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As Long As We Are Together – Qin Hao, Jiang Xin

As Long As We Are Together is an urban family drama directed by Wang Jun, led by Qin Hao, Jiang Xin and Wang Ou, co-starring Ren Zhong, Ke Lan, Dai Xu, Shi Shi, Zhang Lingxin, Tan Kai, Li Xie, Guan Xueying, Kang Keren, Zhao Yunzhuo, Chen Tianyu, Qiu Enze, Wu Peijian, Li Luoyi, Kong Que Ge Ge, Zhao Liang and Shi Jingming.

The drama follows the married life of three couples, and through the main characters He Jiaru and Ye Yifan, who have to switch houses for their second child, it presents a series of hilarious and heartwarming stories, conveying that as long as a family supports each other, they can have the most ordinary and warmest life.


As Long As We Are Together

English Title: As Long As We Are Together
Chinese Title: 小满生活
Other Titles: Happy Life, 学区房
Genre: Urban, Romance, Family, Comedy
Tag: Child Education, School Problems, Family Relationship, Family Conflict
Episodes: 38
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Jun
Writer: Gui Ronghua, Liu Fengxian, Zhang Qimin Studio, Lu Hui
Producer: Sun Lili, Xu Benben, Liu Yanhong, Wang Bizheng, Chai Hao, Tian Jin, Yang Zhen
Product Company: YOUKU
Released Date: 2023-11-23
Broadcast Website: 优酷



He Jiaru and Ye Yifan are an admired and loving couple. Unexpectedly, He Jiaru becomes pregnant with their second child. Reluctant to give up the baby, they decide to move to a new house that offers better value for money. However, troubles arise in the process of exchanging houses. Just as the couple is about to sign for the new house, Ye Yifan's father suffers a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and is hospitalized. The young couple resolutely uses the house payment to save Ye Yifan's father. Fortunately, the elderly man survives the ordeal, but the dream of the new house fades away.

The company extends a helping hand. If He Jiaru's documentary successfully starts filming, she can purchase a new house at an internal price. The family ignites hope and unites once again. However, challenges persist. He Jiaru travels to Xishuangbanna to film the documentary after receiving the investment. Unfortunately, all the footage is lost in a fire. Ye Yifan desperately investigates to uncover the truth. Eventually, He Jiaru is vindicated, and the documentary is ready for release.


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