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Feng Hui (冯晖) Profile

Feng Hui

Feng Hui(冯晖), born on October 5, 1969, in Xi’an, Shanxi Province, is a Chinese actor.

His major works include Nirvana in Fire, The Story of Ming Lan, My Heroic Husband, Luoyang, The Bachelors, etc.

Basic Info

Feng Hui

Stage Name: Feng Hui
Chinese Name: 冯晖
Place of Birth: Xi’an, Shanxi
Nationality: China
Birthday: October 05, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 181cm (5’11”)
Weight: 74kg (162.8 lbs)
Blood Type:
Weibo: 冯晖的窝


  1. Feng Hui’s agent is Beijing Sangui International Media.
  2. Education: Feng Hui studied at PLA Art School.


  • My Super Hero(Chen Jing Dian’s father)(2022)
  • The Bachelors(Liang Da Wei)(2022)
  • Challenges at Midlife(Teacher Cao)(2022)
  • Luoyang(Gao Sheng)(2021)
  • The Bond(Shi Wei Dong)(2021)
  • Humans(Cao Zong)(2021)
  • My Heroic Husband(Su Bo Yong)(2021)
  • Minning Town(County Clerk Gao)(2021)
  • My Best Friend’s Story(Bao Luo)(2020)
  • Like A Flowing River 2(Chief Cheng)(2020)
  • Forever Love(Father Xia)(2020)
  • Qin Dynasty Epic(King Xiao Wen of Qin)(2020)
  • Missing Persons(Niu Jian She)(2020)
  • Serenade of Peaceful Joy(Xia Song)(2020)
  • If There Is No Tomorrow(Wei Guang Jun)(2020)
  • Reborn(Liu Han Sen)(2020)
  • A Little Reunion(Mr. Yang)(2019)
  • Novoland: Eagle Flag(Ji Qian Zheng)(2019)
  • Over the Sea I Come to You(Lawyer)(2019)
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Prosecutor)(2019)
  • Queen Dugu(Zhao Yue)(2019)
  • The Story of Ming Lan(Zhao Zong Quan)(2018)
  • Like a Flowing River(Director Cheng)(2018)
  • Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin(Lin Shen)(2017)
  • Game of Hunting(Zhan Tian Xiao)(2017)
  • Ode to Joy 2(Ying Ying’s father)(2017)
  • Surgeons(Jiang Ming)(2017)
  • Candle in the Tomb(Hao Ai Guo)(2016)
  • The Good Fellas(Lu Miao)(2016)
  • Housing(Lawyer Zhao)(2016)
  • To Be A Better Man(Financial planner)(2016)
  • Ode to Joy(Ying Ying’s father)(2016)
  • Two Families from Wenzhou(Wang Cun Gen)(2015)
  • Nirvana in Fire(Minister Shen Zhui)(2015)
  • The Disguiser(Ming Tang)(2015)
  • All Quiet in Peking(Shan Fu Min)(2014)
  • Battle of Changsha(Boss Sheng)(2014)
  • Legend of Entrepreneurship(Friendly guest)(2012)
  • Kai Guo Qian Ye(Huang Cuiwei)(2009)
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