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Wang Yibo Released New Song “Youth Comes In Time”

Recently Wang Yibo released a new song, “Youth Comes In Time”, which is a kind of song full of youthful melody and positive energy.

As a youth idol of the new-generation, Wang Yibo uses his own influence to spread positive energy, bringing more beauty to his fans, presenting a positive attitude, and passing on more and better values.

Wang Yibo

The song is a piece of original music by Xinhua News Agency and is also a youthful hymn of the 14th Five-Year Plan, It uses the melody of youth to sing about beauty and the future.

The song was sung by Wang Yibo, who also gave us some general knowledge about the 14th Five-Year Plan.

The song is full of positive energy, both in its melody and lyrics, and also conveys better qualities to everyone.

Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo also appeared on Beijing TV again, recording a new video together to help to promote the Winter Olympics, showing once again the positive energy of the new era and the beautiful qualities of the young idol.

As young people in the new era, we follow in Yibo’s footsteps, and together we are guided by him to be a kind and warm positive person.

Wang Yibo

Although it is always doubted that popular stars do charity-related things, it is the rarest thing for idols to be able to maintain that honesty and straightforwardness.

We can’t make everyone like ourselves. We don’t force everyone to understand, to know, to stick to their own hearts, to like the people they identify.

Wang Yibo is just like this. He is fearless and unashamed to be the person he wants to be. He is not a man who thinks about everything, while he is not very interested in everything.

But what he is interested in and what he likes, he will insist on it and do his best.

Wang Yibo

He has the right perception, a clear mind, and will bring all the fans positive energy! Do you like such a idol with positive energy?

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  1. The song youth of time ‘s very good and directly to Z Generation which support time of chang to industry 4.0-5.0 It’s the best in content in this song easy for understand and should be done a passion in their heart due to it’ the future world , Wang Yibo ‘ the Z Generation he’ the best in my heart and all fanclub.

  2. The legend of fired ‘s very good and wang yibo the best actor also with joaleing.
    When the wind from Luoyang on air we are waiting see that , we support all role and action by wang yibo
    I finally we hope that situation bets aren’t Europe and America should be used resource for produce product from Zinjieng by China naka