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Choice Husband – Zhang Xueying, Xing Zhaolin

Choice Husband is a historical romantic drama directed by Wu Qiang and starring Zhang Xueying, Xing Zhaolin, and Riley Wang.

The drama is adapted from Dian Xian's novel "两只前夫一台戏 / Liang Zhi Qian Fu Yi Tai Xi", which tells the story of Shen Miao, who has a wealthy family and good looks but encountered many hardships on the road to marriage.

The first time she married Pei Yanzhen, a scholar who comes from a family of officials. But because someone found out that their families are related by ancestry, her husband became her uncle.


Choice Husband

English Title: Choice Husband
Chinese Title: 择君记
Genre: Historical, Romance
Tag: Love Triangle, Father-Daughter Relationship, Royalty, Stepmother-Stepdaughter Relationship, Scholar Male Lead, Adapted From A Novel
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wu Qiang
Writer: Rao Jun, Li Zhenru, Liu Yangdi
Producer: Fang Fang, Qi Shuai, Zhang Wei, Yu Yalian, Luo Jianwei
Released Date: 2023-01-11
Broadcast Website: WeTV



Shen Miao, the daughter of the richest man, has a wealthy family and a good appearance but became the one that no one dares to marry in Yangzhou city.

It was just because the first two marriages of Shen Miao were too good.

She first married Pei Yanzhen, a scholar who was from an official family. Pei Yanzhen’s personality is as gentle as jade. They were getting along well with each other for a long time.

But then a “royal order” of divorce came and they were forced to separate.

By mistake, Shen Miao married a rich merchant’s son, Song Xiyuan, for the second time.

But only two months after the marriage, Shen Miao was found to be pregnant, and people were talking about the time of pregnancy. She had no choice but to divorce again.

Shen Miao was open-minded and kept actively blind dating, but two ex-husbands came at the same time.

The love-hate relationship among the three was slowly unfolding under the shroud of dynastic intrigue ……


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