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Black Lighthouse – Janice Wu, Yang Le

Black Lighthouse is an urban law drama directed by Shi Heran, Zhang Hanwen, and Yu Dong, starring Wu Qian, Yang Le, Zheng Yawen, and Dai Xu.

The drama tells the story of Qiao Nuo, a court intern who falls in love with the profession and aspires to become a good judge after seeing the process of a judge facing a criminal and uncovering the real killer.


Black Lighthouse

English Title: Black Lighthouse
Chinese Title: 黑色灯塔
Genre: Urban, Law, Romance, Crime
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Shi Heran, Zhang Hanwen
Writer: Shi Heran
Product Company: HLBN
Released Date: 2020-10-21
Broadcast Website: MGTV, HLBN 华录百纳



Qiao Nuo, who had just graduated from college, had a chance to become an intern court clerk of the municipal court.

He was questioned by the judge because of her ignorance of the job.

After entering the courtroom and seeing the fierce confrontation between the prosecution and the defense in the courtroom, and seeing the judge face the cunning criminals to uncover the true culprit, she fell in love with this profession.

Qiao Nuo worked hard during the day and went home after work to improve her legal knowledge, but what really made her grow was the guidance and teaching of the presiding judge Yang Boqing when she faced the case.

Under the leadership of the old judges, she was not afraid to look for useful clues and messages, gaining experience, making friends, and gaining love.


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