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Love Actually – Tong Dawei, Joe Chen, Wang Yibo

Love Actually is an urban romantic comedy directed by Chen Mingzhang and Wu Qiang, led by Tong Dawei, Joe Chen Qiao'en, and Wang Yibo, co-starring Lin Peng, Zhu Gang Ri Ao, Lai Jing, Zhu Yuxin, and Xie Shuai.

The drama tells the story of self-actualization and the pursuit of love among Ding Renjian, An Qinghuan, and Zhai Zhiwei, who have different life situations in the background of the big era.


Love Actually

English Title: Love Actually
Chinese Title: 人间至味是清欢
Genre: Urban, Romance, Business, Life
Tag: Boss-Employee Relationship, Love Triangle, Family Relationship, Time Skip, Workplace Love, Genius Male Lead
Episodes: 42
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Mingzhang, Wu Qiang
Writer: Guo Shuang, Feng Yuan, Ni Jun
Producer: Wu Zhaoxu, Zhao Zhigang, Yu Mingxiao, Bai Chenghao, Guo Zhenyu
Product Company: Yuanyi Media, Shangxiang Entertainment
Released Date: 2017-08-15
Broadcast Website: MangoTV Monsoon, Viki



In order to satisfy his wife Lin Yue's wish to live alone and leave his parents, Ding Fang, a post-70s uncle, leads his colleagues to ask for a salary increase, only to be fired by the boss and forced to work for the post-90s Zhai Zhiwei.

When Lin Yue learns of this, and with the "help“ of her "best friend" Tang Xiaogang, Lin Yue divorces Ding and chooses Tang Xiaogang.

Ding Renjian is at a low point in his life.

Zhai Zhiwei's company is closed down because of Tang Xiaogang, and his father passed away, which leads to Zhai's downfall.

After Ding Renjian loses his job again, he moves into An Qinghuan's house, a post-80s white-collar worker. Then, he and An Qinghuan help Zhai Zhiwei to get out of the "darkness".

Finally, they get together as they wish, and Zhai Zhiwei grows up to be a mature and responsible man.


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