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Mystery of Antiques 3 – Qu Chuxiao, Yukee Chen

Mystery of Antiques 3 is a adventure drama directed by Han Qing, led by Qu Chuxiao and Yukee Chen Yuqi, co-starring Li Jiuxiao, Wang Peihan, and Dai Wenwen, with special appearances by Tian Yu and Li Chengru.

The drama is based on Ma Boyong's full-length novel of the same name and tells the story of Xu Yicheng, a patriotic scholar in the antique industry, who, together with Hai Lan Zhu, a descendant of the royal family, Liu Yiming, Huang Kewu and his friend Fu Gui, navigate among the forces of the old dynasty, the Japanese invaders and the warlords to identify and protect treasures and stop the exodus of national treasures.


Mystery of Antiques 3

English Title: Mystery of Antiques 3
Chinese Title: 古董局中局之掠宝清单
Genre: Adventure, Suspense, Drama, Thriller
Episodes: 44
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Han Qing
Writer: Han Qing, Qiu Feng Yu, Wu Yuze, Li Kefeng, Liao Yujia
Producer: Huang Xing
Product Company: HY BROTHERS, Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2021-07-21
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



In 1928, the head of the Beijing Police Department imprisoned all the bigwigs of the antique industry in the capital in the name of a birthday celebration. At the moment when the "five veins" were in crisis, Xu Yicheng resolved the crisis in the face of danger.

The former friend Chen Weili died in the street and sent a note to Xu Yicheng before he died, on which the mark of the terroir was vaguely visible.

Xu Yicheng investigated this and accidentally found that Chen Weili's death was related to the Japanese.

The tomb of Imperial Concubine Shushen had been stolen and Xu Yicheng was asked to help solve the crisis of the East Tombs, while Xu Yicheng was sensitive that the crisis of the East Tombs was related to the death of his friend Chen Weili.

In order to avoid the exodus of Chinese national treasures and to find out about the death of his friend, Xu Yicheng, ventures into Ping'an City and stops the exodus of Chinese national treasures with practical actions, with the help of Hai Lan Zhu, a descendant of the royal family, Liu Yiming, Huang Kemu and his friend Fu Gui.


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