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Wu Yue (吴越) Profile

Wu Yue

Wu Yue(吴越), born on April 10, 1972, in Minhang District, Shanghai, is a Chinese actress.

In 1995, she made her debut in the TV series Bei Jing Shen Qiu De Gu Shi / 北京深秋的故事.

Her major works include He Ping Nian Dai, Chrysanthemum Tea, The First Half of My Life, Going Rural, Crime Crackdown, Mom Wow, etc.

Basic Info

Wu Yue

Stage Name: Wu Yue
Chinese Name: 吴越
Place of Birth: Shanghai
Nationality: China
Birthday: April 10, 1972
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 168cm (5’6″)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: 玥光宝贝, 月光队员, “越”活族
Weibo: 吴越


  1. Wu Yue’s agent is Starmoon ap.
  2. Education: she graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy and majored in acting.
  3. Wu Yue’s ex-boyfriend is Chen Jianbin.


  • Mom Wow(Su Qing)(2022)
  • The Pavilion(Zhou Ya Mei)(2021)
  • Crime Crackdown(He Yun)(2021)
  • Stray Birds(Tan Miao)(2021)
  • Going Rural(Liu Hai Tang)(2021)
  • A Love For Dilemma(Assistant Team Leader Li)(2021)
  • My Best Friend’s Story(Qi Xin)(2020)
  • Sisyphus(Qiao Xin)(2020)
  • Love Yourself(Jin Yan)(2020)
  • Serenade of Peaceful Joy(Liu Er)(2020)
  • The Best Partner(Luo Qi)(2019)
  • Ming Dynasty(Empress Zhang Yan)(2019)
  • Detective Ke Chen(Sun Ru Xue)(2019)
  • Spy Hunter(Dong Xi Mei)(2019)
  • Eagles and Youngster(Su Hua Fen)(2018)
  • Women in Beijing(Gu Ying Zhen)(2018)
  • The First Half of My Life(Ling Ling)(2017)
  • Away Your Depression(Yu Ke Fei)(2010)
  • Ten Days of Life and Death(Wu Xiao Jin)(2007)
  • Laughter and Generosity(Guest Role)(2001)
  • He Ping Nian Dai(Wen Lu)(1996)


  • B for Busy(Bei Bei)(2021)
  • Better Days(Chen Nian’s mother)(2019)
  • The Lady in the Portrait(Yi)(2017)
  • Hundred Regiments Offensive(Liang Shan)(2015)
  • Sleepless City(Ye Da Fu)(2004)
  • Chrysanthemum Tea(Li Wei Hua)(2001)
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