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Thin Ice – Peng Guanying, Yukee Chen

Thin Ice is a spy drama directed by Jin Chen, written by Hai Fei, and starring Peng Guanying, Yukee Chen, Fu Dalong, Gao Hanyu, Chen Xiaoyun, Wang Jingsong, Wu Yue, Yao Anlian, He Minghan, and Sun Zhihong.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Chen Dong Qiang Qiang and tells the story of a multi-faceted secret agent who is in a perilous situation and fights for the people.


Thin Ice

English Title: Thin Ice
Chinese Title: 薄冰
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Tag: Chinese Communist Party, Historical Fiction, Chinese Republican Era
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jin Chen
Writer: Hai Fei
Producer: Zhou Weicheng, Ren Xu, Wang Bing, Jiang Zhifang
Released Date: 2023-04-05
Broadcast Website: MGTV



In 1944 Shanghai, a top agent of the Military Intelligence Bureau with the code name "Lu Bu", Chen Qian, disguised himself as a Japanese secret envoy named "Qian Jing Guang Fu" to infiltrate the enemy's Meimei Agency in order to disrupt a shocking conspiracy by the Japanese.

He went deep into the enemy camp and successfully thwarted Japan's attempt to seize uranium ore resources. During the mission, he witnessed the cruel methods used by the Military Intelligence Bureau and, after the sacrifice of "Feitian", gradually found his true beliefs and joined the Chinese Communist Party.

He took the initiative to take over the liaison work between "Feitian" and our party's underground organization. Chen Qian returned to Chongqing and infiltrated the Military Intelligence Bureau.

He worked hand in hand with the new "Feitian" and successfully exposed the Military Intelligence Bureau spy "Limao" lurking on our side, thwarting the Military Intelligence Bureau's "Nirvana Plan" and ushering in the liberation of Chongqing.


In 1943, there was a huge change in the battlefield situation of World War II. The anti-fascist camp saw the dawn of victory. On the Chinese battlefield, the Japanese launched a frenzied offensive to salvage their deteriorating situation. At the same time, a long-planned shocking conspiracy was also unfolding.

On a bustling street in Shanghai, Chen Qian, a Chongqing National Government secret agent with the code name "Lu Bu," disguised himself as an electrician and met with his comrade Xu Kuilin, code name "Diao Chan," to exchange information. Their target this time was Ren Ke Fu Xiong, a Japanese Army Lieutenant General. The United States and Germany are both rushing to develop nuclear weapons. Whoever develops nuclear weapons first will determine the outcome of the war. Due to Japan's scarce resources, their only option is to search for uranium ore in China. Ren Ke Fu Xiong, who enjoys watching opera, is likely to appear at the Carlton Theater tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock for an opera performance. Jing Tianyutailang has already sent a message to Ren Ke Fu Xiong, so the probability of his appearance is high, and it is their only chance to get close to the target.

The next day, the leader of the Shanghai branch's action team, Zhou Zuo, was instructing his subordinates to keep an eye on anyone entering the Calderon Theater and not allow any mistakes to occur. Meanwhile, Chen Qian followed the crowd and queued up to enter the theater when suddenly the popular actor Ye Cunming appeared and the crowd rushed forward to get his autograph. Yu Chunyang took the opportunity to move the props needed for the play, which included not only Ye Cunming's precious masks but also a gun they had hidden. Since only Ye Cunming could open the mask, hiding the weapon was the safest option. Later, Chen Qian disguised himself as an electrician and successfully entered the theater, while Xu Kuilin disguised himself as a journalist and was able to enter successfully as well.

However, the group of people who were transporting the play were stopped. Chen Qian observed from upstairs while Ye Cun Ming rushed over upon hearing the commotion. He angrily expressed that he didn't want anyone to touch his things. Gong Ben Liang from the Mei Bureau's Intelligence Department went forward to inquire about the situation. After learning that Ye Cun Ming refused to allow the props to be inspected, he insisted on having the box opened due to orders from above. Ye Cun Ming had no choice but to open the box himself, and Gong Ben Liang didn't say anything.

Meanwhile, in the Shanghai branch of the National Government's Political Security Bureau, Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang, the head of the Intelligence Department, was interrogating Chongqing special agent Mao Sen. He presented photos of a private dance party where an assassination took place, as well as the incident where Xiao Ye Sang reported to the Mei Bureau and was shot dead on the spot, leaving only a shell casing behind. Mao Sen trembled with fear after hearing this and confessed that Diao Chan and Lu Bu were responsible for those events.

Due to the Japanese army ignoring Ye Cun Ming's opposition, they forced him to remove his mask, which made him feel very unhappy. He directly collapsed on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest. Meanwhile, Yu Chunyang put down her props box and went to Ye Cun Ming's room to look for something. She was a member of the Shanghai underground traffic station of the Communist Party of China, codenamed Bu Gu Niao. This time, she received a task from her superior, Xu Hailiang, to bring back intelligence about uranium ore. At this moment, Chen Qian quietly sneaked into the place where the props box was placed, took the hidden gun in his hand, and quickly left the room.

In order to complete the assassination mission of Ren Ke Fu Xiong, Chen Qian did some advance reconnaissance. There weren't many people on the second floor of the theater this time, so he could go up there and find the private room to confirm the sniper point. Xu Kuilin was responsible for confirming Ren Ke Fu Xiong's location, giving Chen Qian a signal, and then they would go to the entrance of the Sanyo Bank for retreat. Mao Sen would be there to pick them up, so they had to complete the mission as soon as possible before 5 o'clock. But what they didn't know was that Mao Sen had already been caught by Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang, who used the anti-Japanese forces to threaten him to reveal Lu Bu and Diao Chan's plan. Mao Sen couldn't hold out and had to spill everything.

Yu Chunyang finally found what she was looking for, but when she wanted to leave, she suddenly heard voices outside. It turned out that He Dabao from the Shanghai Branch Action Team was chatting up someone. Chen Qian also saw this scene and noticed that Xu Kuilin was about to come up, so he signaled him to start moving. Xu Kuilin then gave the security guard some money, using an interview with Ye Cun Ming as an excuse to smoothly go upstairs and divert He Dabao's attention. Chen Qian took this opportunity to deliberately provoke He Dabao and urge him to follow, successfully distracting He Dabao and entering Ye Cun Ming's room.

As soon as Chen Qian entered, he was held at knifepoint at his lower back, thinking it was a Japanese soldier. He then fought with Yu Chunyang. They heard the voices of the Japanese soldiers outside, so they stopped fighting and hid. They killed the two Japanese soldiers who came in. Yu Chunyang guessed that Chen Qian was from the military intelligence, so she quickly left. Chen Qian closed the door and saw Yu Chunyang's hairpin on the ground, so he put it in his pocket. He then opened a small slit in the curtain and observed the situation below. At that moment, Xu Kuilin used a camera to show Chen Qian where Ren Ke Fu Xiong was located.

However, Chen Qian hesitated a bit. He had just seen a man in a long robe enter Ren Ke Fu Xiong's room. The man was also respectful when he saw him, and he was worried that they had switched identities. At this point, he could no longer hesitate. Chen Qian aimed at the man in the suit and fired, only to find that the Japanese had surrounded the man in the long robe, realizing that he was Ren Ke Fu Xiong. When the fuses blew, all the theater lights went out. Chen Qian took this opportunity to slide down from the first floor and used a guest's glasses to remove Ren Ke Fu Xiong. Then he slipped away from the nearby door. When the lights came on, the Japanese only then discovered that Ren Ke Fu Xiong had already been killed.

Hearing that Gu Manli came to work at the medical department of the Shanghai branch, and Captain Zhou happily went to greet her, even offering the delicious pan-fried buns that He Dabao had bought. Outside, Lu Bu and Diao Chan are hailed as great heroes, much loved by the common people, but after Chen Qian and Xu Kuilin were arrested, they suffered unspeakable torture. Jing Tianyutailang sat by and couldn't bear to watch, so he had to admit that Mao Sen was not the only one who had sold out the two, there were others who provided clues. However, if Chen Qian wanted to know, he would have to exchange all the personnel and password books of the Shanghai intelligence station. Chen Qian did not agree and firmly stated that the Military Statistics would definitely find this person.

Because Lu Bu and Diao Chan were captured, the security of the entire military intelligence was affected. Only by catching the Japanese traitors and ensuring the safety of intelligence could they feel at ease. Qiu Yingxia of the Military Intelligence Department took on this task and went to the spy department to interrogate the prisoners, hoping to find some information.

When Lu Bu and Diao Chan refused to speak, Jing Tianyutailang continued to torture them and even tried to sow discord between the two by intentionally treating Diao Chan harshly and favoring Lu Bu. Hearing Xu Kuilin's screams of torture, Chen Qian clenched his fists and indicated that he would reveal the contact information for the Military Statistical Hurricane Team if they stopped torturing Diao Chan. Jing Tianyutailang stopped and walked over to Chen Qian, but then heard him curse in Japanese and became angry. He picked up a chair and smashed it onto Diao Chan before hitting Chen Qian a few times. At that moment, Captain Zhou appeared and ordered Jing Tianyutailang to stop, claiming that there was a phone call for him to answer outside.

I heard that Qiu Yingxia intervened in the work of the spy department, and Guan Yongshan told Dabao not to worry too much. Then they found out that they needed to discuss the rescue of Lu Bu and Diao Chan, and immediately rushed to the interrogation room. Qiu Yingxia said that the person who was arrested was not the spy Ajiaohu. The person in front of them was just a police informant. Ajiaohu has strong social skills and knows many people in Shanghai, but the person who was arrested still did not admit to being Ajiaohu even under brutal interrogation. This shows that the spy department has caught the wrong person. After speaking, Qiu Yingxia turned and left.

In order to continue tormenting Xu Kuilin, Jing Tianyutailang brought in a Japanese man who was good at wrestling to compete with Xu Kuilin. However, Xu Kuilin was seriously injured and could not resist the Japanese man. Under heavy torture, he couldn't help but express his willingness to reveal what they wanted to know, and then passed out. Chen Qian was stunned when he heard this, looking at Xu Kuilin who had fainted, feeling very uncomfortable.

The Military Statistics Bureau received a message that Lu Bu was seriously injured and Diao Chan was unconscious. Qiu Yingxia found Guan Yongshan to discuss the task of rescuing both of them. She believed that as long as Lu Bu was still breathing, he could survive. Looking at Chen Qian's file, he was very talented and excellent in all aspects. Guan Yongshan immediately suggested contacting the Hurricane team leader Tao Dachun to work together to rescue Chen Qian. However, Qiu Yingxia felt that Chen Qian's situation was critical and if the rescue plan was not well thought out, it would be a suicide mission. Therefore, they must come up with a safe and reliable plan. After Qiu Yingxia left, Guan Yongshan asked Wang Dakui to contact Director Dai because what Qiu Yingxia said was right. They could only work with the Communist Party to have a chance to succeed.

Here, He Dabao brought food to Lu Bu and Diao Chan. Xu Kuilin took this opportunity to intentionally spill the food and hide the broken pieces of the bowl in his hand. When the Japanese soldiers were about to take Xu Kuilin away, Chen Qian suddenly expressed his willingness to surrender and claimed to know more than the other side, even mocking Xu Kuilin. This made Xu Kuilin somewhat unhappy, and he tried to hit Chen Qian, but the Japanese soldiers saw it as a joke and thought they were fighting like dogs. They let Xu Kuilin be taken away when they thought it was enough. Chen Qian spoke up again, claiming that he had a big secret to tell them. This attracted the attention of a Japanese officer who came forward to listen. Then, using the broken pieces of the bowl that Xu Kuilin had just handed him, Chen Qian cut the rope and killed the Japanese soldier. Xu Kuilin saw this and killed the other two Japanese soldiers nearby, and then they both fled together.

As a result, when the two of them reached the gate, Xu Kuilin couldn't keep up and fell behind. When Chen Qian turned around to help him, he saw Jing Tianyutailang shoot and kill Xu Kuilin. He was stunned and surrounded by the Japanese, and was taken back to the prison where he was previously detained.

In the evening, Yu Chunyang received a mission from her superiors to go to a dance hall to meet with comrades. Chen Qian, codenamed "Sparrow," approached her and successfully met with her. Upstairs in a private room, Captain Zhou and He Dabao were on a mission. They received information that the Communist Party would be meeting at the dance hall, and the enemy believed it was time to strike. However, Captain Zhou believed it was not yet the right time, as it could alert the Communist Party. Since Chunyang lost intelligence last time, she requested an opportunity to make up for it. Chen Qian said he would report her idea to the organization.

In order to avoid being searched by the Japanese army, Chen Qian cleverly changed into the clothes of a Japanese officer and left the ballroom smoothly. When Captain Zhou and He Dabao discovered it, they only saw a Japanese officer whose clothes had been ripped off, so they were slapped again. At the same time, Yu Chunyang changed into the clothes of a waiter and successfully left the ballroom. He Dabao and Captain Zhou were a little confused. They had received news that Chen Qian had already gone to Shanghai, but now he appeared in Chongqing, which made them puzzled. Then, they received the task of transferring Chen Qian, so they wanted to go as soon as possible. However, Captain Zhou wanted to find Gu Manli, using the excuse of treating wounds to strengthen their relationship and have her join them to carry out the task together.

Chen Qian realized that someone was examining his body, so he opened his eyes to see and found that Gu Manli had the same hairpin as Chunyang, which made him somewhat puzzled. In fact, Gu Manli has the same identity as Chunyang. This time, she received the task to rescue Chen Qian while protecting herself. The best opportunity to rescue him was during the transfer, so she secretly gave him a fake death drug under the guise of sewing his wound, allowing him to die naturally during the transfer.

After checking Chen Qian's body, Gu Manli left with Captain Zhou, while He Dabao transferred Chen Qian with his team. Yu Chunyang received a signal from Gu Manli and started to take action. Meanwhile, Tao Dachun, the captain of the Chongqing National Government's Hurricane team, also launched a rescue mission to save Chen Qian. During the transfer, people nearby noticed that Chen Qian was convulsing and immediately called for the car to stop. He Dabao learned that Chen Qian was in critical condition and immediately ordered his team to start rescuing him. At that moment, the people preparing to rescue Chen Qian saw the big truck stop. They were puzzled, but then heard them claim that Lu Bu had died, which was unexpected.

Gu Manli estimated that it was about time, so she drugged Captain Zhou to prevent her from going. When the Japanese army received news of Chen Qian's death, they were afraid of contagious diseases, so they had someone find a place to bury him. The Communist Party took this opportunity to infiltrate and then move Chen Qian to a place they had arranged. When a man arrived at the unmarked grave, he suddenly saw a long-haired woman with a mask and thought he had encountered a ghost, so he left in fear. It turned out to be Yu Chunyang, who did this to open the coffin and see if Chen Qian was inside. Then Yu Chunyang and Xu Haichen moved Chen Qian and brought him to Captain Zhou's car. Gu Manli cooperated with the two of them and successfully sent them away.

When Captain Zhou woke up, he found himself in Gu Manli's room, but he didn't think much of it when she claimed he was drunk. After being taken care of by Yu Chunyang, Chen Qian showed signs of waking up from his coma.

Chen Qian did not feel happy about Yu Chunyang's rescue. Instead, he believed that she shouldn't have saved him because if the Military Statistics Bureau found out, they would only suspect him of having connections with the Communist Party. Xu Haichen knew about Chen Qian's concerns and didn't say much. When Yu Chunyang returned and saw that Chen Qian had passed out again, she stayed by his side and didn't leave. The next day, when Chen Qian woke up, he wanted to leave the place. Yu Chunyang tried to stop him, but they were interrupted by a knock on the door. The neighbor came to borrow a stool, but Chen Qian was worried that their identities would be exposed, so he pretended to be angry and scared the neighbor away.

In order to help Yu Chunyang relax, Chen Qian suggested that they drink together. When Yu Chunyang got drunk, Chen Qian helped her leave with her injured body. When Yu Chunyang woke up, she found only a letter in front of her. Chen Qian wrote in the letter that he would investigate the person who leaked the information and come back, so he asked Yu Chunyang to tell him her name.

Due to Chen Qian's death, Jing Tian Yu Ci Lang felt that he had not completed his assigned task, so he entrusted his daughter You Jiazi to his brother Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang, and then committed suicide by cutting his belly. Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang and Jing Tian Yu Ci Lang were twin brothers, but Tai Lang did not have a high opinion of Ci Lang, believing that he had brought shame to the family. Chen Qian was just back to the Military Statistics, when he was interrogated by Qiu Yingxia. Chen Qian explained that his father's friend Guo Baoguo had bribed the prison guard to give him a fake death drug to eat on the way to the transfer, and then Chen Qian was transported to a chaotic burial ground, where Guo Baoguo saved him.

But Qiu Yingxia believed that Chen Qian must have colluded with the Japanese army to escape from their hands unharmed, which made her very angry. Qiu Yingxia searched for all the information on Guo Baoguo and even brought his son, and even used a lie detector. As a result, Guo Baoguo's son claimed that he had not seen Chen Qian, which deepened Qiu Yingxia's suspicion and made her believe that Chen Qian was lying. Qiu Yingxia also believed that Chen Qian had betrayed the party and the country by not enduring the severe torture of the Japanese army and had become a spy for the Japanese. In order to prove that she was not lying, Chen Qian proposed to let Guo Baoguo's son try the lie detector and found a loophole in it.

Regarding what Guo Baoguo’s son said, Chen Qian had doubts in his heart. He believed that there were loopholes in what the other party said, but the lie detector did not show it, which made him confused. What Chen Qian didn’t know was that the lie detector in front of him was controlled by Qiu Yingxia. The so-called Guo Baoguo’s son was also an actor she found just to see if Chen Qian had betrayed. The final result showed that Chen Qian was not abnormal. In addition, Shanghai confirmed their relationship, so Qiu Yingxia did not say anything more. Then Guan Yongshan gave him the medal and military rank he deserved and comforted him.

However, Qiu Yingxia still suspected Chen Qian, so she secretly checked Chen Qian’s suitcase and saw a girl’s hairpin inside, but didn’t take it seriously. After Chen Qian finished his work, he carried his suitcase home and saw Xiao Adi waiting for him. He smiled when he saw her. There was also an old acquaintance waiting for him. It was his new colleague named Wu Ruonan. The two of them were at odds with each other. When Qian Pangzi saw this, he stepped forward to mediate and then told Chen Qian about Wu Ruonan’s identity. She was the illegitimate daughter of a certain general, so she had a more arrogant temper.

This time when Chen Qian came back, Xiao Adi didn’t know when he would leave again and was full of worries. She wanted to know about his work but didn’t want to distract him. Seeing that Xu Kuilin did not come back together, Xiao Adi asked about him and learned that he died in the line of duty. She was very sad and then worried about Chen Qian’s marriage and wanted him to be with Wu Ruonan.

Xu Dehai saw that Yu Chunyang was in a bad mood and advised her to get along peacefully with Chen Qian. Perhaps they would meet each other by chance next time. It was said that Wang Dakui slandered Xu Kuilin for colluding with the Japanese army. Chen Qian angrily confronted him and even had a fight. Everyone saw this and tried to stop them. When Xie Dongtian heard the commotion, he walked over and asked about the reason. He then slapped Wang Dakui and asked Chen Qian if he was satisfied. However, Xie Dongtian pretended not to provoke Chen Qian on the surface but secretly found Guan Yongshan to report him and wanted Chen Qian to be put in solitary confinement. Chen Qian did not want the matter to be swept under the rug and insisted that Wang Dakui apologize, so he had a grudge against Xie Dongtian.

Chen Qian received a task to investigate Ai Jiaohu and went to look for information. He found some interesting things and inferred that Ai Jiaohu had sold a lot of intelligence and that the scope involved was also very large. Then, Chen Qian profiled Ai Jiaohu through the information and then said that the password book might be an English novel. After seeing Chen Qian’s results, Wu Ruonan looked at him with new eyes. Therefore, she and Qian Pangzi determined the approximate range. On this side, Xie Dongtian learned that Qiu Yingxia was about to take action and began to think about it. On the last day of his confinement, Guan Yongshan personally picked up Chen Qian and even arranged for him to be the deputy section chief under Qiu Yingxia.

Just out of solitary confinement, Chen Qian was called to go on a mission. This time, Qiu Yingxia led the team. He and Qian Pangzi rushed to the scene and learned that Qiu Yingxia had already determined that Shen Xiong was the prime suspect. In addition, he was a foreigner and changed girlfriends frequently, so they didn’t say much. So Qiu Yingxia asked someone to call Shen Xiong and falsely claimed that there was a meeting and asked him to come back. Then, Chen Qian took advantage of this opportunity to sneak into Shen Xiong’s room and found that Ai Jiaohu was not the only one. So he informed Qiu Yingxia of this speculation. When Shen Xiong returned and found something wrong, he called to confirm the meeting and learned that there was no such thing, so he hurried back to his residence. Wu Ruonan saw that Shen Xiong had returned and quickly signaled Chen Qian, but Chen Qian did not have time to leave and left traces behind.

When he realized that something was wrong with the residence, Shen Xiong looked around warily. Suddenly, Chen Qian appeared and held a gun to him, insisting on taking Shen's mother away first. What Chen Qian didn't expect was that Xie Dongtian also showed up at the scene. Xie wanted to take Shen Xiong and his mother away, but Shen's mother protected her son and held Xie back so that her son could leave quickly. In the end, Xie Dongtian shot her and she fell down. Chen Qian was torn between choices, but ultimately decided that sending Shen's mother to the hospital was the most important thing to do, so he chose not to pursue Shen Xiong for now.

Qiu Yingxia was puzzled when she learned that Xie Dongtian was also present at the scene. Only they knew about the news of Ai Jiao Hu, so how did he find out and show up in time? Shen Xiong saw Xie Dongtian kill his mother with his own eyes and hated him deeply, so he cursed him several times. Qiu Yingxia and Wu Ruonan wanted to take him back for questioning, but Xie Dongtian disagreed. He believed that only through seizing opportunities could he climb up. Xie Dongtian came from a single-parent family and had received a lot of insults, so he hated it when others insulted him. Shen Xiong's words angered him, so he uncontrollably beat him up.

Fortunately, Mrs. Shen was sent to the hospital in time and the operation went smoothly. Chen Qian, who was accompanying her, finally breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as Mrs. Shen woke up, she begged Chen Qian to help save her son and handed him her necklace. During the interrogation of Shen Xiong, Chen Qian presented Mrs. Shen's necklace and stated that Aijiaohu was an intelligence group. If they were caught and released, no one would want to do business with them again. Chen Qian's words had an effect, and Shen Xiong revealed everything.

The next day, Qiu Yingxia deliberately leaked information to catch the inside man of the Military Intelligence, which lured Xie Dongtian into taking the bait. He thought that as long as he could be the first to catch the Japanese spy that Shen Xiong was going to meet, he could get promoted and make a fortune. However, he fell into the trap. Chen Qian informed Shen Xiong of two pieces of news: Shen's mother had passed away due to a relapse of her illness, and he had secretly transferred Shen's son and would not disclose this information to anyone. Therefore, everything Shen had asked for had been accomplished, and now they needed to talk about the leak of intelligence. If it weren't for this, Xu Kuilin might not have sacrificed his life, and he couldn't imagine a hero dying at the hands of his own people. Shen Xiong said that he had also sold himself out for the country in the past, but from the front line to his current position, he had seen the corruption of the Military Intelligence and believed that the country would definitely fall. Chen Qian felt mixed emotions upon hearing this and went to speak from the heart at his best friend's grave.

Because Yu Chunyang had excellent grades and was also known as the “female champion” in the alley, she was qualified to teach lower grades. Therefore, the organization wanted Yu Chunyang to infiltrate the school so that they could obtain more information. Xu Dehai lamented that Yu Chunyang’s father was in the liquor business and had hired a private tutor for her when she was young. If her father hadn’t passed away, Chunyang might have become a knowledgeable woman.

After learning that Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang was arrested by the military statistics, there were people outside asking the military statistics to release him. Chen Qian was a little confused when he learned that he saw Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang. He realized that people outside mistook him for Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang because they looked similar. However, the military statistics only found out that Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang was here to carry out an important plan and was going to meet with Jingtianyucilang, but they did not find out what the plan was. Therefore, Qiu Yingxia asked Chen Qian to try and see if he could find out something.

Qian Jing Guang Fu ate his food calmly while Xie Dongtian talked nonsense. Qian Jing Guang Fu rarely spoke, but he only asked him to help him pay for his meal at Yaoxiangge. Qian Jing Guang Fu could tell that Xie Dongtian was not someone who could make decisions in the military statistics and asked him to find someone who could make decisions. Xie Dongtian was very dissatisfied and asked him to find nineteen faces in one picture to prove his ability. However, this picture was used for hypnosis, and Qian Jing Guang Fu quickly fell asleep. Chen Qian saw this and didn’t expect him to learn hypnosis. Xie Dongtian was using hypnosis to interrogate Jing Guangfu. When he heard the other party say Chen Qian’s name, he leaned forward and continued to ask questions. However, Qian Jing Guang Fu suddenly opened his eyes and handcuffed Xie Dongtian, saying that he was “Chen Qian”.

Chen Qian and Qian Jing Guang Fu were college classmates. Qian Jing Guang Fu always talked about Yaoxiangge, saying it was a kind of worship for beauty. Chen Qian didn't want to catch up with him, but it was obvious that Qian Jing Guang Fu didn't want to talk about it. When they were studying in Japan, many people said that Chen Qian and Qian Jing Guang Fu looked alike, and they did hang out for a while. When Wu Ruonan heard about Qian Jing Guang Fu's situation, she hurried to find Chen Qian. Chen Qian was about to go and catch up with Qian Jing Guang Fu with a bottle of wine, but he received news of Qian Jing Guang Fu's suicide, and it was said that he had confessed to everything with Xie Dongtian before he died. Chen Qian noticed something strange. Qian Jing Guang Fu did not commit suicide but was given a hallucinogenic drug. Xie Dongtian pretended to be ignorant and refused to admit it. The accusations of Chen Qian and Wu Ruonan were useless against him, and he even threatened Chen Qian. Last night, Xie Dongtian, who lost face, went to find Qian Jing Guang Fu. However, Qian Jing Guang Fu hurt his pride with a few words, and Xie Dongtian used a hallucinogenic drug on him and then completely eliminated him.

When Xie Dongtian and Guan Yongshan were reporting, Chen Qian came to report, hoping to infiltrate the Japanese Plum Agency as Qian Jing Guang Fu. Qian Jing Guang Fu came to Chongqing this time without any specific goals. He came to take over the mission of his uncle, Ren Ke Fu Xiong, who was previously assassinated. Jing Tian Yu Tai Lang had never met Qian Jing Guang Fu, so it was the best opportunity for Chen Qian to infiltrate the Plum Agency. Before Xie Dongtian could express his dissatisfaction, Guan Yongshan stopped him and agreed to Chen Qian's plan. Wu Ruonan also wanted to go to Shanghai with Chen Qian and Qian Zhenguo, but Qiu Yingxia disagreed, as the mission was too dangerous and Wu Ruonan's father would not agree either.

When Guan Yongshan saw Xie Dongtian causing a disturbance in the ballroom, he quickly stepped forward to stop him and persuaded him to be more composed, and also gave him a top-secret mission to be executed in Shanghai. Wu Ruonan also wanted to go to Shanghai, and Qiu Yingxia understood her thoughts, so she agreed to let her go.



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