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Zhang Xilin (张晞临) Profile

Zhang Xilin

Zhang Xilin(张晞临), born on July 8, 1966, in Beijing, is a Chinese actor.

He became famous in 1999 with his role as Liangzi in Year After Year. His famous work includes We Fall in Love, In the Name of People, The Thunder, Go Ahead, Luoyang, and so on.

Basic Info

Zhang Xilin

Stage Name: Zhang Xilin
Chinese Name: Zhang Xi Lin / 张晞临
Place of Birth: Beijing
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 08, 1966
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 180cm (5’10”)
Weight: 72kg (158.4 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Weibo: 张晞临


  1. Education: Zhang Xilin studied at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.


  • Lighter and Princess(Dong Si Yang)(2022)
  • Defying The Storm(Meng Wu Ran)(2022)
  • The Scale of Desire(Brother Long)(2022)
  • The Blue Whisper(He Xu Shen Jun)(2022)
  • Two Conjectures About Marriage(CEO Hu)(2022)
  • Luoyang(Liu Xiang / Master Xunshan)(2021)
  • The Justice(Boss Chu)(2021)
  • Crossroad Bistro(Bao Qi Dong)(2021)
  • Never Say Goodbye(Liu Han Shan)(2021)
  • Refinement of Faith(Secretary Sun)(2021)
  • Dreams and Glory(Yang Hu Cheng)(2021)
  • Sweet Life(Qian Bai Wan)(2021)
  • Roving Inspection Team(Chen Chang Qing)(2020)
  • With You(Lao Chen)(2020)
  • Sunshine Police(Wang Yong Qing)(2020)
  • Go Ahead(Ling He Ping)(2020)
  • Shi Cha Hai(Zhuang Zhi Cun)(2020)
  • The Best Partner(Jiao En)(2019)
  • The Thunder(Ma Yun Bo)(2019)
  • Nice to Meet You(Lei Xiang Dong)(2019)
  • The Way We Were(Cheng Wei)(2018)
  • In the Name of People(Cai Cheng Gong)(2017)
  • The Battle at the Dawn(Jin Yu Xuan)(2017)
  • We Fall in Love(Kang Qiao)(2016)
  • True Color of Beauty(Support Role)(2016)
  • My Three Fathers(Ji Min Gyu)(2015)
  • Jue De Dao Feng(Xiang Shao Jun)(2015)
  • Divorce Lawyers(Ji Pin Zhang Fu)(2014)
  • We Get Married(Lao Zhang)(2013)
  • Agent X(Gao Yi Shan)(2013)
  • Gimli Sword(Gao Fu)(2013)
  • Brotherhood Chaos(Gu Ren Yi)(2012)
  • Story of my Mother’s Family(Li Ping)(2009)
  • I’m a Boss(Deng Yuan)(2009)


  • Earthquake Miracle(Fan Gang)(2019)
  • Six Years, 6 Days(Security Zhang)(2017)
  • The Last Woman Standing(Luo Luo)(2015)
  • Beginning of the Great Revival(Wang Zheng Ting)(2011)
  • A World Without Thieves(Cheng Jing)(2004)
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