2023 Chinese Drama List

Are You Safe – Tan Jianci, Rong Zishan

Are You Safe is a drama directed by Cao Dun and Bao Zi, led by Tan Jianci and Rong Zishan, co-starring Lu Ruzhen and He Lei, with Xu Lu and Chen Duling in a special appearance.

As the first China domestic drama based on cyber security, the drama takes Internet information security as its starting point and focuses on social hot spots and livelihood issues such as marriage, education, retirement, and the workplace.


Are You Safe

English Title: Are You Safe
Chinese Title: 你安全吗?
Genre: Drama, Crime, Suspense
Tag: Internet Crime, Idol Actor
Episodes: 31
Duration: -
Director: Cao Dun, Bao Zi
Writer: Huang Yanwei, Li Haishu
Producer: Youhug
Product Company: Youhug Media
Released Date: 2022-09-11
Broadcast Website: YOUHUG MEDIA, Viki



The "Three Swordsmen", Qin Huai, Zhou You, and Chen Mo, have very different personalities, but all uphold the original intention of " Science and Technology for Good".

The three of them join forces in the process of confronting an illegal Internet gang time and time again, from mutual suspicion to mutual cooperation.


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