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Xing Zhaolin (邢昭林) Profile

Xing Zhaolin

Xing Zhaolin(邢昭林), born on July 22, 1997, in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, is a Chinese male actor.

In June 2017, he starred in the ancient drama Princess Agents and became known to the audience for his role as Yue Qi. In July, he became a hit by playing the male lead Mo Lianchen in The Eternal Love.

Basic Info

Xing Zhaolin

Stage Name: Xing Zhaolin
Chinese Name: Xing Zhao Lin(邢昭林)
Nickname: Xing Dada, Pi Pi Xing
Place of Birth: Zhengzhou, Henan
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 22, 1997 (Age: 26)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 187cm (6'1")
Weight: 72kg (158.4 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Ling Dang(Small Bell)
Fandom Color: Little Blue
Instagram: -
Weibo: 邢昭林



  1. His agency is Tong Le Xing Zhaolin Studio.
  2. In 2013, Xing Zhaolin participated in a talent show in mainland China by SM Entertainment, but for various reasons, Xing Zhaolin chose to develop in the mainland.
  3. He is a foodie, but after eating he will do exercise to lose weight.
  4. Favorite foods: pizza, fried chicken, soup with pepper, stewed noodles, bean sauce noodles, roast lamb leg, steak, crayfish, chocolate, burger.
  5. His secret to weight loss is to eat less, sleep, and do exercise.
  6. He once weighed 130kg, but in order to pursue a girl, he lost 60kg.
  7. Likes to play basketball.
  8. Favorite Basketball Team: Lakers.
  9. Favorite Actress: Zhao Liying.
  10. Favorite Singer: Jay Chou.
  11. Favorite Boy Group: EXO.
  12. Favorite Idol: Baek Hyun.
  13. Loves to travel.
  14. Enjoys staying at home.
  15. Xing Zhao Lin feels his small eyes are attractive.
  16. Ideal Type Girlfriend: he can accept girls older than him.



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