the spark.

Jiu'er planned to gather a reward notice, and when people heard that a large sum of money was offered for anyone who could hum the song "Sea Monster", they all came to hum the song. Wen Jun drove away those who pretended to hum the song, and only the last person hummed the ballad from Jiu'er's dream. However, He Yin said it was the sound of a conch shell. He Yin decided to take them to find the conch shell, but Li the shopkeeper purposely told Wen Jun that the conch shell was lost. Behind the scenes, Duke Xian appeared. Based on the clues, the four of them speculated that the missing people in the "Sea Monster" case were mostly Qi people, and it was initially judged that this case was likely to use the legend of the sea monster as a pretext to kidnap Qi people and obtain the Qi Yuan Stone. The group continued to investigate and found that the missing Qi people were likely being held in Duke Xian's western hunting grounds.

Han Zheng and his companions sneaked into the western hunting ground but fell into the ambush of the black-clothed men. In order to protect Su Jiu'er, Han Zheng fell into the lake and his fate is unknown. Su Jiu'er and the others were worried and suspected that Duke Xian was behind this, but Duke Xian denied it. In order to find out Han Zheng's whereabouts, Su Jiu'er took a large amount of Han Zheng's Qi Yuan Stone and wanted to perceive Han Zheng's whereabouts in her dreams.

At this time, Han Zheng was confronting Duke Xian in the cave and, using his words, he discovered the secret of the Yin Xue Pavilion. It turned out that the disappearance of a large number of Qi people was related to the Yin Xue Pavilion, whose purpose was to obtain Qi Yuan Stone from the Qi people to seek benefits.

Su Jiu'er finally found Han Zheng's location through her dreams and saw Han Zheng, who was on the brink of death, with his Qi Yuan Stone taken by Duke Xian. Su Jiu'er was heartbroken. After waking up, Su Jiu'er went to find Wen Jun, and the two of them agreed to go to the hunting ground to find Han Zheng, but were hindered by heavy defenses. So Wen Jun ordered his family to create chaos in the hunting ground under the pretext of finding his own whereabouts, led by Liu Fu.

Jiu'er and Wen Jun sneaked into the hunting ground during the chaos to meet up with Chi Lan, Ke Ha, and others, but they couldn't find the cave where Jiu'er dreamed of Han Zheng being held captive. At this time, Chi Lan noticed He Yin eavesdropping nearby. Wen Jun convinced He Yin to help them find Han Zheng to stop Duke Xian from becoming a murderer. With He Yin's memory, they found the cave's location.

Inside the cave, Chi Lan and the others saw the Qiren, who had their Qi Yuan Stone taken away. They were heartbroken and disgusted by Duke Xian's actions. He Yin couldn't believe that her father, who had always loved her, was such an evil person. Li the shopkeeper discovered He Yin among them. Duke Xian was worried that things would be exposed but was more concerned about He Yin's safety. He created smoke in the cave and saved He Yin during the confusion. After a fierce battle, Han Zheng and his companions escaped the cave.

At this time, a black-clothed person on horseback appeared and shot Duke Xian with an arrow, killing him on the spot. The imperial court posted a notice revealing Duke Xian as the mastermind behind the sea monster case. However, Han Zheng and his companions knew that the black-clothed person was the real culprit they were looking for, and the case needed to be further investigated.

Han Zheng and Jiu'er analyzed that they could only start with Li the shopkeeper to find the mastermind behind Duke Xian. With the help of Wen Ying, Li revealed the behind-the-scenes mastermind, who turned out to be Prime Minister Deng  from the court.

Jiu'er and Han Zheng went to inspect the defense of the city and found that there were many cases of conflict between the Qian and Qi people. It turned out that after the Duke Xian's incident, the Qis had a deeper hatred towards the Qians, and the hidden conflicts between the two tribes had surfaced. Han Zheng and Jiu'er tirelessly handled each case in the hope of resolving the conflict between the two tribes. Just as they were overwhelmed by the cases, news came that Princess He Yin had jumped off a building and committed suicide.

It turned out that Wen Jun took He Yin out to relax, but they were recognized as the Duke Xian's daughter and were humiliated. He Yin couldn't take it and ran to the rooftop. Despite everyone's persuasion, He Yin fell off the roof. In a moment of urgency, Han Zheng saved her, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, news came that Chen Li, who had gone up the mountain to investigate a case, had returned. Han Zheng and the others went to the defense of the city and heard about Chen Li's encounter with a wild animal in the mountain. They decided to go up the mountain to investigate.

Jiu'er discovered that there were several Qi people from Jiu Xiao City in the cave, but strangely, these Qi people were different from usual and had grown long hair all over their bodies. Han Zheng suspected that these Qi people were experiencing atavism, but the cause could not be revealed. In order to prevent the spread of the phenomenon, everyone transported these atavistic Qi people back to the Shuobei Dance Hall.

Qin Xiangyi was invited to treat the Qi people, but made no progress. However, Su Jiu'er discovered that Han Zheng and Ke Ha were also exhibiting the same symptoms. Han Zheng was worried that his atavistic impulses would harm Su Jiu'er, but she reassured him that she would never leave him. Han Zheng was deeply moved.

In order to find the cause of the Qi people's atavism, Han Zheng and his companions searched through medical books and found that the cause of the related symptoms was the consumption of a poison, and the antidote was the unique Qi plant, the Jieshan Dragon.

Chi Lan informed Lord of Xueqi about the Qi people's atavism in Jiu Xiao City, hoping to obtain the antidote. Chi Lan received a response that the Jieshan Dragon no longer grew due to the loss of the sacred fire. The lost sacred fire had become the only antidote. Han Zheng and his companions analyzed that the loss of the sacred fire, coupled with the escalating conflict between the two tribes, could only be resolved by signing the "Qian Qi Six Agreements," which is the only way to maintain peace between the two tribes.

Under Chi Lan's persuasion, Wen Ying finally decided to consider signing the "Qian Qi Six Agreements".

The phenomenon of Ke Ha's atavism is becoming more and more obvious, but Han Zheng has not shown any signs of it. When they were puzzled, news came that a large number of Qi people who had reverted to their ancestral forms appeared on the streets. These Qi people couldn't bear the sudden rise in temperature at the Shuobei Dance Hall and ran out, causing fear among the Qian people on the streets. At this time, a man in black released a cat, causing the Qi people to lose control and chaos to break out on the streets. The Qian people united and drove the Qi people out of Jiuxiao City. The Qianqi Six Agreements were about to be signed, but such an incident suddenly broke out. In the end, the emperor decided to abandon the signing of the agreements and instead ordered the Qi people to be expelled from Jiuxiao City within seven days.

Chi Lan analyzed that the mastermind behind the scenes just wanted to drive the Qi people out of Jiuxiao City. Everyone was even more puzzled about the motive of the person behind the scenes. Starting from the shopkeeper Li's testimony, they found that Prime Minister Deng Zhi Xiang was the one trying to cover up his actions. They kidnapped him to the mountains and staged a play of revenge by the atavistic Qi people, forcing him to reveal the cure. However, they found that Deng Zhi Xiang knew nothing about the cure. Han Zheng and Su Jiu'er analyzed the evidence and concluded that the person trying to cover up their actions was Li, the shopkeeper.

At this time, Li the shopkeeper had already died in prison. Chi Lan investigated the crime scene and discovered that before his death, Li the shopkeeper had left a secret code that pointed directly to A Qi, a guard of Wen Ying, as the person who had killed him.

With the help of Wen Jun, the group discovered evidence that Li, the shopkeeper, was silenced by Wen Ying. They discussed using Wen Ying's visit to the Princess's tomb to capture him, but were surprised to find that Jiu'er had been kidnapped by Wen Ying first. Jiu'er finally learned that Su Huan was the one who stole the holy flame years ago and that she survived because the flame was on her. Wen Ying destroyed the flame in exchange for starting a war between the two countries, pushing Jiu'er off a cliff.

At the Princess's tomb, when Wen Ying appeared, Han Zheng and others tried to capture him and take him back to the north, only to discover that Wen Ying was actually a Qi person. Wen Ying took off his mask to reveal the face of Mu Yan, Han Zheng's good friend who had been missing for many years and had stolen the holy flame. After killing Wen Ying, Mu Yan had been living in Jiu Xiao city under the identity of Wen Ying. He stole the flame and created the case in order to start a war and destroy the Qian country. Mu Yan tried to persuade Han Zheng and others to give up peace because they had no choice, as the flame had disappeared forever. At this point, Jiu'er appeared, and Mu Yan realized that he had been set up by Han Zheng and the others.


After a fight, Chi Lan stabbed Mu Yan's Qi Yuan Stone to save Han Zheng. Mu Yan disappeared with serious injuries. Returning home, Su Jiu'er was delighted to discover that touching the limbs of the atavistic Qi people could slowly heal them, as with Han Zheng's "health and longevity". While Han Zheng was overjoyed, he was also worried that Jiu'er might sacrifice herself to save the Qi people by taking out the fire seed. On the observation platform, Han Zheng and Jiu'er looked forward to their future life together. Han Zheng slept soundly beside Jiu'er, but when he woke up, he found that Ke Ha's atavistic symptoms had disappeared, and the Qi people in Jiu Xiao City had also recovered. He then realized that the romantic moment on the observation platform was their last farewell, as Jiu'er had left a farewell letter for him. Han Zheng, who was almost desperate upon learning the truth, gave all his Qi Yuan Stone to Jiu'er, hoping to save her life. Three months later, a lively wedding was being prepared in Jiu Xiao City, with Han Zheng and Su Jiu'er as the main characters. After signing the Qian Qi Six Agreements, they became the first couple to have a marriage that abides by them.


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