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Wang Yibo is Once Again Rumored to be in Love, The Girl is Emily Qi Meihe

Wang Yibo

Now in the China entertainment industry who is the hottest, it must be Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo since last year, starred in “The Untamed” as Lan Wangji, his popularity rise up rapidly.


Wang Yibo is a star with huge fan bases, although he is young, but has debuted for six years. The success of Wang Yibo is no coincidence, the popularity of the “The Untamed” is also no coincidence. Wang Yibo caused the envy of the opponent, so the opponent is trying to smear him

Wang Yibo

In the last two years, there are gossips about Wang Yibo has a girlfriend. The gossips are with the same person, it seems that the opponent is unscrupulous to slander him. Wang Yibo has been steadily doing well as an idol for the past few years since his debut and has not fallen in love like the rumors.

The people who have worked with Wang Yibo said that he is a nice person. Wang Yibo is not only good to cooperators but also good to fans. Wang Yibo is also a member of UNIQ, and Wang Yibo debuted in this group. Although the group is not together now, Wang Yibo is still paying attention to these brothers. Every time, when the members’ birthday, Wang Yibo will send his blessings.

Qi Meihe

The girl who has been spreading gossip with Wang Yibo is called Emily Qi Meihe. There have been spread gossips for three times with Wang Yibo in two years. Each scandal has led to great controversy, and every time a scandal is spread, Wang Yibo’s fans are always able to find out some evidence to prove is a rumor.

This girl is a post 00 and no one knows why she was able to have a connection with Wang Yibo. This girl’s photos look pretty good, and she’s a famous rich girl.

This time, even the girl’s brother can not endure, he sent a Weibo said that his sister is a cat’s paw. It seems that the rumormonger are really too unruly , the girl’s brother forced to respond.

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  1. Wang Yibo had minimal dialog in The Untamed. Marius Wang & others like Xiao Zhan had far more. His singing is mediocre. He has no vibrato. Needs vocal coach.

    1. The fact that he has fewer lines means it’s even more difficult to act, merely with eyes and facial expressions. You are showing your ignorance

  2. Aishhh this b***h seems like a saesang fan, why would Yibo date anyone? He literally said in a interview that he is not ready for a woman since he wants to focus on his career. I love that Yiboʻs fans are always proving that this isnʻt real and itʻs just a rumor, true fans of Yibo???

  3. She definitely is a phsycho that is in desperate need of counselling big Time as I have been speaking to him and he said its all nasty rumours I have never had a relationship with anyone by the name Emily anyway and the girl just doesn’t know how to leave me alone.
    So I really feel for the guy cause he is a young actor he is lovely to talk to and is so perlite he really is some people just don’t know how to leave actor’s alone so my heart goes out to him it really does cause he really doesn’t need all of it on top of his health problems

  4. You r soooooo sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. What a psycho nut job that silly little girl is being. Time to get her some professional counselling.