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Bright Future – Hu Ge, Wu Yue

Bright Future is an urban drama directed by Kong Sheng, led by Hu Ge, Wu Yue, and Zhang Xincheng, with special appearances by Huang Lei, Li Guangjie, Liu Tao, and Bao Be Er, co-starring Wang Xiao, Ren Chengwei, You Yongzhi, Ning Wentong, and Fang Zibin.

The drama, a tribute to the 20th Party Congress, tells the story of Mei Xiaoge, a secretary of the county party committee, who unites with his colleagues and masses to build Guangming County, showing the spirit of grassroots cadres and masses.


Bright Future

English Title: Bright Future
Chinese Title: 县委大院
Genre: Urban, Drama
Tag: Traveling, Rural Life, Propaganda, Countryside Setting, Village Setting
Episodes: 24
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Kong Sheng
Writer: Wang Xiaoqiang
Producer: Hou Hongliang
Released Date: 2022-12-07
Broadcast Website: 正午阳光官方频道



On the eve of the 19th National Congress, Mei Xiaoge took up his post as the governor of Guangming County, becoming a colleague with the county party secretary, Lu Qingshan, and the deputy secretary, Ai Xianzhi.

At this time, they were faced with the urgent need to restore and develop Guangming County, and a variety of problems and issues came up one after another.

Mei Xiaoge has a high EQ and a good rapport and gradually gets along well with his colleagues, balancing the contradictions in the governance process.

He also had the courage to take on the challenge of visiting hundreds of villages in Guangming County.

After being elected Secretary of the County Party Committee, Mei Xiaoge worked to promote deeper reform of the cadre style, adhering to the concept of green development, safeguarding people's livelihood on the basis of protecting the environment, and optimizing education in the county.

Thanks to the efforts of the county party committee team, the ideal of governing Guangming County to get rid of poverty and achieve healthy development has finally been realized.


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