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Women Walk the Line – Xu Lu, Chen Duling

Women Walk the Line is an inspirational drama directed by Shen Yang, led by Xu Lu and Chen Duling, co-starring Zhang Yujian, Dylan Kuo, Sheren Tang, Zhou Dawei, Yi Bochen, Chen Haolan, and Li Tiannuo.

The drama tells the story of a pair of post-90s best friends who choose different paths in life after graduation, and then join forces again years later to restart their lives and move forward in their prime.


Women Walk the Line

English Title: Women Walk the Line
Chinese Title: 我们的当打之年
Genre: Urban, Romance, Life, Drama
Tag: Multiple Mains, Divorced Female Lead, Female Centered Plot, Hardworking Female Lead
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Shen Yang
Released Date: 2022-11-25
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Gu Qiao and Yuan Ge are a pair of good friends from a small town. After graduation, one chose to stay in Shanghai and work hard, while the other chose to go back to the small town to be a good wife.

As they approach thirty years of age, they encounter unprecedented difficulties.

Yuan Ge, who has focused only on her work for many years and neglected her emotional life while her health is in trouble, starts to try to change herself.

Gu Qiao compromises for love for eight years, but in the end, only to get a divorce agreement, she is determined to restart her career.

These two sisters have very different personalities, but they are both tough and brave, not afraid to fall down.

In a metropolis like Shanghai, which is full of opportunities but also easy to lose, they persevere and work together to overcome life's challenges.

They help each other and make each other successful. In the end, they are both successful in their respective professional careers and emotional life, completing their youthful transformation together and ushering in their new 30s.


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