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The Last Immortal – Zhao Lusi, Wang Anyu

The Last Immortal is a historical fantasy romantic xianxia drama led by Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu, co-starring Li Yunrui, Ying Er, Cao Feiran, Jia Nai Na, Cui Hang, and He Kailang, with a special appearance by Xue Jianing.

The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Xing Ling.


The Last Immortal

English Title: The Last Immortal
Chinese Title: 神隐
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal
Tag: Xianxia, Love Triangle, Arranged Marriage, Reincarnation, Character Development, Injustice
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Jialin, Li Cai
Writer: liu fang
Producer: Yang Xiaopei, Li Liming, Ren Qiang, Zhu Kai, Chen Jingjing
Released Date: 2023-12-11
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Viki, Fresh Drama, Idol & Romance



Gu Jin is the son of a god. His divine power is sealed. Feng Ying is a new phoenix emperor. They meet by accident, embarking on a journey to find Feng Ying's immortal spirit.

Since then, under the accompaniment of A Yin, Hong Yi, and Yan Shuang, they collect Feng Yin's immortal spirit along the way.

Through many difficulties, defeating the villain Qinglin and his subordinates, they help Feng Yin nirvana, gaining love and friendship, and maintaining the peace of the world.


In the realm of the dead, where the soul's journey has no end, Xiu Yan, leaning against a withered tree, listened to the song of Little Ghost Sovereign, welcoming a familiar figure seen nearly a hundred times. A Yin, having returned from the tribulations, complained about her current life in the royal family, unable to suppress the declining fortune. When she glanced at a corner of the water mirror, she noticed the White Robed God with an extraordinary demeanor, his forehead knitted with sorrow. Little Ghost Sovereign, in a moment of impulsiveness, revealed the love and hatred between the White Robed God and the Female Immortal Monarch, causing chaos in the immortal realm due to her infidelity with the Fox Clan's Demon King. A Yin, finding the emotional tale somewhat insincere, bluntly stated that if she were the Female Immortal Monarch, she would choose never to meet him again. Unexpectedly, the White Robed God appeared at this moment without warning. Xiu Yan had already cast A Yin into the Forget River, beginning a new cycle of tribulations. The White Robed God inquired about A Yin's identity, and Xiu Yan denied it once again. Although he didn't fully believe, he still anticipated a reunion day, worth waiting for no matter how long it took.

A thousand years ago, the Nine Provinces and Eight Wilderness gathered the three realms of immortals, demons, and spirits. The ancient divine realm was revered, and the True God Emperor sacrificed himself. Since then, the grudges between immortals and demons temporarily ceased, and the war halted. Feng Yuan, as both the Phoenix Emperor and the Heavenly Emperor, ruled the immortal realm. The tranquil Wutong Island was about to witness a joyous event—the birth of the second Fire Phoenix. Feng Ran announced a grand feast, inviting all the gods to celebrate. Since the creation of the world by the Ancestor God, a phoenix was born only to perish, signifying the first occurrence of two phoenixes simultaneously. Donghua, the head of the Great Ze Mountain, speculated that Feng Yuan might be announcing the succession of the phoenix duty to the young Fire Phoenix. Considering the bond between his disciple Gu Jin and the young Fire Phoenix, Donghua arranged for him to represent the Great Ze Mountain at the feast. Meanwhile, Gu Jin was at the Drunken Immortal Pavilion, competing for a wine pot with Ling Feng, a disciple of the Wanyi Mountain, willing to sacrifice two hundred years of cultivation. Gu Jin's nephew Qingyun urgently sought him out, finding him in a drunken stupor. He decided to carry Gu Jin back to the sect to meet Donghua.

Idle Shan, a new disciple of Great Ze Mountain, accompanied by his master, came to see Donghua. Satisfied with the disciple, Donghua gave him the immortal title Qing Yi, warning him not to follow the misdeeds of his senior Gu Jin. Just as he finished speaking, Qingyun arrived carrying the drunken Gu Jin. While Donghua shook his head at the absurdity, he allowed Qing Yi to accompany Gu Jin to the feast for knowledge. During the event, Qing Yi learned about the rumors of the divine realm through Qingyun, finding it full of longing and mystery, unlike the disdain shown by Gu Jin. Among the three realms, only Donghua and his disciples, Idle Shan and Qing Yi, knew the true origin of Gu Jin. Originally the son of Yihe, he was once a true god but lost his divine power, sent to the mortal realm by the Mother Goddess for training. On the other side, the boundary around the Fire Phoenix in the Wutong Tree loosened. Feng Yin, after transforming into human form, witnessed the prosperity of Wutong Island as her first sight of the world and was eager to join the excitement. In this well-known feast, participants included not only the immortal realm but also the demon tribe, with Fox King Hong Ruo and his nephew Hong Yi in attendance.

Hong Ruo intended to form a marriage alliance with the Phoenix tribe, choosing Feng Yin as his niece-in-law. He even brought the betrothal gifts he personally made. The other immortals were shocked and looked down on the demon tribe, thinking they were overestimating their abilities to climb to the immortal realm. Hong Yi, unable to tolerate, decided to leave. Coincidentally, he encountered Gu Jin face-to-face and, seeing Gu Jin and others in a sorry state, looked down on them even more. All the immortals took their seats, with the Peacock King Hua Mo bringing his daughter Hua Shu. Hua Shu's beauty attracted the attention of young male immortals, while the female immortals whispered, belittling Hua Shu as a second-rate sect, even with the peacock jade ornament. Compared to the true god's Fire Phoenix, Hua Shu, born as the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor, could only be considered a beautiful immortal. Feng Yin, hiding in a corner, couldn't understand why they competed over family background when freedom was what she longed for. At this moment, in the Nine Abyss Purgatory, the Demon Lord Qinglin sent Zhaoying to seize the Fire Phoenix jade during the Fire Phoenix's birth, taking the opportunity to kill the young phoenix.

Gu Jin, accidentally entering the back garden, overheard Ling Feng and the female immortal gossiping about their parents. In anger, he stepped forward to argue but was insulted and beaten by the female immortal. Feng Yin, standing behind a screen, watched the two confrontations, hoping Gu Jin would gain the upper hand. Unfortunately, Gu Jin was helpless, and she used magic to subdue him, giving him a good lesson. The female immortal, noticing the red skirt behind the screen, mistook her for the Peacock Princess Hua Shu, just as Hua Shu passed by. Feng Yin hurriedly left, and her act of saving the hero was falsely credited to Hua Shu. Gu Jin, sincerely grateful to her, offered to retrieve the Fire Phoenix jade as a reward. Originally, Zhaoying planned to seize the Fire Phoenix jade but discovered that Gu Jin's blood could break the barrier, unexpectedly causing Feng Yin's celestial essence to dissipate. Sensing the anomaly, Feng Yuan, along with other immortals, rushed to the scene, but it was already too late. The Soul Lamp couldn't sense any trace of Feng Yin's breath, fearing that she had been torn apart and fallen into the turbulent flow of time and space. The Phoenix tribe's immortals were furious, demanding severe punishment for Gu Jin, but Feng Yuan, aware of Gu Jin's background, hesitated to make a decision.

Feng Yuan, after countless cycles, finally achieved the positive result and underwent Nirvana. Feng Yin, the long-awaited Phoenix bloodline of Wutong Island for a hundred years, was supposed to be an anomaly in this lineage. However, due to the appearance of Gu Jin, she became an unexpected change. Gu Jin regretted deeply, willing to accept punishment, and also concealed the reason for trespassing the barrier for Hua Shu, presenting a heroic sacrifice. Just as Feng Yuan faced a dilemma, a deep voice cut through the sky, and in an instant, the figure of an old man in white robes descended. This person was Donghua. Having experienced millennia of fluctuations, he had become a demigod and gained considerable prestige among the immortals. Although he couldn't retrieve Feng Yin's celestial essence, there were still ways to nourish the physical body and gather immortal essence.

Feng Yuan, wise as he was, understood Donghua's intentions at a glance. He announced on the spot the punishment for Gu Jin: secluded cultivation in the forbidden valley of the Great Ze Mountain. The day Feng Yin returned would mark the day Gu Jin left the Great Ze Mountain. With no one daring to oppose, the severity of the punishment was hard to distinguish. Among the immortal lords, only Donghua understood Feng Yuan's difficulties.

In order to find the whereabouts of the Fire Phoenix, Gu Jin endured nine heavenly lashes and personally sought answers from the Stone of Heaven. However, the Stone of Heaven revealed that Feng Yin was born against the heavens, and wanting her to return was an even more rebellious act, unless Gu Jin was willing to face the heavenly calamity. Suspended in mid-air, the Stone of Heaven spoke word by word, and Gu Jin answered without complaint. Feng Yuan and Donghua watched this scene unfold. The lineage of the Fire Phoenix had faced numerous tribulations since ancient times, and Feng Yuan knew that Feng Yin's fate was predetermined. His only concern was that Gu Jin might be in danger, betraying the trust of the Ancestor God. Donghua calculated the fate of Gu Jin and found entanglements with Feng Yin's karma. Forced by circumstances, Feng Yuan decided to temporarily entrust the immortal realm to Lan Feng and go into seclusion overseas to nourish his celestial essence. Henceforth, the eternal flame in the Phoenix Hall's Soul Tower burned for a decade.

Trapped in the forbidden valley, Gu Jin pondered more and more. He wanted to wait for Feng Yin's return to personally give her the Water Nymph Beast to replenish her body. However, he found the Water Nymph Beast bland, so he added some spices to make it flavorful. That night, the Water Nymph Beast hatched from its egg. Although it couldn't speak, it understood Gu Jin's words. It harbored resentment toward Gu Jin's idea of harvesting its inner core. Almost devoured by a Qiongqi, the Water Nymph Beast was saved by Gu Jin, who named it "A Yin" and sternly criticized it. Gu Jin set up a barrier to prevent A Yin from wandering, but A Yin, taking advantage of his rest, transformed into a human and secretly drank the Drunken Jade Dew. The next day, Gu Jin was shocked to find a beautiful woman beside him. Upon noticing her bracelet, he recognized her identity. However, A Yin, belonging to a long-extinct water tribe, surprised everyone by hatching and surviving without the nourishment of the Hanging Lake's water.

A Yin remembered that Gu Jin's initial intention in adopting her was not out of kindness but to offer her to the Fire Phoenix to replenish her body. Her first thought after transforming was to stew Gu Jin, reciprocating his intention. Due to a misuse of spells, A Yin injured herself more than her enemy. She decided to take Gu Jin to the back mountain. Donghua, seeing this, was amused and opened the mountain gate, realizing that Gu Jin's calamity was approaching, probably due to the promise he made to the Stone of Heaven years ago. Palace Red Chou of the Clear Pool criticized Donghua for not protecting Gu Jin, suggesting killing A Yin to eliminate future troubles. However, Donghua believed that A Yin, as a creature of the three realms, shouldn't be arbitrarily killed. The best course of action was to let her form a master-servant contract with Gu Jin.

Almost simultaneously, A Yin and Gu Jin were surrounded and chased by Qiongqi. Forced to jump off a cliff, they found themselves floating in mid-air, forming a master-servant contract. This contract could resolve calamities, emotional conflicts, or grievances. Restricted by the master-servant contract, A Yin had to follow Gu Jin at all times, suppressing any rebellious thoughts or murderous intent. She became his little fairy servant. Seeing the removal of the restrictions and his newfound freedom, Gu Jin speculated that the young Fire Phoenix had returned and felt genuinely happy.

Feng Yin's divine soul dissipated nearly eleven years ago. Gu Jin and the immortal beast regained their freedom, but in A Yin's eyes, this freedom did not belong to her. Listening to A Yin's complaints, Xian Shan and others revealed the fact of the Water Nymph Beast's extinction. Donghua, the old Immortal Lord, knew that forming a master-servant contract without permission was indeed inappropriate for A Yin. To make amends, he used divine power to cleanse her marrow and build her foundation, reshaping her immortal body for smooth future cultivation. Consequently, A Yin became not only Gu Jin's little fairy servant but also a prospective disciple of the Great Ze Mountain. Donghua promised A Yin that if she could help gather the celestial essence of the young Fire Phoenix from Wutong Island, the contract would naturally be lifted, and she could officially join the Great Ze Mountain. Since Feng Yin's celestial essence had not returned, Donghua sensed that a portion of it was in the Great Ze Mountain. Finding this part would provide clues to the remaining eight portions.

Gu Jin volunteered to search for the Fire Phoenix's celestial essence, but his cultivation was weak. Donghua taught him and A Yin a set of Illusory Mirage techniques. Once perfected, they could communicate telepathically and reach a profound state. Immortal disciples were already waiting outside. Seeing Gu Jin and A Yin coming out, they eagerly surrounded them, offering gifts to A Yin as if she were family. Due to the distance restriction of the master-servant contract, Gu Jin and A Yin couldn't be too far apart. A Yin complained that Gu Jin's flying speed was too slow, so Gu Jin playfully treated her like a kite, swinging her in the sky. That night, A Yin was eager to cultivate, but Gu Jin, uninterested and unable to rest, had to practice the Illusory Mirage with her.

Gu Jin did not follow the formation properly, causing A Yin to fall and be filled with anger. A Yin, in human form for the first time, knew little about human customs. When she tried to share a bed with Gu Jin, he rejected her, stating that only immortal couples could do so. Reluctant to sleep on the ground, A Yin and Gu Jin agreed to three rules and placed a bowl of water between them. However, A Yin, not sleeping obediently, kicked over the bowl, leaving Gu Jin helpless. That night, A Yin slept soundly, while Gu Jin struggled to sleep and even took a nap after breakfast. A Yin felt that Gu Jin lacked ambition and hindered her cultivation. She dreamt of collecting the Fire Phoenix's celestial essence, finding an outstanding and handsome Immortal, and flourishing the Water Nymph Beast clan.

In the third realm of the Demon World, outside the Gate of Life and Death, Hong Yi failed to pass through and was stopped by his aunt Hong Ruo. Despite being vastly outnumbered by the strongest of the Demon tribes in this place, Hong Yi refused to accept defeat. He blamed Hong Ruo for not returning promptly during the previous war between Immortals and Demons, claiming that her involvement with the Demon Prince Lin Mo led to their parents' death in that battle. Although Hong Ruo felt guilty and took care of Hong Yi for the sake of their parents, he was unappreciative.

Accompanying Gu Jin to the forbidden valley, A Yin seized the opportunity to find her sister A Yu. However, A Yu had not hatched yet, and A Yin accidentally dropped her into the Sword Mound. Gu Jin helped retrieve A Yu and unexpectedly discovered the Ancient Emperor's Sword left by the Mother Goddess. He forged it into a sword, and due to the blood of chaos, the Ancient Emperor's Sword recognized Gu Jin as its master, a significant gain for him. Moments later, the Wutong tree broke through the soil, and A Yin sensed a different aura. Fire Phoenix Jade collected the celestial essence of the Fire Phoenix from the tree. Though the heavenly realm had not sent messengers, the disciples of the Great Ze Mountain knew that Donghua would ascend to godhood. Before leaving, he informed Gu Jin of the locations of three ancient Wutong trees: the Quiet Secluded Valley of the Fox Clan, the Nine Abyss Death Prison in the Purple Moon Mountain, and the Ruins Mountain where the former Heavenly Emperor Chen Hui once cultivated. The exploration of the other locations would continue.

Considering the difficulty and danger of these places for Gu Jin, Donghua gave him the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella. This artifact was indestructible by anyone below demigod status. With these words, a divine light illuminated the hall. After Donghua flew to the heavenly realm, the reunion between master and disciple seemed distant. Gu Jin, Xian Shan, and others knelt and respectfully bid farewell, their eyes filled with tears. The selection for positions in the Heavenly Court was approaching, but Gu Jin had no interest. A Yin, however, wanted to join the excitement and find prospective husbands for herself. Ling Feng taunted Gu Jin as a worthless second-generation disciple, and A Yin too, but Gu Jin embarrassed them with a counterargument. Hindered by the sacredness of Gu Jin's cultivation sect, they left angrily.

Since Donghua ascended to the heavenly realm, Xianshan, as the head disciple, officially took charge of the Great Ze Mountain. Although Gu Jin had become an elder, his reputation had plummeted since the failure of Feng Yin's Nirvana on Wutong Island. The criticisms focused on his allegedly stubborn nature and weak immortal power. Initially, Hua Shu disregarded Gu Jin, ignoring his letters. However, when she found out that the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella became Gu Jin's artifact, she saw an opportunity for a scheme. The arrival of Hua Shu disrupted the tranquility, and despite the passing years, Gu Jin still harbored admiration for her. Hua Shu, still as beautiful as ten years ago, bore a subtle expression of worry and weariness. She revealed that conflicts between the Peacock Tribe and the Eagle Tribe were escalating, putting Bai Niao Island on the brink of peril. She hoped Gu Jin could use the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella to help the tribe through this crisis.

Witnessing Hua Shu's sincere expression and plea, Gu Jin couldn't bear to refuse. However, just as he was about to agree, A Yin hurriedly ran over and stood in his way. Claiming the status of a junior disciple, A Yin asserted that the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella was left by Donghua to protect Gu Jin's life. She obstructed Gu Jin from softening and giving away the umbrella, embarrassing him in front of Hua Shu. Due to this incident, Gu Jin, angered, cast a spell to punish A Yin, making her run around the courtyard late at night. Qing Yi helped Gu Jin collect biographies of famous immortal beasts in the Three Realms. A Yin aimed to learn about the relationship between masters and servants from these stories, especially the advice that one should not confront their master directly. This advice enlightened A Yin.

Early the next morning, A Yin, limping, came to find Gu Jin. Following the principle of not being confrontational and catering to his preferences, she specially prepared green bean cakes for him, leaving Gu Jin amazed. The two bid farewell to Xianshan, preparing to search for celestial essences. Xianshan reminded Gu Jin to go to the Demon World first. Hong Yi, as the rare Ten-Tailed Celestial Fox in a millennium, had not only successfully passed through the Gate of Life and Death but also needed to refine a weapon in the Black Marsh Pool of the Third Realm to recover the Annihilation Wheel left by his father. Zhuiying was ordered to guide Hong Yi into the Nine Abyss, and Qinglin wanted to use Hong Yi for her own purposes. However, Hong Yi, injured, hid under the Wutong tree in the southeast, making it difficult for Qinglin to approach.

Gu Jin and A Yin flew toward the Immortal-Demon Boundary and soon reached the deepest part of the Second Realm, which was also the resting place of the Fox Demon Clan. Unaffected by the allure of the Fox Clan, they easily met the Demon King Hong Ruo and straightforwardly explained their purpose. The Quiet Secluded Valley was the sacred place where the Fox Clan nurtured their young foxes, so the Fox Clan strongly opposed the idea. Hong Ruo guessed that Gu Jin's background was not simple and said that if he could find her missing nephew, she would agree to let him enter the Quiet Secluded Valley. Coincidentally, the celestial essences of the Fire Phoenix were also scattered in the Purple Moon Mountain. Gu Jin and A Yin readily agreed, promising to bring back Hong Yi within a year. During this time, A Yin was curious about the differences in the Purple Moon Mountain. Gu Jin explained that it used to be under the jurisdiction of the Emperor's Consort, and the artifact Purple Moon was the source of power for the entire Demon World. It also had a powerful protective barrier that would tear apart anyone who intruded without permission. Before leaving, Gu Jin encountered Hua Shu being besieged by the Eagle Tribe princess Yan Shuang. He rushed to help and, after learning that Hua Shu was injured, took her to a nearby inn to rest. Taking advantage of A Yin going to get medicine, he secretly cast a spell to make A Yin lose her way. Unable to bear seeing Hua Shu harmed, especially after hearing her intentions to marry for the sake of Bai Niao Island's peace, Gu Jin impulsively took out the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella and gave it to Hua Shu.

A Yin got lost outside the inn and, in a panic, called Gu Jin's name. Gu Jin used the master-servant contract to keep A Yin waiting while he gave the umbrella to Hua Shu. As a result, Hua Shu spoke disrespectfully to A Yin, mocking her lowly servant status and leaving A Yin sulking inside the room. Purple Moon Mountain had three fire dragons guarding its gate, making Gu Jin no match for them. Fortunately, the Water Nymph Beast Bi Bo appeared in time to intervene. The three fire dragons transformed into human forms, addressing Bi Bo as Gu Jin's nephew. They invited them in and explained that there were no traces of the Fox Clan in the mountain. Bi Bo, upon hearing that Gu Jin intended to find the ancient Wutong, showed fear and reluctance, only revealing that the Wutong tree was located in the Nine Abyss Death Prison.

Rumored to be extremely perilous, the Nine Abyss Death Prison is not only an extradimensional space but also a prison. Only true gods and gatekeepers can summon it. Despite the revered status of the three fire dragons in the demon world and their possession of a portion of divine essence from the Emperor's Consort, demonic beasts, unlike immortal beings, often meet a tragic end when crossing tribulations into godhood due to their excessive bloodshed. Recognizing Gu Jin's extraordinary background, the three fire dragons agreed to help him open the barrier. The condition was that he had to retrieve the heart of the Wutong tree for them. Possessing this item would safeguard their divine essence, making their tribulation safer. Gu Jin readily agreed, preparing the Heavenly Silk Robe in advance to ensure his concealment upon entering the Nine Abyss Death Prison.

With only one Heavenly Silk Robe, A Yin had to cling to Gu Jin's clothes to hide with him. Under the Wutong tree, they obtained the celestial essence of the Fire Phoenix. While Gu Jin went to get the tree's heart, A Yin noticed a fire fox lying nearby and picked it up. The nearby god-slaying flowers sensed A Yin and launched an attack. These flowers could devour all things, and with A Yin's current cultivation, any contact would be fatal. Although the Heavenly Silk Robe offered protection, its effects would gradually diminish, becoming ineffective after some time. The two were clearly unable to withstand the overwhelming tide of god-slaying flowers. Gu Jin was knocked down, spitting blood on the Ancient Emperor Sword, causing it to undergo a transformation. At a critical moment, a sharp roar sounded, and Hong Yi, in the form of a fire fox, appeared behind the god-slaying flowers. His claws tore through the flowers, carrying A Yin and Gu Jin to the entrance of the Purgatory, successfully evading Qinglin's attack, while the barrier closed in time to block demonic disturbances.

After everything calmed down, A Yin angrily questioned why Gu Jin hadn't used the Heaven-Shrouding Umbrella, realizing he had already given it to Hua Shu. Before Gu Jin could explain, he fell into a coma. A Yin attempted to use basic healing techniques, but they were ineffective. She then learned advanced healing from Bi Bo, enduring the pain of burning her inner core. Gu Jin soon regained consciousness. Upon waking up, he faced A Yin's accusations. As he tried to explain, he noticed a small notebook A Yin had dropped, discovering that her previous kindness was a calculated act. As a result, Gu Jin's guilt vanished, and he, in turn, blamed A Yin for attempting to control him, leading to a falling out. A Yin, angered, ran outside and found the fire fox curled up weakly. Unable to bear it, she used healing magic again. Her previous efforts, coupled with healing Gu Jin, had depleted her inner core. Seeing A Yin's weakened state, Gu Jin, angry, forbade her from using such methods, warning it could cost her life.

However, A Yin, as a Water Nymph Beast, believed she should use her abilities to save others. Thus, they argued again over this issue. Hong Yi, misunderstanding Gu Jin's actions, kicked him in defense of A Yin. Later, Gu Jin angrily confronted Bi Bo, believing he shouldn't have taught A Yin such techniques. This sparked another dispute between them. After reverting to human form, Hong Yi privately sought Gu Jin to defend A Yin. Just as they were about to have a confrontation, Hong Yi noticed A Yin in the distance. He immediately transformed into a small fox, rushing into her arms and pretending to be vulnerable. This angered A Yin, who scolded Gu Jin for being barbaric and bullying the weak. As they prepared to leave, the three fire dragons specifically cautioned Gu Jin not to inform Yihé of this incident. After receiving Gu Jin's assurance, they felt at ease.

Originally hiding in A Yin's Qiankun Bag, Hong Yi was nowhere to be found when A Yin took it out, realizing he had disappeared. Fortunately, the bag still retained Hong Yi's aura, confirming that they had indeed brought him out of Purple Moon Mountain. Hong Ruo agreed to let them go to the Quiet Secluded Valley to find the celestial essence of the Fire Phoenix. The Quiet Secluded Lake, hidden in the back mountains of the Fox Clan, had an island in the center, with a Wutong tree presided over by Wugui Xianjun, a semi-god well-known in the immortal realm and familiar to Gu Jin. Seventy thousand years ago, the ancestral tree Wugui fell in love with the Phoenix Emperor Fenchì. Later, Fenchì died in battle, and Wugui collected and reshaped his divine essence, sealing their memories for a time.

However, the Phoenix Clan always followed the tradition of an old Phoenix Emperor's death and the birth of a new one. When Fenchì regained his memories, he chose Nirvana to dissipate. Expelled by the Phoenix Clan, Wugui was later saved by the first Fox King. Resentful of Fenchì's resolute departure and heartbroken, Wugui decided to stay in the Quiet Secluded Valley to nurture young foxes for the Fox Clan. The actual truth, however, had another hidden story. Wugui had brought Fenchì down to the mortal realm without permission. According to the law, she should have faced the punishment of extreme divine thunder. Fenchì, to protect Wugui, made a deal with the ancestral god, exchanging his safety for Wugui's, and altering the destiny of the Phoenix Clan—one life extinguished, another born.

Gu Jin deliberately revealed the truth under the Wutong tree, finally resolving the emotional burden that Wugui had carried for nearly a thousand years. Amidst sorrow and regret, she handed over the celestial essence of Feng Yin, feeling fortunate not to have destroyed the cherished wish of her beloved. A Yin, knowing that Wugui was a semi-god of the immortal realm, was confident that she could dissolve the master-servant contract and hoped that Wugui could fulfill this desire. Wugui, upon hearing this, did not refuse and cast a spell between A Yin and Gu Jin in the next moment.

Wugui attempted to dissolve the master-servant contract but failed because the contract was formed by Donghua Shenzun, and no one but him could break it. Therefore, Wugui deduced that Gu Jin was the Divine Son Yuan Qi and naturally understood Donghua Shenzun's reasons. He comforted them not to be hasty. A Yin wanted to inquire further, but Gu Jin stopped her, and they bid farewell to Wugui. Reflecting on this incident, A Yin contemplated the relationship between herself and Gu Jin. Perhaps it could become more harmonious, transcending the master-servant dynamic and evolving into a genuine friendship.

Gu Jin explained to A Yin the reason for borrowing the umbrella and promised that once the master-servant contract was lifted, he would embark on a journey through the heavens and earth to find a method to extend her lifespan. A Yin, moved by Gu Jin's sincere commitment, found her heart unexpectedly stirred. However, the punishment of the master-servant contract brought her back to reality. In private, when no one was around, A Yin secretly wrote Gu Jin's name in her record of potential suitors. When Gu Jin tried to sneak a peek, A Yin hid it away.

After a trip to the demon world, A Yin's perception of the demon race underwent a significant change. She realized that they were not as sinister and malicious as depicted in the immortal records. The demon world boasted not only beautiful landscapes but also kind-hearted demons. This experience deepened A Yin's understanding that goodness or wickedness should not be judged solely based on one's race. Gu Jin, hearing A Yin's reflections, nodded approvingly. Since they needed to go to Gui Xu Mountain to find the celestial essence of the Fire Phoenix and considering Princess Chen Hui guarded the area, Gu Jin planned to take A Yin to the demon market to prepare generous gifts.

Two days ago, an immortal-demon war erupted, and divine punishment fell upon the Chen Hui family. Chen Hui, bearing the tragedy, was left alone, guarding Gui Xu Mountain. Even the family emblem was lost and unaccounted for. Gu Jin coincidentally discovered the emblem in the demon market, thinking of retrieving it as a token of goodwill to win Princess Chen Hui's favor. A Yin realized the significance of this emblem and agreed to visit the market the next day. While conversing, they looked up to see a shooting star. A Yin made continuous wishes upon the star until she became drowsy, praying even in her dreams for Gu Jin's future happiness and peace. Gu Jin was deeply moved by her sincerity.

Upon arriving at the demon market, Gu Jin and A Yin were denied entry. The divine sword transformed into a small dagger, and the gatekeeper looked down on them, mocking them. As they pondered how to enter the market, Hong Yi suddenly appeared. At A Yin's request, Hong Yi confidently led them in, seemingly without a care. However, he had ulterior motives. Hong Yi, disliking Gu Jin, intentionally declared that Gu Jin was his celestial servant, even using him as a gambling stake. The first bet was the Chen Hui family emblem. Gu Jin eagerly participated but unexpectedly faced the Three-Eyed Tiger shopkeeper. Whenever she saw a young and handsome man, she would appear, and her gambling skills were unmatched. Gu Jin stood no chance.

Faced with losing the emblem, Gu Jin, in desperation, falsely claimed that Hong Yi had admired the Three-Eyed Tiger for a long time. Indeed, upon seeing Hong Yi's appearance, the Three-Eyed Tiger, delighted, decided to have him accompany her to a private room for a few drinks. As long as she was pleased, she would give the emblem to Gu Jin. Despite Hong Yi's reluctance, he had to sacrifice his appearance, heroically entering the private room. In the second bet for the Blood Jade Lingzhi, a substance needed by Hua Shu, Gu Jin once again took the stage and successfully won the Lingzhi.

At a critical moment, Yan Shuang descended from above, determined to snatch the Blood Jade Lingzhi. Gu Jin, inferior in cultivation to Yan Shuang, naturally fell short. Suddenly, she turned and threw the Lingzhi to A Yin. Yan Shuang swung her whip towards A Yin, but Hong Yi appeared in time to shield her. In the next moment, A Yin saw Yan Shuang taking Gu Jin hostage. Seeing this, Hong Yi had to use the charm technique of the fox tribe to control Yan Shuang successfully. A Yin, feeling sympathy for Yan Shuang, used her Qiankun Bag to take her away. Gu Jin and A Yin prepared to go to Gui Xu Mountain, but Hong Yi wanted to follow. Gu Jin cast a spell to restrain him, but unexpectedly, Hong Yi used a small trick to fly into the Qiankun Bag, engaging in a scuffle with Yan Shuang.

Qing Lin reappeared in the Nine Abyss Death Prison, recruiting a group of demon clans who sought refuge for her own use. She instructed Zuo Ying to retrieve the Fire Phoenix Jade at all costs. Zuo Ying couldn't understand why the Fire Phoenix Jade could open the Nine Abyss Death Prison, and Qing Lin revealed that the prison's power had weakened over time. As long as one possessed a bit of divine essence, they could unlock it. Qing Lin then went alone to the resting palace of Lin Mo, the Second Prince of the Tiger Clan. Seeing him still yearning for his former lover Hong Ruo, Qing Lin felt an increased hatred towards him. However, she couldn't completely sever her lingering affections for him. In the past, Qing Lin and Hong Ruo, both Nine-Tailed Foxes, fell in love with Lin Mo. She resorted to any means to kill Hong Ruo's brother and sister-in-law, and through a feigned death, made Lin Mo promise to marry her, ultimately betraying her beloved.

Gu Jin and A Yin arrived at the Gui Xu Mountain, intending to explain their intentions to Princess Chen Min. Suddenly, Hong Yi, who had been hiding in the Qian Kun bag, appeared, eager to destroy Chen Min's Life Tree on the spot because the Empress Bai Zhi had betrayed her trust in the past, leading to the tragic death of her parents. Seeing that Hong Yi and Chen Min were about to clash, Gu Jin quickly took out the family emblem, and indeed, Chen Min's anger subsided significantly. With A Yin's persuasion, Chen Min temporarily spared Hong Yi and handed over the Fire Phoenix Immortal Essence to them.

Once a princess of the Immortal Clan, after experiencing prosperity, Chen Min had lived alone in the desolate Gui Xu Mountain for hundreds of years. Her only solace was regaining the family emblem. However, when she placed the emblem into the groove of a stone monument, it unexpectedly caused a swap between realms. Exploiting the vulnerability, Zuo Ying tried to use the Mountain Guardian Array to trap Gu Jin and A Yin. Even Yan Shuang emerged from the Qian Kun bag to help them. Just as she found the array's core and prepared to cast a spell, Zuo Ying appeared, holding A Yin hostage and threatening Gu Jin to hand over the Fire Phoenix Jade. Gu Jin immediately recognized Zuo Ying as the shadow outside the Flame Boundary, causing the loss of the little Fire Phoenix Immortal Essence.

Upon hearing this, A Yin suddenly realized that they had been manipulated by the Demon Clan. The information about the family emblem in the Night Market was deliberately leaked, and the reason for doing so was to use Gu Jin to bring the emblem, tainted with demonic energy, to Gui Xu Mountain. Gu Jin pretended to take out the Fire Phoenix Jade, seized the opportunity when Zuo Ying was knocked away by his barrier, and saved A Yin in time. Zuo Ying, unwilling to fail, tried to capture Gu Jin and bring him to the Demon Clan. The two sides engaged in a fierce battle. In a crucial moment, Gu Jin's chaotic blood catalyzed the Ancient Emperor's Sword, allowing him to repel the demons. The danger temporarily subsided, and Hong Yi presented a Fox Blood Pill to A Yin, claiming it was for her recovery, but he had his own selfish motive—anyone who took the pill would unquestionably obey the giver.

Hong Yi openly expressed his affection for A Yin, and he also noticed Gu Jin's feelings for her. Therefore, he suggested fair competition, believing that one day he would win A Yin's heart. Gu Jin directly denied it, stating that he regarded A Yin as a junior sister, and his heart belonged to Princess Hua Shu. A Yin felt uncomfortable hearing this. Zuo Ying, injured, returned to report to Qing Lin, and even Qing Lin did not expect that the Fire Phoenix Jade had restrictions. Over the years, Qing Lin had maintained her form by transforming demonic energy, relying on swallowing over a dozen demon pills daily. Therefore, she urgently sought a Nine-Tailed Fox with a physical body for possession, and Hong Yi seemed to be the most suitable candidate, especially with the added opportunity of absorbing the Shiyin Flower's essence.

Upon leaving Gui Xu Mountain, the group headed straight to Da Ze Mountain, with Gu Jin promising to heal Hong Yi and keeping him close. Since Da Ze Mountain was still thousands of kilometers away, and A Yin's celestial power was relatively weak, they planned to rest in the demon realm for one night before continuing. Hong Ruo came to find Hong Yi but failed to persuade him to return. Instead, she discovered his injuries and condensed nearly half of her internal energy into a bracelet, which she gave to Hong Yi. She also secretly transferred the Shiyin Flower on his body into her own.

Originally planning to ambush Hong Yi, Qing Lin was injured by his bracelet and had to flee the demon realm. Although Hong Yi was unaware of these events, the bracelet protected him from close approaches. Qing Lin focused her attention on Hong Ruo, using her identity as the elder of the demon realm and the leader of the fox clan to provoke a conflict between the immortals and demons. Gu Jin and A Yin returning to the mountain was a significant event. Xian Shan heard the news and came to welcome them with Xian Zhu. Seeing the Fox Clan young master standing beside A Yin, Xian Zhu understood the situation. Despite the historical grievances between the immortal and demon races, even though the war had ceased for nearly a century, there were still few interactions. Therefore, Xian Zhu gave Hong Yi a rare Hidden Demon Token as a goodwill gesture, aiming to protect him and improve Hong Yi's perception of the immortal clan.

Lan Feng took over as the Heavenly Emperor in charge of the immortal realm. Upon learning that the demon clan had intervened in the matter of the Fire Phoenix Jade, he sent someone to the demon realm to discuss joining forces to investigate the demons. However, Demon Emperor Lin Sen was unwilling to get involved, even considering the immortal realm mostly made up of incompetent people who couldn't make a difference. Hong Ruo had a different perspective, combining various suspicious signs and instantly associating them with Qing Lin. However, everyone believed that Qing Lin had already been sealed and posed no threat.

During dinner, Xian Shan revealed the umbrella gifted by Gu Jin, a gesture that pleased the beauties but made A Yin feel uncomfortable. Upon learning that the Peacock Clan had defeated the Eagle King using the umbrella, A Yin, unable to bear it, found an excuse to leave. Qing Yi gave lotus seeds to A Yin and praised Princess Hua Shu, causing A Yin to lose her appetite. Hong Yi transformed into his original form to scare Qing Yi on A Yin's behalf but was rejected when he suggested taking a break with A Yin. A Yin's younger sister, A Yu, had not yet hatched and required nurturing from the Yun Nong Mountain. Since the location of Yun Nong Mountain had been unknown since the War between Immortals and Demons seventy thousand years ago, Gu Jin asked his senior brother to borrow ancient books from the Southern Heaven Cave to trace the mountain's whereabouts. Xian Zhu had once met the Southern Heaven Cave's master, promising to help Gu Jin borrow the ancient books.

While A Yin was healing Hong Yi, consuming celestial power, Gu Jin, noticing the situation, quickly brought celestial fruits. Hong Yi expressed the desire to solve the problem at its root, requiring the acquisition of Yin Fire and Yang Ice. Unfortunately, such treasures were rare, and if they found even a piece, it would save A Yin from further depletion. A Yin, not wanting to worry them, pretended everything was fine, but Gu Jin silently remembered Hong Yi's words.

On the way to the Southern Heaven Cave with his disciples, Xian Zhu's disciple accidentally dropped some books to the mortal realm. Xian Zhu personally descended to retrieve them and, incidentally, saved a girl named Wan Yue who was in danger. This encounter made Wan Yue develop admiration for Xian Zhu, and she took the initiative to mend his robe. Her gentle beauty stirred emotions in Xian Zhu's mortal heart. Due to Xian Zhu's absence and Xian Shan's busy schedule as the sect leader, Gu Jin replaced them to collect the rewards for the trial tournament. He unexpectedly found out that the reward was the Yin Fire and Yang Ice. Thinking of the crucial importance of Yin Fire and Yang Ice to A Yin, Gu Jin actively signed up for the competition. A Yin, thinking that he joined for Princess Hua Shu, couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy.

As the trial tournament was an opportunity for immortals to gain fame and secure a promising future, many registered, including Feng Ming, the nephew of Feng Yuan. Although Feng Ming was not as talented as Feng Yin in various aspects, he harbored great ambitions, aiming to ascend to the position of Phoenix Emperor and secretly colluding with the Demon Clan. Zuo Ying approached Feng Ming, informing him about the restriction on the Fire Phoenix Jade. She advised him to use the Star Compass to locate the immortal veins, plant the Shiyin Flower, and destroy the restriction. Emperor Lan Feng personally presided over the trial tournament, hoping to discover some talents among the participants. Gu Jin and others took the stage, and suddenly, everyone saw Hua Shu descending from the sky, captivating everyone. With a bird's cry breaking through the air, the Thunderbird became the coveted item, and the rule was that the first two Immortal Lords to collect the Purple Thunder would win.

During the trial, Emperor Lan Feng took the initiative to talk to Hua Shu, picking up the sachet she dropped, a gift he had given her before. On the contrary, Ling Feng deliberately caused trouble, using immortal magic to immobilize Gu Jin. With one less competitor, he focused on chasing the Thunderbird and was eventually beaten by Feng Ming. At a critical moment, Gu Jin grabbed the Thunderbird's leg. When Feng Ming was collecting the Purple Thunder, he coincidentally encountered the Thunder Tribulation. Seeing the danger, A Yin flew forward to help him cross the tribulation. However, when the last lightning struck, Gu Jin instinctively shielded A Yin in front of him, holding her tightly in his arms.

Fortunately, this Thunder Tribulation was not too perilous, and Gu Jin only suffered minor injuries, successfully advancing to the rank of Lower Lord. Hua Shu let Gu Jin choose his position, but he only chose the reward, leaving others puzzled. After Gu Jin woke up from a night of unconsciousness, he handed the reward he won to A Yin. At that moment, A Yin finally understood the true reason Gu Jin participated in the trial tournament, feeling warm and sweet in her heart. Because A Yin realized that she had misunderstood Gu Jin, she decided to help him pursue Hua Shu and fulfill his wish. A Yin went to seek advice from Hong Yi on how to pursue a girl. Hong Yi, unfamiliar with matters of love, suggested using the enchanting techniques of the fox clan, which A Yin promptly vetoed. After much thought, they planned for Gu Jin to invite Hua Shu to appreciate a rare Pear Tree Red Lotus on the Qixi Festival.

Gu Jin eagerly extended an invitation to Hua Shu, who smiled and accepted, but secretly had other considerations. Initially, Hua Shu thought Gu Jin was just an ordinary second-generation immortal. However, after spending time together, she sensed his extraordinary background. To ensure that the Sunshade Umbrella remained with the Peacock Clan, she decided to temporarily cater to Gu Jin's feelings. In addition, Hua Shu intentionally dropped a sachet, taking advantage of their childhood acquaintance to spend time together. As expected, Emperor Lan Feng developed deep feelings for Hua Shu and invited her to appreciate the moon on the Qixi Festival. On the other hand, with A Yin's help, Gu Jin successfully made the Red Lotus tree blossom. He used A Yin as a stand-in for Hua Shu to practice confessing his feelings, expressing his true emotions. Although A Yin knew that the person Gu Jin liked was Hua Shu, she couldn't help but feel a momentary flutter in her heart, leading to unconsciousness. Qing Yi quickly took A Yin back to her room and brought Hong Yi and Xian Shan. When A Yin woke up and saw everyone by her bedside, Xian Shan pointed out that she had developed feelings for Gu Jin.

A Yin denied having any harmful thoughts towards Gu Jin, but Xian Shan pointed out that she had developed feelings for him. Although A Yin did not admit it, everyone present knew the truth, so they asked her to stay alone in her room for a while. However, A Yin couldn't help but overthink, silently evaluating Gu Jin's strengths and weaknesses in her mind, making her restless. On the night of Qixi, the magpies formed a beautiful scene on the bridge of the Milky Way, attracting many immortals to come and enjoy. A Yin saw Hua Shu meeting with Emperor Lan Feng, where they shared their feelings with each other, expressing mutual understanding. Emperor Lan Feng presented a magpie feather lamp to Hua Shu and prepared a special gift for her.

While Emperor Lan Feng went to get the gift, A Yin approached Hua Shu, questioning why she stood up Gu Jin. If she had no interest in him, she should make it clear instead of avoiding the issue. Hua Shu, unimpressed, mocked A Yin for being a servant with delusions of climbing to higher branches. Surprisingly, A Yin guessed that Hua Shu was concerned about Gu Jin reclaiming the Sunshade Umbrella, which explained her reluctance to make her stance clear. Realizing that Gu Jin was being deceived by Hua Shu, A Yin became angry and decided to find Gu Jin to reveal the truth. Hua Shu used magic to control A Yin, wiping away her memories of that day. Emperor Lan Feng, unaware of Hua Shu's scheming, had a talented fairy craftsman create a peacock necklace for her, sparing no effort to win her heart.

Meanwhile, A Yin, in a daze, walked to the bridge of the Milky Way, suddenly becoming more aware. She felt like she had forgotten something important. On the other hand, Gu Jin waited by the Red Lotus tree the entire night and only saw Hua Shu arriving at dawn. Hua Shu falsely claimed feeling unwell, leading to the missed appointment. However, A Yin, recovering some memories, only remembered that Hua Shu had another date but forgot the man's identity. Hua Shu tested A Yin with a truth-checking spell, threatening her with pain if she lied. Gu Jin, not easily believing Hua Shu, trusted A Yin and doubted Hua Shu's words. Maid Hong Que congratulated Hua Shu for successfully captivating Emperor Lan Feng, disregarding A Yin and Gu Jin.

Although Hua Shu leaned more towards Emperor Lan Feng, she knew he wouldn't favor her for personal reasons. He was, after all, a righteous heir to the Heavenly Emperor. Hua Shu received news that her brother, Hua Yan, impulsively attacked the Eagle Camp and was captured by the Eagle King. In this situation, she decided to refine the Sunshade Umbrella to enhance her cultivation and ascend to the rank of Upper Lord. Hong Yi accompanied A Yin outside, where they drank and admired the moon. When asked about matters concerning the fox clan, Hong Yi fell into a heavy and complex emotional state. Although Aunt Hong Ruo treated Hong Yi exceptionally well, he couldn't forget the battle between immortals and demons, wanting to escape the memories. A Yin, comforting Hong Yi in her tipsy state, promised to find him a place of freedom in the future. Touched, Hong Yi wanted to confess his feelings, but at a crucial moment, Gu Jin used their master-servant bond to bring A Yin back to her room. Due to excessive drinking, A Yin transformed into her original Water Nymph form, remembering someone gifting a magpie feather lamp to Hua Shu. Unfortunately, A Yin had no evidence, and Hua Shu arrived at their doorstep, with Gu Jin not giving much thought to the matter.

Feng Ming discovered the location of the immortal veins. Due to the protection of the Sunshade Umbrella's spiritual power, he couldn't enter. Qing Yi sensed something amiss and came to inspect. After examinations by Xian Shan and Xian Zhu, they found no damage to the immortal veins, and the barrier was intact. Currently, Xian Shan's biggest concern was that Gu Jin liked A Yin but was unaware. If that were the case, it might directly lead to calamities. The Peacock Clan won a decisive victory against the Eagle Clan, even though the eagles were not their match originally. However, Hua Shu had refined the Sunshade Umbrella, greatly increasing her strength, resulting in heavy casualties for the Eagle Clan. Feng Ming, injured by the Heavenly Power, was healed by Zuo Ying, who gave him the Shiyin Flower seed. She instructed him to plant it in the immortal veins, assuring him that the Sunshade Umbrella had been refined.

With the Peacock Clan's triumphant return, Peacock King Hua Mo began preparing for a grand celebration, inviting various immortal sects to join the feast on the island. To prevent calamities for Gu Jin, Xian Shan, using the pretext of Gu Jin admiring Hua Shu, wrote a marriage proposal as the sect leader and asked him to bring it along with the Starlight Phoenix Crown to propose on Hundred Birds Island. Gu Jin hesitated, especially when he looked at the Phoenix Crown and thought of A Yin's appearance. Under the instructions of the two senior brothers, Gu Jin, accompanied by Qing Yi, traveled to Hundred Birds Island by flying chariot. Before leaving, Qing Yi informed A Yin about the proposal, and A Yin, feigning calmness, returned to her room, where she saw Gu Jin's map scroll for finding the Hidden Cloud Mountain, feeling sad and tearful.

Peacock King Hua Mo welcomed Gu Jin warmly, intending to establish good relations with Da Ze Mountain and rightfully claim the Sunshade Umbrella. Gu Jin did not directly state his proposal, causing Qing Yi to become anxious. Qing Yi privately informed Peacock King Hua Mo about the proposal, and Peacock King, overjoyed, accepted the Starlight Phoenix Crown. However, Hua Shu had her own calculations, considering Da Ze Mountain insignificant. She aimed to become the Heavenly Empress, making the Peacock Clan replace the Phoenix Clan in the admiration of the immortals.

Gu Jin went to Hundred Birds Island for the feast, leaving A Yin alone in her room feeling upset. Hong Yi used magic to create a snowy scene to cheer her up. The two ventured out to find the Hidden Cloud Mountain but instead encountered Yan Shuang being pursued by the Peacock Clan. Hong Yi intervened in time to save Yan Shuang, making her heart flutter, once again misunderstanding him to be using charm techniques. Initially, A Yin believed the conflict between the two clans was mainly the fault of the Eagle Clan. However, when Yan Shuang revealed that Hua Shu deliberately distorted the truth, falsely accusing the Eagle Clan and manipulating them, A Yin realized they had all been deceived by Hua Shu's cunning. Initially, Hua Shu sought the assistance of Da Ze Mountain for the Sunshade Umbrella, accusing the Eagle Clan of causing disputes for nearly a century by trying to seize the Northern Sea cave paradise.

However, the truth was that members of the Eagle Clan with profound spiritual power had mysteriously disappeared in the past. Even elders were missing, leading to the Eagle King's anger. After an investigation, they found a trace of spiritual power near the Infinite Cave. However, the Infinite Cave belonged to the Peacock Clan, and when the Eagle King sought an explanation from the Peacock King, he was not only refused entry but also driven out of Hundred Birds Island. This refusal led to the Eagles directly delivering a declaration of war, igniting decades of unresolved conflicts. Throughout history, the two clans lived side by side in the Northern Sea. The truth of the century-old disputes between them was challenging to ascertain. However, in A Yin's eyes, Hua Shu's true reason for starting the war and blaming the Eagle Clan was despicable. After careful consideration, she decided to go to Hundred Birds Island with Yan Shuang and explain the situation to everyone.

On the other hand, unable to retrieve the Sunshade Umbrella, Gu Jin observed the actions of the Peacock King, growing suspicious. He unintentionally saw a magpie feather lamp in a maid's hand, recalling A Yin's words to him. It seemed A Yin's words were not unfounded. Qing Yi was unaware of Gu Jin's thoughts and, in a moment of impulsiveness, mentioned that the Peacock King accepted the marriage proposal. Gu Jin became anxious and, with Qing Yi's reminder, awakened to his true feelings for Hua Shu. Now that the Sunshade Umbrella had become Hua Shu's weapon, merging with her own source of immortal power, Gu Jin wanted to retrieve it. However, he knew that taking it back at this moment might lead to a confrontation. So, Hua Shu planned to use Emperor Lan Feng to resolve the matter. She met Emperor Lan Feng alone, subtly expressing her need for the Sunshade Umbrella and trying to win his sympathy.

Coincidentally, Gu Jin witnessed this scene and overheard their conversation. Distressed, he thought about the girl who had once saved him and realized the absurdity of his obsession over the past decade. Quietly, he left, unaware that Hua Shu had noticed his presence, smiling triumphantly. On the day of the Peacock King's birthday celebration, Hundred Birds Island was lively, with Emperor Lan Feng and various immortal lords in attendance. Gu Jin directly stated his purpose: to reclaim the Starlight Phoenix Crown and give the Sunshade Umbrella to Hua Shu, signaling his intention to sever ties with the Peacock Clan. The Peacock King showed displeasure, but Emperor Lan Feng stood up and requested the Peacock King to marry Hua Shu to him. The audience was surprised, realizing that if the Peacock Princess married the future Heavenly Emperor, it would be a tremendous honor, surpassing even the Phoenix Clan. Everyone congratulated them, but Gu Jin remained seated, calmly sipping the exquisite wine from Hundred Birds Island, his gaze passing over Emperor Lan Feng and Hua Shu with an unprecedented calmness.

At this moment, A Yin and Hong Yi, riding on a giant eagle, attempted to breach the barrier and enter Hundred Birds Island. Responding to Gu Jin's request, the Peacock King lifted the barrier, revealing a woman as the transformed giant eagle. She publicly disclosed the true reason for the disputes between the two clans. Emperor Lan Feng, maintaining justice, promised to let the Eagle Clan investigate the Infinite Cave. The Peacock King, not wanting to worsen relations, reluctantly agreed. Gu Jin realized he had been used by Hua Shu and, disappointed and angry, demanded a vow from the Peacock King not to engage in hostilities with the Eagle Clan within the next hundred years. If the Peacock King refused, he threatened to assist the Eagle Clan in drawing their swords for war. Seeing Gu Jin brandishing the Ancient Emperor Sword, the Peacock King felt some fear and had no choice but to agree.

Hua Shu had a maid fetch Gu Jin, explaining privately why she had refined the Sunshade Umbrella. Gu Jin disagreed with Hua Shu's actions but understood her difficulties in protecting her people. Considering her past kindness to him, he offered some advice without revealing her hypocrisy publicly. However, despite this, Hua Shu harbored murderous intent towards A Yin, vowing not to let a man she didn't want fall into someone else's hands.

On the way back, Gu Jin fell into contemplation, suspecting that he might have developed feelings for A Yin. Similarly, A Yin was worried that this would deeply impact Gu Jin and felt somewhat guilty. On the other hand, Hong Yi suggested they go to the You Ming Realm to find the Phoenix Essence to help them move on from the events on Hundred Birds Island. His plan involved using cow dung to attract a cart into the realm. During this time, A Yin developed feelings for Gu Jin, and due to the master-servant bond, she faced punishment. Hong Yi, aware of this, took special care to keep her away from Gu Jin. The three visited the You Ming King without success, but the guards directed them to Xiu Yan Tower, where they could meet the You Ming King if they could afford the price. However, the total amount of money they had was less than a hundred gold. To obtain the token from the Zhong Ling Palace, Gu Jin intentionally said some provocative words to anger Xiu Yan.


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