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The Message – Xu Lu, Janice Man, Zhou Yiwei

The Message is an anti-Japanese spy drama directed by Li Yunliang, starring Xu Lu, Wen Yongshan, Zhou Yiwei, Zhang Zhijian, Yang Youning, Yu Kailei, Niu Zifan, Liu Junxiao, Sheng Langxi, and Xu Min.

This drama is based on the novel of the same name by Mai Jia. It tells the story of "Lao Gui", an underground communist worker who infiltrates the Japanese intelligence organization, but at a critical moment, her transmission route is cut off and her identity is in danger of being exposed. In a desperate situation, "Lao Gui" struggles with the enemy and tries to send the message out.


The Message

English Title: The Message
Chinese Title: 风声
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Military, War
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Spy, The War of Resistance Against Japan, Code Breaker, Historical Fiction, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 38
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Li Yunliang
Writer: Jia Dongyan, Zhang Fan, Wu Yao, Zhao Shi
Producer: Fang Fang
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2020-12-24
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



In 1941, Gu Xiaomeng, a KMT agent, succeeds in infiltrating in Wang Jingwei's government.

But because of the assassination of a senior officer of the Japanese Intelligence Department, she is captured by the Japanese secret service chief, Long Chuan Fei Yuan, and the head of the secret service of Wang Jingwei's government, Wang Tianxiang, together with his colleagues, Li Ningyu, Jin Shenghuo, Wu Zhiguo, and Bai Xiaonian.

When they learn that the Chinese communist code-named "Lao Gui" is among the five, they try all the way to force "Lao Gui" to appear.

But the "Lao Gui" wisely maneuvers with the Japanese and the secret agents with evil intentions, creating all sorts of illusions to confuse the enemy.

She not only causes confusion within the enemy organization but also finds the spy codenamed "Huang Que" who was painstakingly hidden in the underground organization by Long Chuan Fei Yuan.


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