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Wang Yibo’s Ideal Type – How To Be Yibo’s Girlfriend

What is Wang Yibo’s ideal type? Wang Yibo has been on the scene for a long time. His appearance is very attractive, sometimes he is shy and does not talk a lot. He talks a lot only in front of his acquaintances.


This year, Wang Yibo participated in many variety shows and interview programs, dramas are also on the air. His popularity is very high and has been loved by many fans.

But why doesn’t he have a girlfriend yet?

The “Contemporary Tang Monk”(a monk in china Tang Dynasty) is the title that has accompanied Wang Yibo for many years.

Wang Yibo Cheng Xiao

The “Cosmic Girl” member Cheng Xiao said he did not like to talk to girls. They danced a whole dance without any communication.

When out on location, the bed was arranged with three girls’ photo frames by the program team, and they were all overturned on the table by him.

Wang Yibo Song Zuer

Song Zu’er has also complained in the “Day Day Up”. Once on the plane, she kept looking for opportunities to talk to Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo not only ignored her but also told her: “You are the most talkative person I have ever seen, your family does not mind you?”

In fact, Wang Yibo is not exactly like the surface that he is not close to girls. From the previous interview, he has revealed that dating a girlfriend before. He is just a little bit reserved in front of strangers.

Wang Yibo ideal type

Such a “lonely” character, make people can not help to wonder, what is Wang Yibo’s ideal type?

In the past two years, Wang Yibo’s ideal type changed day by day.

At first, he said that he likes the girls who act cute.

Wang Yibo Ideal Type

Soon he added the age requirement, saying that he likes girls younger than him. But not too much younger than him, not more than two years.

Then Wang Han asked him “Can you accept older girls”. He said within five years older is also acceptable.

And “long hair”, more like the cute girl type.

Then adding “heart-shaped face”, and can accept both domineering lady and girly girl.

Wang Yibo Ideal Type

When he was as a mentor in “Produce 101”. The ideal type became clear: a girl who is domineering(mature, self-confident, learned, elegant), older than him, and thin.

From “cute” to “naughty and gentle”.

“long hair” to “short hair”.

“acting cute” has changed 180 degrees to “likes to listen to his reasoning”.

Not even the appearance, the specific description of character: good character, sweet, genteel.

Recently, he simply overturned all of the above and confessed that “there is no ideal type, it all depends on the feeling”.

Wang Yibo Motocycle

But no matter how it changes, the final answer in Wang Yibo’s heart is still the one he loves the most – the motorcycle.

After all, every time someone asks him what a motorcycle represents in his mind. He always says back without thinking: it’s my girlfriend.

Wang Yibo’s love for motorcycles has reached the point that same as the professional racer, which also proves Wang Yibo’s perseverance and persistence.

Wang Yibo Motocycle

In May 2020, Wang Yibo participated in a motorcycle race for the first time as a professional racer, but on the race, he had to retire with regret because of two racing failures, he was hiding in his helmet and crying silently.

But he did not get discouraged, and in August he started again and became the rookie champion of professional racers. From him, we can see that behind every talent, there must be constant effort and persistence.

It seems that if it is not “motorcycle” reincarnation, it is very difficult to fall in love with Wang Yibo in this life.

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  1. My wang yibo is so cute and handsome my love happiness of my life i will always support you oh god please give me chance to see my wang yibo once in life love you so much take care my love

  2. His admirable,,, though he doesn’t like girls but I’ll still be his loyal fun and support him what’s so ever ,,, feel loved.

  3. Todo es falso porque Yibo a coqueteado con varias chicas en Day Day Up, pero solo con una ha perdurado su sentimieto y es con Jike Junyi, la cual fue regañada por Han y demás y por eso no se ha atrevido a darle a Yibo cavida en su vida, pero Yibo se le vió bastante intenso con ella de topdas las formas posibles. Asi que no es que sea monje, es que es prudente y debido a su gusto por las mujeres mayores y no por 5 ni 7 años sino hasta más, se mantiene reservado.

  4. ବାସ ମୁଁ ତୁମ୍ଭକୁ ବହୁତ ଭଲ ପାଏ ୱାଂଗ ଏଇବ❤❤

  5. Hello! From Nepal , first of all lots of love and support for u not because you are an idol, actor, and remaining others . But for real struggles u have made for this success.i wish i could be with u . Hearing that u don’t like dark girls I am not discouraged but you said and i also know feeling matters the most . I think its better to be opposite so that we can complete our partner .if I could protect u , i could love u , i could care for u ,i could share ur stress that’s all i dream about . But dreams are always dreams .if there is any chance to make dreams come true i will definitely have a try . For the rest ,keep it up keep going on. Don’t listen to haters and always be happy on the way that can make u . Lots of love!!!

  6. Hi one thing s for sure we do have alot in common one we like cats and we both like green and like motorbikes as I did used to have one til and I have a heart condition too and I know yibo doesn’t like cooking and I love cooking so I would always make sure his meals where cooked and ready for when he got home and I always do the house work and I love singing and dancing even though I don’t have money I’m not after his fame or Money and that is for sure all I ever want is to see him happy and I just want to be happy and I want to be happy to and I want to be able to take care of someone I actually have feelings for cause I’m fed up of being used and abused for my good nature by nasty man and I know yibo by the way he talks in this video’s has been brought up alot like me and if I made him angry I would take him in my arms and gentle apologize and gentle kiss him to say I’m sorry for making him angry

  7. I would love to be Wang yibo s girlfriend one cause we have quite a bit in common and would love to protect the man I love I also love to cook and clean and love my animals and love to travel I love singing and dancing I might not be a famous person but money I’m not bothered about all I care about is someone to love me for who I am and not for what I am and I would treat them the same I’m not after the fame and fortune plus I want to give someone one the one they deverse and if I made them angry I would take them in my arms and gentle apologize and give them a kiss.

  8. Novence from Uganda l wish am wang yibo’s girl friend cause l like too much.

    1. I hope to God you’re not a Black woman, trying to be the girlfriend of a man who said he does NOT want a girlfriend with dark skin. Matter of fact, that was the first thing that came out of his mouth, in the video they referenced. Smh.

      1. I hope I can see Wang yi bo one day!!!Wang yi bo can you give me three free tickets and go to your concerts or other things please I am begging you….???And we have so many things alike like sleeping,eating noodles…..I hope we can met in future don’t care about those who say you just be happy and don’t mind me but I hope you are Zhao yi ling’s boyfriend???and I hope you will act more with Zhai yi ling because I am crazy about Legend of Fei

      2. you’re right about this one and I hope he thinks you’re right about everything