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Come On! Programmers – Wang Runze, Ye Sitong

Come On! Programmers is a youth drama directed by Liang Jiahao, starring Wang Runze, Ye Sitong, Xiao Xu, Jiang Shan, Jin Xianzheng, Feng Hui, with special appearances by Fan Tiantian and Jiang Chao.

The drama tells the entrepreneurial story of Zhu Meng, a genius programmer.


Come On! Programmers

English Title: Come On! Programmers
Chinese Title: 加油吧!程序员
Genre: Urban, Youth, Business, Drama
Tag: Programmer Male Lead, Workplace Setting
Episodes: 22
Duration: 40 min.
Director: Liang Jiahao
Released Date: 2023-04-26
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



This drama mainly tells the funny story of a programmer starting a business.

In the new era of interconnectedness, there's Zhu Meng, a programmer who has a natural talent for technology and has just entered the workplace, and there's Luo Fengxiang, an internet giant.

The tech geek Zhu Meng sees through the true face of industry leader Luo Fengxiang. He decides to break free from the shackles of capital and start a journey of entrepreneurship for the ideals he holds dear.

He gathers a group of highly capable, eccentric, and interesting partners and establishes the Baohulu Technology Company. Although Baohulu faces challenges in financing, product development, and company operations, constantly experiencing life and death tests, Zhu Meng always sticks to his original intention and leads everyone to continue to grow.

In the end, they defeat the commercial giants in intelligent driving technology, achieve their life goal of using technology to change lives, and also gain strong friendships and an understanding of the essence of entrepreneurship.


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