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Studio Denied Li Zixuan’s Dating Rumors, The Boy Is Not Wang Yibo

Li Zixuan relationship

On May 30, A netizen exposed a video of Li Zixuan dating a boy and going home together on Weibo, suspected of her having a new relationship. The boy is not Wang Yibo as rumored by the net, causing netizens to discuss it.


In the video, Li Zixuan was wearing a black top with a pair of black casual trousers, and a dark fisherman’s hat on her head, wearing a mask. She looked very low-key. The boy was wearing a white shirt and a baseball cap, looking youthful.

Li Zixuan and the boy were laughing and talking as they walked together, not only did they go out together but they also went home together.

As they walked around the neighborhood, Li ZiXuan waved her hands and was very cute and lively. In the middle of the walk, when the boy was smoking, Li ZiXuan waited by the side. After that, Li Zixuan and the boy never came out again.

Some netizens said they thought it was normal for Li Zixuan to fall in love when she is 26 years old, but they still hope Li Zixuan will make it public. Others said that they got along more like friends, they may not in a relationship.

Li Zixuan

Li Zixuan, who is 26 years old this year, had participated in “Produce 101” and got the first C at the time of the competition, with quite outstanding dancing ability. Although she didn’t end up debuting, she still gained a lot of fans and was very popular.

After that, Li Zixuan also participated in variety shows such as “Give Me Five 2”, “Dance Smash”, and “Day Day Up”.
Previously, she also won the grand final of “Girls Fighting” with her brilliant performance.

Wang Yibo Li Zixuan

Not long ago, Li Zixuan was rumored to be dating Wang Yibo. Subsequent netizens found out again all sorts of their dating clues.

Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan once worked together on “Produce 101”. They had a good relationship, so the story soon festered on the internet and made it to the top of the search.

It was only when everyone was discussing it that their studios finally issued a statement, disavowing the “false” romance and saying that Li Zixuan is still single.

Li Zixuan

On latter of May 30, Li Zixuan’s studio also issued a statement saying, “Ms. Li Zixuan has always been single, so please don’t believe the rumors and don’t spread them.”

Whether Li Zixuan is single or not? Wait for her response.

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