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Wang Yibo Agency Denied The Relationship With Li Zixuan

Wang Yibo Li Zixuan

Recently, A blogger revealed that a top popular star in showbiz is in a relationship. He is so famous with about 30 million fans. Then netizens suspected that Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan are in love.


This news has spread all over the internet and caused a lot of impact on the people involved.

However, Yue Hua Entertainment released a statement denying that Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan were in a relationship.

Wang Yibo

First of all, Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan met in “Produce 101”, where Wang Yibo was the show’s dance mentor and Li Zixuan was a trainee. And Wang Yibo ever praised Li Zixuan’s excellent dancing ability.

Li Zixuan has participated in the recording of “Day Day Up” as a guest many times, which is one of the few points where they have crossed paths.

Except that, Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan don’t have a lot of interactions in their work. But in private life, they seem to have some connection.


In addition to their work interactions, in Li Zixuan’s Duoyin account, netizens found out a lot of videos, which are closely associated with Wang Yibo.

And they were also suspected of expressing love from a distance through video, Wang Yibo also recorded a video on valentine’s day, which was full of pink atmosphere: “It is so sweet to have you.”

And it was said that Li Zixuan meets Wang Yibo’s ideal type.

Li Zixuan

At present, Wang Yibo’s agency and Li Zixuan have publicly dispelled the rumors. These rumors are all speculations and are not based on any facts.

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