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Infernal Affairs – Jin Dong, Wang Likun

Infernal Affairs is a spy drama directed by Qi Dao, and led by Jin Dong, Wang Likun, Zhang Zhijian, Qi Dao, Chuo Ni, and Wang Zhiwen, co-starring Wang Ziquan, Shi Wenzhong, Cao Lei, Qi Cai, and Li Yuan, with Hai Yitian, Tan Kai and Zhang Xilin in special appearances.

The drama tells the story of a game of life and death between the Communists and their rival forces in 1944, on the eve of the Japanese surrender, in search of their faith in their country.


Infernal Affairs

English Title: Infernal Affairs
Chinese Title: 无间
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Drama, War
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Murder, Death of a Character, Spy, Power Struggle, Orphan Male Lead
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Qi Dao
Writer: Qi Dao, Lu Gang
Producer: Mao Yiyi, Li Liming, Yang Weijie, Liu Fang
Released Date: 2023-03-30
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 唐阁血色浪漫



During the period of the puppet government under the rule of Wang Jingwei in the Anti-Japanese War, Lu Feng, who grew up in an orphanage, was ordered to undercover in number 76 but almost blew his cover due to the suspicious Shen Xiao.

Eventually, Lu Feng successfully infiltrated number 76 with his superior intelligence and became the highest-ranking special agent. However, he did not want to become enemies with Chen Xi, whom he had once loved.

After going through many misunderstandings, the two lovers finally confirmed each other's identities and cooperated with each other in several secret operations to complete a series of secret missions. During his actions, Lu Feng gradually realized the darkness within the Military Statistics Bureau and the struggles for power and interests.

After experiencing betrayal from his mentor and the murder of his family members, he defected to the Chinese Communist Party and became an undercover agent of the Communist Party in the Military Statistics Bureau.

He closely cooperated with the organization and engaged in a battle of wits and courage with the enemy, setting up one intricate trap after another. Through the baptism of love, family, and friendship, he won a turning point for the final victory of the Anti-Japanese War.


After Japan invaded Shanghai, China, they established a special intelligence agency called the "Mei Office" and, with the notorious NO. 76's assistance, launched a thorough elimination of resistance organizations of the Communist Party and the Kuomintang in Shanghai. The anti-Japanese intelligence systems of the Communist Party and the Kuomintang were facing severe tests. In November 1944, on a passenger ship in China, intelligence was being transmitted. A Japanese man accidentally got bumped, and his key was stolen. The person who took the key quickly searched his room, and the Japanese man, realizing that his belongings had been stolen, activated an emergency plan. Now, the man knew he was being watched by the Japanese, and, in a panic, he rushed out to confront them. The Japanese man repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to capture him alive. However, at the last moment, when all the lights were turned on, the man chose to commit suicide by taking poison for the sake of his country. The Japanese also found out that this man had an accomplice, a woman, but they didn't obtain any other information.

Soon, the Japanese brought all the passengers to the deck. Hua Xiangyu saw her companion's body being carried by the Japanese. She wanted to leave, but the Japanese stopped her. Luckily, at that moment, Lu Feng revealed his identity and told the Japanese that she was his fiancée. The Japanese apologized when they saw that Lu Feng held a higher position than them. Lu Feng took Hua Xiangyu and left.

The two of them went to the restaurant to eat together. Lu Feng wanted to know her name, but Hua Xiangyu said she would only tell him if he could drink more than her. Unexpectedly, Lu Feng ended up getting drunk.

Hua Xiangyu went to Lu Feng's room and found the mini camera hidden by her companion in the ventilation duct, which contained important evidence for them.

Lu Feng suddenly had a nightmare and was awakened. When he woke up, it was already the next morning. There was a letter left by Hua Xiangyu on the bedside table. Now all the passengers on the ship have left and the cruise ship has arrived at the station an hour ago. Lu Feng quickly got off the ship with his companions and arrived at the outskirts of Shanghai.

Lu Feng went to see his superior, Shan Guan, who was the head of the ghost in the Military Statistics Bureau. Shan Guan told Lu Feng that he not only had to be an undercover agent in No.76, but also had a more important mission, which was to find ways to infiltrate the Special Secret Group. Except for Shan Guan and Liu Ze, no one knew Lu Feng's identity. Later, Shan Guan showed Lu Feng a photo of Shen Xiao, the head of the Special Secret Group, who was also a rare top expert.

In the following days, Lu Feng had been following Shen Xiao, hoping to find some relevant clues. Soon, Shen Xiao arrived at a large casino, where someone had already been watching his every move. Shen Xiao was waiting for a man named Han Tian to show up, and Lu Feng had also entered the casino. Shen Xiao naturally noticed this new face, and Lu Feng began to spend a large sum of money in the casino. Unexpectedly, someone wanted to take Lu Feng away, but not far away, a gun was aimed at Shen Xiao. Fortunately, Lu Feng saw everything and used a stool to block the bullet. Shen Xiao's men rushed over, causing chaos in the entire casino. The assailant was also seriously injured. Shen Xiao's men searched for the attacker, but it turned out that Lu Feng had saved him. This man, named Huo Fei, was a childhood classmate of Lu Feng. Lu Feng helped him remove the bullet from his arm, causing him to faint from the pain.

At this moment, Japanese Mei Office agent Song Xia called Lu Feng and said he would take him to a party tonight. Lu Feng looked at the sleeping Huo Fei and left first. Song Xia was Lu Feng's teacher and later introduced him to Shen Xiao. Shen Xiao also asked why Lu Feng came back to Shanghai and inquired about Lu Feng's family. Lu Feng said he was an orphan since childhood and had no parents. However, at this time, Hua Xiangyu, as a secretary, also came over. Lu Feng just didn't expect to meet Hua Xiangyu here.

Meanwhile in Yan'an, the intelligence officer codenamed Hua Shan was transmitting information. Their current mission was to quickly destroy the Special Secret Group No.76. By the time Lu Feng returned, Huo Fei had already disappeared without a trace. At this moment, Lu Feng received a call from his superior Shan Guan, who gave him instructions for the next step. His new task was to closely monitor the appearance of counterfeit currency templates in Shanghai. Hua Xiangyu also provided the information she obtained to the organization. Both Huo Fei and Hua Xiangyu were intelligence officers of the Communist Party. Now, the military intelligence agent Han Tian in the photo had the template for counterfeit currency in his hands. If this template fell into the hands of the Japanese, it would be a huge blow.

Coincidentally, Song Xia arranged for Lu Feng and Han Tian to meet, and also hoped that Lu Feng could take Han Tian to a certain place. Later, Lu Feng went to No.76 for pre-employment inquiries, but as soon as he came out, he was taken away by two black men. When he woke up, he found himself sitting on an electric chair, with the other party constantly controlling him with electric current and questioning what his mission was. In fact, all of this was done by Shen Xiao, but Lu Feng didn't say a word. They also injected Lu Feng with a drug to make him tell the truth, but Lu Feng was constantly controlling himself not to speak the truth. Shen Xiao saw that Lu Feng was not under control and gave him another shot. In the end, Lu Feng still didn't say anything, and Shen Xiao smashed the mirror in front of him. The two finally met formally.


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