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Niu Zifan (牛子藩) Profile

Niu Zifan

Niu Zifan(牛子藩), born in Beijing on August 27, 1994, is a Chinese actor.

In 2015, he made his acting debut in his first film Ball Love.

His main works include Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You, The Legend of Taotie, Young and Beautiful, Star-Crossed Lovers, etc.

Basic Info

Niu Zifan

Stage Name: Niu Zifan
Chinese Name: Niu Zi Fan / 牛子藩
Place of Birth: Beijing
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 27, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Blood Type: A
Weibo: 牛牛牛子藩


  1. Niu Zifan’s agent is Dream Author.
  2. Education: he studied at Shanghai Theatre Academy and majored in Performing Arts.
  3. Niu Zifan was born into a family of performers and his parents both graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. His father is actor Niu Piao and his mother is actress Pan Shaquan.


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