THE REBEL – Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao

“THE REBEL” is a spy drama directed by Zhou You and starring Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao, Wang Zhiwen, Wang Yang and Zhu Zhu.



English Title: THE REBEL
Chinese Title: 叛逆者
Genre: period, spy
Director: Zhou You
Writer: Li Xiaoming, Qin Wen, Zhou You, Li Ruqiao, Zhang Bin, Guan Jingfeng, Chen Ting
Product Company: iQIYI, New Classics Media
Broadcasting website: iQIYI


Zhu Yilong Zhu Yilong as Lin Nansheng
Tong Yao Tong Yao as Zhu Yizhen
Wang Zhiwen as Gu Shenyan
Wayne Wang as Chen Moqun
Zhu Zhu as Lan Xinjie
Li Qiang as Ji Zhongyuan


In 1936, a young Renaissance Society cadre training class participant, Lin Nansheng, was taken to Shanghai by Chen Moqun, the Shanghai district chief of the Renaissance Society.

Chen Moqun got a contact site of the Shanghai underground from a traitor and analyzed that Zhu Yizhen, a student of HJU, was the liaison of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party. Chen Moqun asks Lin Nanshang to get close to Zhu Yizhen and into the underground party.

In the process of carrying out his assignment, Lin Nan-sheng is constantly attracted by the sense of mission and fearless sacrifice of Gu Shenyan, Ji Zhongyuan, Zhu Yizhen, and other communists for the country and the people. Then he thinks deeply about the chaos and social reality within the Kuomintang.

Lin Nan-sheng was brave and resolute in the struggle against the Japanese and the traitor, and he fought with the Communists for the overall national interest at stake.

After nearly a decade of recognition and choice, on the eve of victory in the anti-Japanese war, Lin Nansheng grew up to be a true Communist.

In the following war of liberation, by his special status in the military spy organization, he provided great help to the underground party at some critical moments, making an important contribution to the founding of New China.

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