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Zanilia Zhao Liying And Wang Yibo’s Second Coopertion Rumor Led To Fan’s Boycott

Wang Yibo Zhao Liying

On August 22, Zhao Liying‘s Global Fan Club suspended all activities and issued a joint statement with several colleagues to resolutely boycott the second cooperation with the super idol Wang Yibo.


The net rumor is that Zanilia Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo will soon have a second collaboration, but Zhao Liying’s fans asked her to cherish her reputation and refuse to work with Wang Yibo.

boycot statement

They have even changed their avatars to boycott, and also said that if Zanilia Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo are working together again, they will quit the fan club.

On August 23, Zhao Liying Global Fan Club suddenly released an announcement to the public through Weibo, apologizing for suspending all work before, and blaming itself that it was an irrational act, neglecting her duty to maintain Zhao Liying, which was a serious mistake of the manager.

Zhao Liying Golbal Fan Club Statement

In fact, this matter starts from the TV series “Wild Bloom”. The drama is about independent female entrepreneurship as the theme of inspirational works. It plans to start shooting in September. People did not expect the drama was known to everyone in this way.

The drama tells the story of the heroine Xu Banxia in the 1990s. Her mother died at her young age. Her father did not care about her. With her own stubborn character, she created a piece of her own world in the steel industry where men piled up and finally reaped the career and love.

Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying has a lot of similarities with this character. Zhao Liying also has a very strong character, just like the heroine of the drama, trying to move forward. She is very close to the novel.

Then people are also concerned about the male lead of the drama. There were rumors that the male lead may be Wang Yibo.

Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo has high popularity too. He also has cooperated with Zhao Liying in “Legend of Fei”. Besides, the director of “Wild Bloom” is Fu Dongyu, who previously directed “Being A Hero”, “The Thunder” and so on. He has also worked with Wang Yibo, the impression of Wang Yibo is very good.

But we did not expect that this attracts a lot of controversies.

Some netizens feel that Wang Yibo and Zanilia Zhao Liying are more like siblings, not suitable to play CP.

“Legend of Fei” even pulled down Zhao Liying’s reputation. Both sides of the fans also quarreled because of this.

The most critical point is that the drama party has a cold attitude on this news, neither response nor refutation so that Zhao Liying is passive in the public opinion everywhere. Fans naturally will not sit idly by.

So Zhao Liying fans even called on a collective boycott.

Zhao Liying Wang Yibo

Many netizens should feel very familiar with these actions. Previously, Yang Zi fans also had the same action, boycotting Yang Zi in “Agarwood Like Crumbs”. But in the end, Yang Zi still starred in the drama.

Tong Liya also experience the same situation. After being boycotted by fans, she really refused the “Nothing But Thirty”. However, this drama became a hit at the time.

Wang Yibo Zhao Liying

Now Wang Yibo and Zanilia Zhao Liying are top popular stars. Their cooperation should be good for each other. And from past examples of fan boycotts, it is actually difficult to play a role.

Fans should not be too sensitive, the rumors haven’t been confirmed. For the net rumors, we should keep a clear mind. As fans quarreling finally will hurt their idols.

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