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One and Only – Huang Bo, Wang Yibo

One and Only is a youth comedy film directed by Da Peng, led by Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, co-starring Liu Mintao, Yue Yunpeng and Xiao Shenyang.

The film tells the story of Chen Shuo, who holds on to his dream in the face of adversity and meets his life "talent scout" Ding Lei by chance. After several obstacles and difficulties, they lead their team to break through the obstacles and eventually run towards a common goal.


One and Only

English Title: One and Only
Chinese Title: 热烈
Genre: Youth, Comedy, Drama
Duration: 124 min.
Director: Da Peng
Writer: Su Biao, Da Peng
Producer: Chen Zhixi
Released Date: 2023-07-28
Boradcast Website: -



Ding Lei, a street dance veteran, meets Chen Shuo, a young man who performs in the street.

Ding Lei lures Chen Shuo to join his own dance troupe.

The troupe is full of talented dancers with different personalities, who "clash" with Chen Shuo in different ways and have a lot of laughs.

Chen Shuo is eager to follow his dream and is looking forward to his chance to be on stage, but finds out that Ding Lei has invited him for another purpose.

As both Ding Lei and Chen Shuo face one heavy blow after another, will they be able to turn the tide against the odds and fight back against their problems?


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