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Simple Days – Chen Xiao, Tong Yao

Simple Days is an urban family drama, directed by An Jian, starring Chen Xiao, Tong Yao, Sa Rina, Ying Er, and Qiao Zhenyu. Special appearances include Yu Haoming, Du Haitao, and Yue Hong. Wang Yuanko and Zhao Jun are featured, with Tian Yitong and Dong Chenxi in leading roles.

It explores how young couples in the new era navigate the pressures of life imposed by their parents and find happiness amidst challenges.


Simple Days

English Title: Simple Days
Chinese Title: 小日子
Genre: Family, Urban
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: An Jie
Released Date: 2024-03-14
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Gu Moli and Zhu Jingcao struggled from their hometown all the way to establish their family roots in Shanghai. However, marriage brought forth another issue that shouldn't have been a problem - how to get along with their parents.

From the disappearance of personal space to property buying events, from disagreements with each other's parents to disagreements between the two, their daily lives were filled with crises. It wasn't until things reached an irreparable point that the couple realized it was their own fault. After going through a period of divorce cooling-off, they decided to divorce and reorganize their family relationships. With the arrival of the divorce certificate, challenges belonging to both the young couple and their families had just begun.

Growth always comes with ups and downs. After their divorce, the two encountered crises of trust, finance, and long-distance relationships, which made them realize the responsibilities of family even more. As problems were resolved, both sets of parents also understood the importance of letting go and allowing their children to grow on their own.

Ultimately, Gu Moli and Zhu Jingcao reconciled and remarried, reaffirming their confidence in facing the future together.


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