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Love Endures – Yang Zi, Fan Chengcheng

Love Endures is a youth drama directed by Niu Chao, led by Yang Zi, Fan Chengcheng, and Zhu Yanmanzi, co-starring Jin Shijia and Wang Qianyue.

The drama tells the story of several childhood friends who grow up with each other and regain their initial aspirations after separation and reunion.


Love Endures

English Title: Love Endures
Chinese Title: 要久久爱
Genre: Youth, Romance
Tag: Long Time Friends, Friends Reunited, Gaming, Age Gap, Chasing a Dream, Game Designer Male Lead
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Niu Chao
Writer: A Mei, Li Yang
Producer: Guo Feng
Released Date: 2024-01-20
Broadcast Website: KUKAN, MZTV Exclusive, Viki



In a family Courtyard in a northern aerospace city, seven children, including Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yizi, are childhood friends, growing up together, helping each other and forming the "Seven Stars of the Big Dipper", promising to pass the college entrance exam to Beijing together.

The seventeen years of age arrived quietly, and the university entrance exams came in a rush with the eighteenth Bar Mitzvah, and the young agreement disappeared.

Huang Yingzi became the only one to go to Beijing, Jiang Yi left for the United States, and their friends were scattered all over the country.

The "Seven Stars of the Big Dipper" are forgotten.

The question "Who did you like when you were seventeen?" became a mystery in the hearts of the seven, and a lingering memory of their youth.

As the first decade of the new century draws to a close, they are bruised and battered by the struggle between ideals and reality, and their once pure feelings shine like stars in the night sky.

When Yingzi wants to reunite with the "Seven Stars", she realizes that "Who did you like when you were 17" is the questionnaire she has to answer. Jiang Yi and the rest of her friends have already submitted their answers...


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