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Zhou Dawei (周大为) Profile

Zhou Dawei

Zhou Dawei(David Chou, 周大为), born on August 25, 1995, in Taiwan, China, is an actor.

His representative works are Court Lady, Consummation, The Sleepless Princess, etc.

Basic Info

Zhou Dawei

Stage Name: Zhou Dawei
Chinese Name: Zhou Da Wei / 周大为
English Name: David Chou
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 25, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type:
Fandom Name: Vitamin C / 维C
Weibo: 周大为-


  1. Zhou Dawei’s agent is Huayi Brothers.


  • Delicacies Destiny(Prince Consort)(2022)
  • Couple of Mirrors(Xie Yi Fan)(2021)
  • Court Lady(Sheng Chu Jun)(2021)
  • The Sleepless Princess(Luo Ji)(2020)
  • Consummation(Lin Shan He)(2020)
  • Winter Begonia(Zai Tian / Guangxu Emperor)(2020)
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