2022 Chinese Drama List

Stray Birds – Xu Lu, Gao Zhiting

Stray Birds is a youth reality drama directed by Zhou Kan and Fu Xiaoyi, starring Xu Lu, Gao Zhiting, Qiu Henan, Yu Chen, Wen Sheng, Xiao Haoran, and Xu Weiluo.


Stary Birds

English Title: Stray Birds
Chinese Title: 飞鸟集
Genre: Youth, Reality
Episodes: 40
45 min.
Writer: Xi Ning, Zhou Kan, Fu Xiaoyi
Producer: Zong Xiaoyan
Product Company: Blue White Red Pictures
Broadcasting website: MGTV
Release date: July 3, 2021


Xu Lu Xu Lu as Su Xiaoman
Gao Zhiting Gao Zhiting as Wu Yue
Anson Qiu Qiu Henan as Lin Shaoting
Huai Wen Huai Wen as Ren Qianqiu
Yu Chen Yu Chen as Chai Qing
Wen Sheng Wen Sheng as Zhang Jiang


The world’s top 500, well-known IT company NBI held a large job fair in a university.

Graduate student Wuyue, rich second generation Lin Shaoting, super scholar Su Xiaoman, and others participate in this unique group interview. They were offered a six-month entry-level internship at NBI.

This group of young IT people entering the workplace, in the workplace competition and complex interpersonal relationships, through the challenging internship period, towards entrepreneurship, facing the test of love, family and friendship, in the experience of transformation, growth, towards a new life.

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