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Princess Agents – Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin

Princess Agents is a female inspirational and legendary costume drama directed by Wu Jinyuan, led by Zhao Liying, Kenny Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, Li Qin, co-starring Deng Lun, Jin Shijie, Wang Yanlin, Niu Junfeng, Huang Mengying, Tian Xiaojie, Sun Ning, Jin Han, Xing Zhaolin, Cao Xiyue, Zhu Shengyi, Ruan Shengwen, Li Ruojia, and Miao Miao.

The drama is adapted from Xiaoxiang Dong'er's novel "11处特工皇妃", which tells the story of a maverick slave girl, Chu Qiao, who helped to establish a new regime in the chaotic world of the Western Wei Dynasty. It is a story about guarding, betrayal, faith, and love.


Princess Agents

English Title: Princess Agents
Chinese Title: 楚乔传
Genre: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Action
Tag: Power Struggle, Revenge, Amnesia, Strong Female Lead, Reverse-Harem, Master-Servant Relationship
Episodes: 67
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wu Jinyuan
Writer: Jiawen, Yang Tao, Chen Lan
Producer: Liu Yingxuan, Wang Yexun
Released Date: 2017-06-05
Broadcast Website: China Zone, Viki



In the years of Western Wei, there was chaos and war, and many civilians were reduced to slaves and their lives were like grass.

A slave girl, Chu Qiao, was sent to the hunting ground for the nobles to shoot for entertainment.

Witnessing the tragic death of her elder brother and sister, she vowed to take her little sister to escape from the prison.

Chu Qiao attracted an open-minded nobleman, Yuwen Yue‘s attention. She was forced to undergo severe training while forming a deep friendship with Yan Xun.

When Yan Xun’s family was wiped out and he was in a desperate situation, Chu Qiao stayed with him and helped him to escape from the situation.

However, after returning to Xiliang, Yan Xun’s ambition swelled and he was willing to take the lives of all the people in the city as a price to claim the throne.

In desperation, Chu Qiao apart from Yan Xun.

Yan Xun traped Yuwen Yue in the ice lake, Chu Qiao and Yuwen Yue fell into the ice lake and their lives are not yet known.


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