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The Infiltrator – Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Xin

The Infiltrator is a spy drama, directed by Gao Han, led by Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Xin, and Wu Xiaoliang, with special appearances by Wan Qian and Wang Zhifei.


The Infiltrator

English Title: The Infiltrator
Chinese Title: 潜行者
Other Titles: 绝密者,潜伏者
Genre: Political, Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Tag: Chinese Republican Era, Historical Fiction, Espionage, Chinese Communist Party, The War of Resistance Against Japan
Episodes: 37
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Gao Han
Writer: Yu FEI
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, NCM Television
Released Date: 2023-07-27
Broadcast Website: WeTV



In 1941 Shanghai, Fang Jiashu, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, is in danger of being exposed when he lurks in No. 76, the spy headquarters of Wang's Puppet Government.

At this time, his childhood fiancee, Tao Yuling, who is also an underground worker of the Party, enters his life with two children and begins a story of undercover work with him, pretending to be a family.

Faced with the suspicions and tests of Li Lixing, the director of No. 76, and Ye Xingcheng, the chief of intelligence, Fang Jiashu, and Tao Yuling try their best to get all the family members to "act" in place.

On the other hand, Fang Jiashu is also an agent of the spy system organized by the Military Commission of the KMT Government, and must navigate his relationships with Su Yalu, a female agent, who has a crush on him, and "Silver Fox", the head of the spy system's operations team who is secretly watching him.

Even in such a complicated situation, Fang still managed to straighten out the various relationships between public and private, between the enemy and us and completed the important tasks given by the organization, such as obtaining information on coal refining oil and eliminating the executioner Li Lixing.

Using the contradictions between the spy system of the Military Commission of the KMT Government, No. 76, and the Japanese, he cleverly obtained more information and benefits for our Party.


In November 1941, on the eve of the outbreak of the Pacific War in Shanghai, Fang Jiashu desperately treated the wounded in front of him. He had endured three days and nights, almost unable to hold on, but he was determined to continue interrogating the suspect before him. Seeing that the suspect remained silent, Fang Jiashu decided to execute him, and even the people around him were on the verge of exhaustion. Fang Jiashu patted a comrade beside him, indicating him to continue reading the case details. When they reached the crucial point, they realized that the wounded man, Li Zhengxun, was attempting to assist the Communists. However, the wounded man insisted that he was just visiting relatives and nothing more. After hearing this response, everyone realized that the radio was no longer the most important thing; what mattered was why the wounded man was trying to escape and who was trying to rendezvous with him.

At this moment, Fang Jiashu continued to press the wounded man for the purpose of his escape and questioned him about the whereabouts and name of Du Juan. He believed that if they obtained this information, they could meet any demand. However, upon hearing the wounded man's response, Li Zhengxun, covered in wounds, asked whether the Japanese could be withdrawn from China. This question left Fang Jiashu, who was drinking tea, silent.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Tao Yuling rode in a yellow cart with her two children to their residence in Shanghai. After putting down their luggage, she reminded those around her not to wander around in Shanghai and to be vigilant about their personal safety. Her daughter had already taken her advice to heart and promised to take good care of her little brother. After instructing everyone, Tao Yuling locked the room tightly and handed the key to the landlord downstairs to take care of the children on her behalf. As she went out, the sky was already getting dark, but Tao Yuling quickened her pace and even encountered a familiar person at a restaurant. When the restaurant closed in the evening, the restaurant owner went up to the room to meet Tao Yuling. After exchanging greetings, they got down to business, and at this time, Tao Yuling successfully handed over with Du Juan.

However, the situation now was very critical. Although Tao Yuling had been doing peripheral work, internal traitors had emerged, forcing her to complete the current task. After hearing the real identity of Du Juan from the wounded man, Tao Yuling was extremely surprised.

Meanwhile, Fang Jiashu continued to interrogate the suspect in the prison. When he saw that the suspect remained unconscious, he instructed the people around him to try to wake him up. He also told them that maybe Du Juan was among them. However, when they administered the medicine, they found that the suspect had no reaction. They regretted having worked in vain for three days and nights.

On the other side, Tao Yuling continued to discuss meeting with Du Juan with the suspect. They had already agreed on a signal, and after completing the task, they sat down together to talk about the wedding. Unexpectedly, someone suddenly heard eavesdropping outside the door, and they quickly sent their subordinates to chase after the eavesdropper.

Back with Fang Jiashu and his team, they were unable to get any results from the interrogation and were preparing to escape with the dead man. However, they heard a commotion inside, and the impatient prisoners were ready to kill them. Fang Jiashu quickly found an excuse to divert their attention and took the wounded man away. He used medicine to wake him up and learned that there might be spies among the people sent over.

On the other side, Tao Yuling and her companions continued to chase after the eavesdropper. They also learned that the person on the other end of the phone had given the signal and took the opportunity to kill him by the river.

When Fang Jiashu arrived at the restaurant, the boss constantly irritated him. Later, when the person was sent away, Fang Jiashu was taken advantage of while he was sleeping, but he still continued to flatter him.

After listening to Fang Jiashu's words, those people admired him for being meticulous in his actions and also reminded him to learn to relax. Afterward, the two of them planned to continue relaxing at the Return Spring Courtyard. At that moment, Tao Yuling, carrying her belongings, continued to inquire about the place she was going from passersby. However, upon seeing what she was holding, the onlookers panicked and fled the scene. Tao Yuling herself put down the object and continued walking ahead. On the other side, under the guidance of his good friend, Fang Jiashu arrived at the Return Spring Courtyard. Upon entering the room, he specifically instructed the masseur to quietly leave while he pretended to be asleep. The person in front of him continued to act as if he was asleep and led Fang Jiashu away, then quickly put on his clothes and shoes before stealthily escaping the room. When he got outside, he used a flashlight to observe around Nanxiang Station. While sitting down, Fang Jiashu suddenly recalled the dying soldier's last words and continued to keep a close eye on everything in front of him. Now, he noticed that the person had lost the briefcase he was carrying at the time, so he hurriedly stood up, inquiring around, and when he saw someone, he quickly hid and slipped away to another place.

Meanwhile, Fang Jiashu's companions at the Return Spring Courtyard woke up and suddenly found that Fang Jiashu was missing. At that moment, they lost their sleepiness and hastily got dressed to go out and look for him. As Fang Jiashu drove on the night road, a sudden drowsiness overcame him, and he nearly collided with another car. When he returned home, he tidied his hair downstairs and went upstairs confidently to find Su Yalu. Upon seeing her expression, he realized that something was wrong. When they sat down, Fang Jiashu suddenly mentioned the news of Li Zhengxun's death during the interrogation. Meanwhile, his companion on the other side was riding a bicycle and heading to Miss Su's location. He happened to witness the scene where they left together in a big fuss. When Fang Jiashu and Su Yalu went out to have breakfast together, he even presented her with a carefully prepared gift. However, Su Yalu kept talking about his wife back home, and they discussed many serious matters together. Afterward, Fang Jiashu secretly went to a secluded room, opened the suitcase, and examined the documents inside. When he returned, he suddenly found everyone gathered together, watching something exciting. As he approached, he learned about Tao Yuling's recognition of him as her relative. He hurriedly joined in, and everyone applauded the good news. After seeing the scene, Su Yalu, who was nearby, tactfully left. After the people left, Fang Jiashu took Tao Yuling and secretly brought her to the arranged lodging. Once inside, Tao Yuling started preparing to perform the secret code with him. Unexpectedly, Fang Jiashu did not cooperate at all and pretended not to understand what she meant. When she saw him taking the matter seriously, he recalled his good friend's dying words, warning that there might be a spy among them. He remained vigilant and continued with the secret code. When Tao Yuling saw that the secret code matched, she excitedly grabbed Fang Jiashu and asked him how he became Dujuan. However, Fang Jiashu didn't care about her life and death and decisively tied her up and locked her in the cabinet, leaving without hesitation.

Ye Xingcheng fiddled with the bug in front of Su Yalu, then played the conversation where Tao Yuling questioned Fang Jiashu about having other women outside. Su Yalu knew that Ye Xingcheng deliberately used this to provoke her and create a rift between her and Fang Jiashu. She directly told him that he was not interesting and asked him to leave. Fang Jiashu returned and opened the closet door to inform the bound Tao Yuling that he had gone to the bridge tunnel and found it surrounded. The nearby shops were arrested, but Lao Zhao should have escaped. Until Tao Yuling's identity is confirmed, they cannot leave the place. Tao Yuling's two children were not content to be locked at home and planned to watch a movie, but they decided to wait for Tao Yuling to return. Fang Jiashu fed Tao Yuling, joking about how he used to chase her around to feed her, but now he was feeding her. Suddenly, he remembered the kids at the hotel and realized they had no food. He reminded Fang Jiashu that he had been acting as their father for almost ten years, but Fang Jiashu claimed it was impossible and that he had divorced her before they went to school. After the divorce, Tao Yuling found out she was pregnant but lost contact with Fang Jiashu.

Ye Xingcheng informed Fang Jiashu about a meeting and, before leaving, locked Tao Yuling in the closet, not believing her claims about the child. At the meeting, Ye Xingcheng mentioned that the lead was lost, but they would investigate deeply into the Dujuan Communist Party members. The suspicious director looked at everyone present as if they were Dujuan. The first person who lured Dujuan was using the Communist Party member Chen Xue. Fang Jiashu and Ye Xingcheng were present at the time. Ye Xingcheng quickly stood up and explained that Chen Xue's accusation was made up by him. He had no interest in that kind of woman and liked a Communist Party woman, but he didn't inquire further and looked towards Su Yalu. The director presented Li Zhengxun's belongings and criticized the Intelligence Department for not searching for evidence meticulously. The Hai Chao Radio station also disappeared, and even the money in the wallet was embezzled. Ye Xingcheng privately asked Fang Jiashu who between them had the highest suspicion. Fang Jiashu said he was a suspect, and if he died, only Ye Xingcheng would remain a suspect. Ye Xingcheng laughed and said if Fang Jiashu died, there would be no more action. Fang Jiashu reminded Ye Xingcheng to keep an eye on the radio station in case there was a transmission. As Li Zhengxun's identity was fake, Ye Xingcheng had no clue where to start. Ye Xingcheng asked Fang Jiashu to break up with Su Yalu as soon as possible since Tao Yuling had arrived. On the surface, Su Yalu loudly argued with Fang Jiashu but secretly whispered to follow the Silver Fox's instructions to find Dujuan, even if she had to cooperate with Li Lixing. Fang Jiashu disagreed with this collaboration, as it involved matters of principle.

Li Lixing obtained the latest information from the Communist Party. Li Zhengxun was dead, and Dujuan had made contact with a new agent called "Mole." The sudden appearance of the child bride of Tao Yuling aroused Su Yalu's suspicion, wondering if she was sent to sway Fang Jiashu. However, Fang Jiashu said he grew up with Tao Yuling and could easily figure out her true identity in a few days. Besides, they had already reported the matter to the Silver Fox and it could be investigated. Su Yalu stated that they still needed to continue acting in Room 76, where she would pretend to be angry and beg Fang Jiashu for forgiveness. Ye Xingcheng repeatedly read Li Zhengxun's notes to see if he could find any clues. Suddenly, a subordinate broke in and informed them that they did not find any direct contact between Li Zhengxun and Fang Jiashu, but Li Zhengxun's expression in the post-mortem photo was not right. Ye Xingcheng recalled Li Zhengxun's smiling face when he died and realized that he died in great pain. He had intended to shoot him in the head but Fang Jiashu stopped him, which could be used as evidence to frame Fang Jiashu when necessary.

In the car, Fang Jiashu monitored Sun Huaimin, the person he just met. When Sun Huaimin received a call while drinking coffee, he used outdated code words to talk to Fang Jiashu. Fang Jiashu asked him to meet at 8 o'clock at the Guangming Grand Theater and warned him not to contact the outside world. Someone was monitoring him, and if anything was amiss, they would kill him and discard the gun behind the bushes. Sun Huaimin went out and discarded the gun, but someone secretly picked it up and found a note inside, saying, "Don't follow, follow the established plan." Disguised as an old man, Fang Jiashu watched the man outside the theater. When he arrived at the back door, Fang Jiashu quietly approached him and had Sun Huaimin follow him. Sun Huaimin left markings along the way, and Fang Jiashu brought him to his home. Fang Jiashu immediately searched him thoroughly, and the man claimed he suffered a lot to find Comrade Dujuan. Fang Jiashu took off his wig and fake beard, and the man recognized him as Sun Huaimin. Sun Huaimin introduced himself as a teacher from Zhendan University. Fang Jiashu recalled that before Li Zhengxun died, two people knew his identity: one was Sun Huaimin, and the other was his fiancée Tang Xingru. At this point, Fang Jiashu took out a gun and said that Li Zhengxun's death was most likely caused by someone close to him. Sun Huaimin suggested that Li Zhengxun's girlfriend was the most likely suspect. Fang Jiashu wanted to test which of these two had betrayed Li Zhengxun and asked Sun Huaimin to open the closet where Tao Yuling was bound. Tao Yuling and Sun Huaimin performed the secret code in front of Fang Jiashu, and Fang Jiashu asked who between them was the traitor who had overheard the secret code during the meeting.

Sun Huaimin asked Tao Yuling if she was here as a spy, but given her appearance, he didn't think she was of any use and wondered what she was. Fang Jiashu said she was his wife, which amazed Sun Huaimin. Fang Jiashu stated that one of them must be a traitor, or both of them could be. Tao Yuling scolded him for being a freeloader for so many years. To distinguish between them, Fang Jiashu asked each of them to write down their code names. Sun Huaimin wrote "麻子" (Mole) and handed it to Fang Jiashu, while Tao Yuling mocked that no one would choose such an ugly code name. When Sun Huaimin accused her of being a traitor, she got angry and beat him. Sun Huaimin told Fang Jiashu to stick to principles, as even one's closest wife could be used against them. Fang Jiashu locked both of them in the closet, and the tracker who followed Sun Huaimin was getting closer to Fang Jiashu's house, following the markings left by Sun Huaimin.

Fang Jiashu studied the numbers left by Li Zhengxun but was too exhausted and fell asleep on the bed. The tracker's flashlight ran out of battery, so he took shelter under the eaves in the rain. When he woke up, Tao Yuling managed to free one hand and used her feet to overpower Sun Huaimin. Fang Jiashu re-tied Tao Yuling, and Sun Huaimin complained about being mistreated that night, saying he spared her for the sake of face. The next day, the tracker arrived near Fang Jiashu's house, but Fang Jiashu saw the markings and cleverly erased them while buying youtiao (fried dough sticks), misleading the tracker. The tracker lingered around Fang Jiashu's house, while Fang Jiashu hid behind the door, monitoring his every move. The tracker didn't knock immediately but went further away and saw the markings, following them until he reached the door of Dr. Yang's house, plate number 1029. Just as Fang Jiashu had narrowly escaped, Ye Xingcheng called him from outside. He came to welcome Tao Yuling and offer her some hospitality after what happened last night. Everyone at Room 76 speculated about Fang Jiashu's hardships, so Fang Jiashu left with Ye Xingcheng to avoid arousing suspicion. Fang Jiashu went to the Japanese barracks, claiming to have something to discuss with Shibuya. Ye Xingcheng teased him about being the real traitor. Fang Jiashu and Shibuya had business dealings, and Fang Jiashu brought up youtiao, saying the high-end cosmetics he wanted had arrived and could be picked up. They casually discussed the news of the battleship Inoue's return journey, asserting that no matter how many Yunlei (Cloud Thunder) China had, they couldn't topple it.

Li Lixing learned that the markings appeared at Dr. Yang Junping's door and expressed doubt, as Dr. Yang couldn't be Dujuan. He asked his subordinate to confirm if they lived in the same alley as Fang Jiashu and if the markings were mistaken. The subordinate replied that it was raining heavily, so the markings were blurry. Li Lixing instructed the subordinate to secretly monitor Dr. Yang Junping and search for Sun Huaimin when no one was around. Fang Jiashu publicly apologized to Su Yalu, holding breakfast, and quietly assured her that Tao Yuling was safe. Su Yalu, who had actually fallen in love with Fang Jiashu, decided to peacefully break up with him. Su Yalu quarreled with Fang Jiashu, and at that moment, Ye Xingcheng prepared a cup of hot tea to comfort her, but she poured it on the floor, asking him to look at himself in the mirror. Ye Xingcheng's men had spent the whole day at the school but gained nothing. They received a call from the Intelligence Department informing them that two children had reported to the police, stating that their mother was Tao Yuling. Ye Xingcheng realized it was Fang Jiashu's wife. Tao Yuling blamed Fang Jiashu for being useless and unable to identify the traitor. Fang Jiashu, while untying Sun Huaimin, said that although he was brutally beaten with his head covered when he was young, he only chased after Black Wa during the mad cow incident, and Black Wa ended up with a high fever and was sick for a month. He believed in taking revenge slowly. Curious, Sun Huaimin asked how Fang Jiashu made the cow listen to him, but Tao Yuling scolded him as a dog spy and asked him to stop interrupting. Worried about the safety of the children, Tao Yuling asked Fang Jiashu to confirm their status at the hotel. If anything happened to them, she would not spare him. Sun Huaimin doubted that a Communist Party member would do anything with children present. He believed that if Fang Jiashu went to the hotel, it would be a trap, and there would be no children. Watching the children cry, Ye Xingcheng arrived at Xinghua Hotel. The two children saw the strangers and protected their younger brother cautiously. Ye Xingcheng thought Xiao Shitou indeed looked like Fang Jiashu and claimed that Tao Yuling had entrusted him to pick them up. He asked for their names, but the older sister refused to speak and even threw the buns they brought into the toilet. Xiao Shitou was interested in the guns they had at their waists, and Ye Xingcheng intentionally let him play with one, scaring them. Based on the little girl's behavior, Ye Xingcheng deduced that Tao Yuling must be a very cautious person. Ye Xingcheng took the two children to Fang Jiashu's home while he was about to lock Tao Yuling and Sun Huaimin in the closet.

Ye Xingcheng deliberately brought the two children to Fang Jiashu's house. Fang Jiashu, sweating profusely, opened the door and looked at the two children in front of him. He remarked that they had grown so big. Le Yan directly shook off Fang Jiashu's hand and went straight into the house with the luggage to find their mother. The children had never seen their father since birth, as family matters were insignificant compared to national affairs. Ye Xingcheng criticized them for leaving the children at the hotel without caring for them for two days and nights. Tao Yuling pretended to be jealous and said that Fang Jiashu had not explained who his lover was, so they should never expect to see the children. Tao Yuling worried that the children might accidentally reveal something and used the excuse of cleaning their dirty faces to take them to the bathroom. There, she told Le Yan that the person who brought them back was a Japanese spy, while the other person was now their father. Once the people outside left, they would give her an explanation. Ye Xingcheng suspected that they were taking too long to freshen up, but Fang Jiashu explained that they were used to being frugal in their small hometown. After bathing, they would also wash their clothes along the way. Tao Yuling even had a nickname for that habit. Fang Jiashu realized the issue and didn't pursue it further, diverting the topic and offering tea to Ye Xingcheng. Fang Jiashu opened their suitcases and handed the dirty clothes to them. Ye Xingcheng took the opportunity to inspect their belongings. Before he could finish checking, Tao Yuling stood behind him and asked if he found anything. Fang Jiashu scolded her for leaving the socks in the bathroom, almost causing him to slip. Tao Yuling retorted that he was too busy hiding his lover in the Golden House to notice the balcony. They intentionally argued in front of Ye Xingcheng, who finally left. Once Ye Xingcheng was confirmed to be far away, Tao Yuling introduced the two children. However, the children didn't recognize Fang Jiashu as their father. Le Yan wanted to leave, but Tao Yuling pulled her into the bedroom. Fang Jiashu found a bullet shell and let Xiao Shitou play with it, and the boy was very interested. Tao Yuling took out a carved wooden item and gave it to Le Yan, saying it was a gift from her father. Xiao Shitou was Fang Jiashu's biological son from before he went abroad, while Le Yan was Lao Zhao's daughter. Her mother had been arrested and executed by the Nationalists shortly after giving birth to her. Tao Yuling was divorced and took her daughter to find work, and at that time, Lao Zhao was her superior. After the Work-Study Movement was attacked by the Nationalists, she managed to escape and developed a relationship with Lao Zhao. Due to her hometown being occupied by the Japanese, she brought her daughter along. Additionally, Le Yan had a heart condition, so she came to seek treatment from a foreign doctor. Fang Jiashu knew that Sun Huaimin was the traitor when he wrote the code name "麻子" (Mole) because there was no resemblance between Sun Huaimin and the term. The person who overheard the meeting that night mistakenly believed that "麻子" was a code name and reported it to Room 76. However, the word "麻子" was a term commonly used by people from Hubei Province to refer to socks, but Sun Huaimin, who was from the north, thought it was a code name and informed Room 76. Sun Huaimin realized that he had been fooled, and with the rain washing away his markings, there was no hope of his people rescuing him. Ye Xingcheng reported the situation of him bringing the children to Fang Jiashu's house to Director Li, who suspected that something was wrong with how Tao Yuling treated the children. He asked Ye Xingcheng to directly inquire about the reason from Fang Jiashu. Director Li explained that he introduced Ye Xingcheng to Room 76 because the Communist Party was different from the Nationalists and the Japanese – they were genuine. He was cautious about dealing with Fang Jiashu due to his high-level connections, even with the Japanese, and he might become a useful son-in-law in the future. Fang Jiashu began to interrogate Sun Huaimin about how he betrayed them. Sun Huaimin said it was due to financial difficulties, and he met Zheng Feixiong, who was Li Lixing's secretary. Zheng Feixiong informed him of the meeting, but later received a notice from Fang Jiashu and decided to withdraw at the last minute. Seeing that Sun Huaimin was not telling the truth, Fang Jiashu handed him a pair of pliers, scaring him. Sun Huaimin confessed that he knew very little and admitted that he betrayed Li Zhengxun. Fang Jiashu directly hit his leg, and Sun Huaimin cried, saying he was sorry to Li Zhengxun and couldn't withstand the severe torture by the people from Room 76. Sun Huaimin hadn't received any news from his people, and Yang Junping was acting normal. There was no sign of Sun Huaimin in his home. Director Li invited an outsider like Sun Huaimin to make things easier since the more people involved, the more passive it became. Sun Huaimin asked Tao Yuling to speak up for him, but Tao Yuling wanted to kill him. However, as he still had some value, she decided to keep him for a couple more days. Sun Huaimin was actually safer in Fang Jiashu's house. His primary task now was to stabilize Ye Xingcheng and Li Lixing. Li Lixing arranged for Fang Jiashu to inspect the garbage dump while secretly monitoring Ye Xingcheng. Tang Xing was Li Zhengxun's fiancée and was now both excluded as a suspect and considered dangerous. Li Lixing planned to arrest Tang Xing. They intended to find Lao Zhao first and then seek help from the organization to rescue Tang Xing. Comrade Haichao's radio station was in Fang Jiashu's house, but the remaining note left there was meaningless. Before leaving for the garbage dump, Fang Jiashu left the note for Tao Yuling. In the closet, Sun Huaimin deceived Tao Yuling by claiming to have a heart condition and asked her to call Fang Jiashu. Tao Yuling didn't believe him, but Sun Huaimin fainted inside the closet.

Today is the day Su Yalu and Fang Jiashu break up. Fang Jiashu explains the reason for his lateness. It was because Sun Huaimin fainted, and Tao Yuling received a distress call from him when she called the office. Fang Jiashu recognized the sound and told her not to tap while talking on the phone; otherwise, people might mistake it for a telegraph. Tao Yuling realized that the sound Sun Huaimin made was suspicious, so she pretended that Xiao Shitou was making too much noise and hung up the phone, pretending that Sun Huaimin fainted. Fang Jiashu handed the phone to Ye Xingcheng and asked him to explain to Tao Yuling that he was indeed out on official business. Ye Xingcheng, who was monitoring Fang Jiashu, said that Tao Yuling was the only lover of Fang Jiashu. After the children finished bathing and returned home, they heard some commotion in the bedroom. Tao Yuling asked the children to put their things in another room while she dealt with Sun Huaimin. Tao Yuling lied to Le Yan, saying that Lao Zhao had news and called Fang Jiashu. When she didn't find Fang Jiashu, she pushed Le Yan out of the bedroom but forgot that the grenade was still hanging on the wardrobe door. Su Yalu said that if he and Ye Xingcheng got together, Fang Jiashu would naturally clear his suspicion. However, Fang Jiashu urged her to dismiss that idea quickly, as Ye Xingcheng was like a mad dog. Su Yalu had never doubted Fang Jiashu. If he were the cuckoo bird, she would rather make a mistake and not let any possible person escape. Le Yan always felt that something was wrong with the bedroom and went straight to the wardrobe. To her surprise, the wardrobe was empty. Tao Yuling saw that Sun Huaimin was missing and collapsed on the bed, scolding Le Yan. She punished both children to face the wall and reflect on their actions. Alone in the room, Tao Yuling searched for Sun Huaimin and found him crawling out from under the bed. He secretly untied the rope. Tao Yuling held a bomb and told him that as long as he didn't let go, he could continue using the bomb without it exploding. Fang Jiashu mentioned that the cost of smuggling goods was high for the Japanese, and the money was collected in Shibuya. He needed Su Yalu to provide more funds. Fang Jiashu received information that the Izumo ship had returned, but the three other ships from the Third Fleet, Se-jima, and Yaeyama's Chen Gongmaru, did not return, indicating another important mission. Additionally, based on previous intelligence, they had a general idea of their locations. They knew two of the Japanese were from Tokyo and Osaka and had become acquainted with each ship's crew through daily conversations. Su Yalu arrived at the garbage dump, and Ye Xingcheng immediately offered to hold an umbrella for her. The dead person was a member of the Nationalists who had been shot in the river. Due to the rain, the bloodstains were washed away, and no communist figures were found in the vicinity. Su Yalu told Ye Xingcheng that she had broken up with Fang Jiashu and expressed doubts about Chen Xue's accusations against him being a communist. She didn't believe it and agreed to let Ye Xingcheng take her to work the next day. The owner of the garbage dump was beaten, and Fang Jiashu asked about the number of their tires. They found one tire missing and returned to report the results to Li Lixing. The investigation revealed that the communist was injured and took away a spare tire from a car. Since they assumed the injured person couldn't travel far, they only searched the vicinity, allowing the cunning communist to escape. They couldn't blame Zheng Feixiong for this, and moreover, the area beside the river was under the control of Yao Zhonghe, a senior member of the Caobang gang, who would have given some face and leaked some information. Li Lixing hid behind the wall and asked Ye Xingcheng if there was anything suspicious about Fang Jiashu during the garbage dump investigation, especially since both Su Yalu and Ye Xingcheng were there. Seeing his car, Li Lixing quickly got in, afraid of an assassination attempt. Fang Jiashu said that even without him, Ye Xingcheng couldn't catch up with Su Yalu because they were incompatible. He also mentioned that the Red Account Nightclub was a cash cow, generating 8,000 big yuan in daily revenue. The place was under Minister Ding Zhiyang's control and dared to oppose Li Lixing. Ye Xingcheng took note of this information and returned to the office to take Li Zhengxun's remaining half ticket after burning the rest. Li Lixing went to the bank with the half ticket to withdraw money forcibly but was denied. He fired his gun and injured someone while also hitting people. The bank manager immediately called the police. Back at home, Fang Jiashu noticed Sun Huaimin's new injury and looked at Tao Yuling. Tao Yuling avoided his gaze.

Fang Jiashu saw Sun Huaimin's new injury and didn't blame Tao Yuling, but he severely criticized her for almost exposing Sun Huaimin's problem during the phone call. Fang Jiashu knew that Le Yan was eavesdropping and directly opened the door, telling her that it was impolite. However, Le Yan defended her mother, saying that it was also impolite for him to shout at a lady. Fang Jiashu asked Tao Yuling to reflect on the mistake she made when Sun Huaimin sent the distress signal, but Tao Yuling changed the subject, saying that she was foolish to become a concubine for Fang Jiashu. Fang Jiashu said that they were both victims of feudal ideology and asked her to see the reality and cooperate with their work.

Lao Zhao escaped and is temporarily safe, but the investigation is still ongoing. Li Lixing reproached Ye Xingcheng for his reckless behavior, even if he lacked money, he shouldn't have robbed a bank. Ye Xingcheng considered checking on Cuckoo as an important mission given by the Japanese, and he refused to do it. He asked Li Lixing to shout at the Japanese instead. Fang Jiashu appreciated Le Yan's maturity in handling the situation. At this moment, they discussed whether Le Yan should publicly acknowledge Fang Jiashu as her father, but Le Yan firmly rejected the idea.

Regarding the suspicion that the two children were not Fang Jiashu's biological children, Ye Xingcheng dispelled the doubt, saying that Xiao Shitou looked just like Fang Jiashu. Ye Xingcheng noticed a suspicious behavior of Fang Jiashu, as his facial expression when Li Zhengxun died was different from when he dealt with the body afterward. Li Lixing found this evidence worth investigating. Tao Yuling told Fang Jiashu that she added up the numbers on the note, which totaled 1039, and there was nothing suspicious. Suddenly, Fang Jiashu remembered that a few days ago, Li Lixing had thrown rock-paper-scissors with the number 1039, which turned out to be a bank deposit. He planned to use his connections at the bank to check.

Li Lixing advised Ye Xingcheng not to blame him, and then secretly organized a team led by Chen Feixiong to set up a signal with smashing cups. They would eliminate everyone except Fang Jiashu without leaving anyone alive. They quietly entered the building, and Chen Feixiong knocked on the door. Fang Jiashu and Tao Yuling were startled but pretended nothing happened. Li Lixing attacked them, using the excuse of dressing up to buy some time. He told Tao Yuling not to panic and act naturally, taking the gun and grenades and instructing her to detonate the grenades in the sky for an escape opportunity through the small bedroom and then use a boat on the rear small river to leave.

Li Lixing said that it was inconvenient to act during the day, so he chose to disturb Fang Jiashu at night. Fang Jiashu learned that Li Zhengxun's savings had not been withdrawn, and he knew someone at the bank who might be willing to help. Fang Jiashu then called the Japanese and found out that Li Zhengxun's remaining 300 big yuan had been withdrawn before the incident, leaving only 2 big yuan. Fang Jiashu speculated that this money was with Cuckoo. Li Lixing asked why his Japanese friend remembered Li Zhengxun's savings. Fang Jiashu said that bank employees only remembered special people or large balances, such as Director Li's special identity.

Li Lixing immediately became nervous, thinking that the bank's actions were immoral. Fang Jiashu explained that specific data wouldn't be revealed, only the general range. Li Lixing didn't believe it and asked Fang Jiashu to call his Japanese friend again. As Fang Jiashu recorded the bank deposit rankings without revealing names, he wrote down "10.39 million" in his notebook, and Li Lixing's cup cap fell off.

The children woke up, and Le Yan covered Xiao Shitou's mouth to keep him from making noise. Tao Yuling listened to every movement outside the door. Li Lixing observed that Fang Jiashu was quite capable and showed him Li Zhengxun's photo, saying that the expression clearly mocked him. Fang Jiashu said the expression was not mockery, but like a magic trick. Once you knew the trick, you'd realize you were fooled. Facial expressions only occur after washing the face with cold water after death to clean it for the mortuary.

Li Lixing didn't find any evidence on this visit and left directly. When he arrived downstairs, he bumped into Shibuya, who was inspecting Li Lixing's vehicle.

Fang Jiashu saw Li Lixing off, and he almost lost his life because of a smile from Li Zhengxun. In front of Sejia, Li Lixing told Chen Feixiong to listen for the gunshot and rush in immediately when it sounds. Li Lixing returned to Fang Jiashu's home and lied that he forgot his envelope. Fang Jiashu asked about the gunshots just now, and Li Lixing said it was Yang Junping who was suspected to be a spy, so he ordered Chen Feixiong to take action.

Li Lixing comforted Tao Yuling and said that there's no need to be afraid; their work is like this. Tao Yuling retorted that even with gunshots, how could she not be afraid. Fang Jiashu told Tao Yuling that the numbers left by Li Zhengxun are Li Lixing's savings, and the call just now didn't go through; the numbers were made up on the spot. Only the number "1039" is true. Li Lixing had a strong reaction to this number. His sudden attack was to make Fang Jiashu reveal a flaw. However, Fang Jiashu disrupted his plan with that number, so he could only manage to arrest Yang Junping, the suspect marked with flour.

Le Yan came out of the room and asked her mother what had happened just now. Tao Yuling did not hide anything from Le Yan and told her that if Fang Jiashu said a wrong word, the whole family would be doomed. Le Yan was frightened and wanted her mother to stay with her.

Fang Jiashu removed the sofa cover and found 300 yuan hidden in the secret compartment, which belonged to Li Zhengxun. He had prepared to redistribute and make use of these funds before his death. In the bedroom, Sun Huaimin was electrocuted while tampering with the wires in the wardrobe. When Fang Jiashu and Tao Yuling returned to the room, they discovered Sun Huaimin's electrocuted body. Unfortunately, the wires were also connected to the curtains, causing a fire in the room. They hurriedly saved the radio and silver yuan and escaped with their child. Outside, Fang Jiashu instructed Tao Yuling to escape from the back and make sure the firefighters rescue him. Then he returned to the house pretending to be a firefighter and secretly moved Sun Huaimin's body and the radio. The radio was buried in the woods, and Sun Huaimin's body was placed elsewhere with the watch time altered and smashed.

After everything was done, Fang Jiashu quietly returned to the room from the back door. The firefighters rescued him. At that moment, Le Yan realized that Fang Jiashu was acting and remained silent. Tao Yuling anxiously patted him, and he woke up and told her that he had fainted at the scene of the fire, so he had an alibi. Le Yan remarked that his nostrils were clean and not as if he had been affected by the smoke.

In the middle of the night, Li Lixing called Ye Xingcheng to discuss Fang Jiashu's situation. Fang Jiashu's responses were flawless, which worried Li Lixing. He mocked his little brother, wondering when he would become as capable as Fang Jiashu. To his surprise, he ran into Sejia after leaving, so he asked Ye Xingcheng to investigate the spy among the guards and transfer his own savings.

Su Yalu was surprised to see that Fang Jiashu wasn't killed as planned. She secretly conveyed Silver Fox's instructions that their superiors hadn't approved their breakup. They were to meet once a week, which left Fang Jiashu puzzled, as now the family of four had to deal with having a lover. Silver Fox praised Fang Jiashu's excellent submission of Japanese intelligence and also entrusted him to look into the suspicion surrounding Du Juan. The next step was to begin installing the telephone bomb on Li Lixing.

With Sun Huaimin's death, Li Lixing secretly arranged for Chen Feixiong to investigate Ye Xingcheng and others, as they were at Fang Jiashu's house at the time, so Fang Jiashu didn't need to investigate them. Li Lixing arranged for Fang Jiashu to move to Hua Village to both supervise him and use him for certain tasks. Whether Yang Junping was Du Juan was only a matter of Li Lixing's words; he did it just to please his superiors.

Fang Jiashu knew that their new residence was deliberately arranged for surveillance by Li Lixing. They moved to No. 76, where Le Yan was worried because it seemed like a place specifically targeted at patriots. Chen Feixiong privately approached Fang Jiashu and revealed the reason for his sudden visit that night. He warned Fang Jiashu about the consequences of charging in, as he only gave the order to throw down the cup cover and not to smash the cup. It was this that saved Fang Jiashu's life. Fang Jiashu was grateful for this favor and presented him with a bracelet as a token of his gratitude.

Le Yan refused to be surnamed Fang and declared that she was Zhao Le Yan. She couldn't stay in this place for even a minute; she wanted to go find Lao Zhao (Old Zhao) now. Tao Yuling noticed movement outside the door and pulled Le Yan, warning her not to speak recklessly, or else the whole family would die there. Fang Jiashu said that Ye Xingcheng should have been supervising him anyway, after all, he was his superior.

Fang Jiashu admitted that if Le Yan's mindset wasn't resolved, she would be like a time bomb, ready to explode at any moment, because the enemy wouldn't give a transition period. Le Yan had to get on the right track immediately.

Fang Jiashu said that there are good people everywhere, but this statement was opposed by Le Yan, who wished for a gentleman to come and save her except at No. 76. At No. 76, a simple sentence turned the boss into an odd job worker, and Tao Yuling became the boss instead.

Ye Xingcheng asked Su Yalu to face reality, while Tao Yuling traveled a long distance to find her husband. He urged Su Yalu to give up on Fang Jiashu, while he himself was willing to be a faithful guardian.

Yin Hu arranged for the installation of the telephone bomb and chose Tao Yuling as the most suitable person, as a homemaker wouldn't arouse suspicion.


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