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Wu Xiaoliang (吴晓亮) Profile

Wu Xiaoliang

Wu Xiaoliang(吴晓亮) was born on July 22, 1985, in Inner Mongolia, and is a Chinese actor.

In 2006, he gained attention for his role as Yongliang in the youth romance film Young and Clueless.

His major works include The Longest Day in Chang'an, The Infiltrator, Crime Crackdown, etc.

Basic Info

Wu Xiaoliang

Stage Name: Wu Xiaoliang
Chinese Name: Wu Xiao Liang / 吴晓亮
Place of Birth: Inner Mongolia
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 22, 1985 (Age: 38)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 180cm (5'10")
Blood Type: B
Instagram: -
Weibo: 吴晓亮


  1. Wu Xiaoliang's agent is Tianhou & Sanren Media.
  2. He started playing in a band when he was 16, where he was the guitarist and lead singer.



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