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The Fearless – Rayzha Alimjan, Wang Yang

The Fearless is an urban romantic drama directed by Zhao Jintao and Tan Jiayan, led by Rayzha Alimjan, Wang Yang, and Chuo Ni, co-starring Li Yu, Feng Hui, Cheng Zi, Lu Yanqi, Qiao Dawei, Na Jia Wei, and Shen Yujie, with special appearances by Chen Jin, Zhu Shimao, Zheng Xiaoning, Cao Zheng, Feng Lei, and Yang Zhigang.


The Fearless

English Title: The Fearless
Chinese Title: 无所畏惧
Other Titles: 你好生活
Genre: Urban, Romance, Law, Life, Drama
Tag: Strong Female Lead, Going Through a Divorce, Lawyer Female Lead, Workplace Setting, Investigation, Blackmail
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Zhao Jintao, Tan Jiayan
Writer: Zhao Dongling
Producer: Ma Jun, Yang Bei, Cao Lining, Zhao Xiaobo, Yu Fei, Xue Danbin
Released Date: 2023-11-03
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



Luo Yingzi never dreamed that, after sailing smoothly for 28 years, she would suddenly find herself in dire straits.

It was her husband Liu Ming's thirtieth birthday, and she had just received her lawyer's license. She had thought it was a good day, so she had carefully prepared a table of food.

However, after waiting at home all night, Liu Ming left, abandoning all their past affections. He left the country with her best friend Wen Li, taking all the couple's joint assets and leaving Luo Yingzi with a massive amount of debt she couldn't pay off. Liu Ming's betrayal was like a heavy stone that instantly shattered Luo Yingzi's once beautiful life.

She held onto her only lifeline, the newly acquired lawyer's license, and entered the Liangcheng Law Firm, becoming a new lawyer, bravely moving forward on a path filled with obstacles.


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