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Dai Xu (代旭) Profile

Dai Xu

Dai Xu(代旭), born in Beijing on October 28, 1989, is a Chinese actor.

In 2010, he made his debut in the movie Curse Of The Deserted with the support of Hong Kong director Chi Leung Law.

His main works include The Best Partner, The Rebel, The Rise of Phoenixes, The Legends, Burning Ice, Singing When We’re Young, etc.

Basic Info

Dai Xu

Stage Name: Dai Xu
Chinese Name: 代旭
Place of Birth: Beijing
Nationality: China
Birthday: October 28, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 180cm (5’10”)
Weight: 62kg (136.4 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Fandom Name: 树袋熊
Weibo: 代旭


  1. Education: Dai Xu graduated from The Central Academy Of Drama and majored in Performing Arts.
  2. He started learning to dance at the age of 5.
  3. In junior high school, he entered a professional dance school and studied ballet and folk dance, and at the age of 14, he was unable to continue his dance studies due to a knee injury.
  4. He likes to play werewolf.


  • Rose War(玫瑰之战)(Fang Xu)(2022)
  • A Dream of Splendor(Chi Ya Nei)(2022)
  • The Ideal City(Zhang Xiao Bei)(2021)
  • Love Is True(Cheng Hao Nan)(2021)
  • The Rebel(Zuo Qiu Ming)(2021)
  • Faith Makes Great(Zhang Ren Ya)(2021)
  • Good Life(Zeng Zi Xiang)(2021)
  • Black Lighthouse(Wei YuTai)(2020)
  • The Ordinary Glory(Chen Zhan)(2020)
  • The Best Partner(Mai Fei)(2019)
  • Last One Standing(Ning Yu)(2019)
  • The Legends(Jiang Wu)(2019)
  • The Sound of the Bell at Shanghai Bund(Du Xin Gen)(2018)
  • Entrepreneurial Age(Jin Cheng)(2018)
  • The Rise of Phoenixes(Chang Zhong Xin of Minhai)(2018)
  • The Evolution of Our Love(Zhao Chao)(2018)
  • Burning Ice(Guo Yu)(2017)
  • Chinese Style Relationship(Guan Qiang)(2016)
  • Moon Embracing the Star(Jiang Jia Nan)(2015)
  • Incense(Luo Xiao Hu)(2015)
  • Reunion Dinner(Song Yi He)(2014)
  • Qi Pa Yi Jia Qin(Tang Jiang)(2014)
  • Nos Annees Francaises(Chen Qiao Nian)(2012)


  • Jade Dynasty 1(Ceng Shu Shu)(2019)
  • The Liquidator(Li Yi)(2017)
  • On the Pitch(Hong Xu Dong)(2017)
  • Breaking the Waves(Sun Si Wei)(2014)
  • Einstein and Einstein(Gao Fang)(2013)
  • Singing When We’re Young(Luo Fan)(2013)
  • Curse Of The Deserted(Su Tian Ping)(2010)
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