The Pavilion – Duan Yihong, Hao Lei

The Pavilion is a family suspense drama directed by Wang Xiaoshuai and Hua Jing, starring Duan Yihong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng, Wu Yue, Xing Minshan, Mira, and Bai Yufan.

This drama tells the story of a complicated emotional relationship between family members involved in an unsolved case.


Basic Info

The Pavilion

English Title: The Pavilion
Chinese Title: 八角亭迷雾
Genre: Family, Suspense
Episodes: 12
Director: Wang Xiaoshuai, Hua Jing
Producer: Dai Ying, Liu Xuan
Product Company: iQIYI
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Released Date: October 13, 2021


Duan Yihong Duan Yihong as Yuan Fei
Hao Lei Hao Lei as Xuan Zhu
Zu Feng Zu Feng as Xuan Liang
Wu Yue Wu Yue as Zhou Yamei
Bai Yufan Bai Yufan as Liu Xinli
Mira Mira as Nian Mei


A nineteen-year unsolved “pavilion case” leaves the Xuan family under a cloud of suspicion and estrangement between relatives that cannot be calmed. When the murder case reappears, the memories and pain once again plunge the Xuan family into the abyss of love and hate.

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