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I Cannot Hug You – Xing Zhaolin, Zhang Yuxi

I Cannot Hug You is a fantasy romance web series directed by Cattree, starring Xing Zhaolin and Zhang Yuxi, co-starring Dai Jingyao, Xu Kaizhang, Wang Ruoxue, Xin Ruiqi, Sun Zeyuan, Han Mubo, Gao Junjie, Qu Huojun, Hu Yixuan, and Li Jiaqi.

The drama tells the love story of Li Shiya, a young girl from a mysterious bloodline group, and Jiang Zhihao, a man with a heavy mysophobia problem.


I Cannot Hug You

English Title: I Cannot Hug You
Chinese Title: 无法拥抱的你
Genre: Youth, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Episodes: 16
Duration: 30 min.
Director: Cattree
Producer: Zhen Yongbo
Broadcasting Website: Caravan中文剧场, Viki
Released Date: November 20, 2017


Xing Zhaolin Xing Zhaolin as Jiang Zhihao
Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi as Li Shiya
Dai Jingyao Dai Jingyao as Xin Ba
Xu Kaicheng Xu Kaicheng as Cui Junhe
Wang Ruoxue Wang Ruoxue as Li Lanxi
Xin Ruiqi Xin Ruiqi as Xu Qingran
Sun Zeyuan Sun Zeyuan as Yin Shihuan
Han Mubo Han Mubo as Yu Ze
Gao Junjie Gao Junjie as Li Xiangyang
Hu Yixuan Hu Yixuan as Xiao Can


Li Shiya needs to maintain life relying on touch with others, Jiang Zhihao is a man with a mysophobia problem who hates touching people.

One’s life depends on touch, the other can not stand a touch, such a pair of men and women, what kind of chemistry will they bing?

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