2023 Chinese Drama List

Fights Break Sphere – Leo Wu, Lin Yun

Fights Break Sphere is a fantasy Wuxia action film directed by Je-gyu Kang. starring Leo Wu Lei, Lin Yun, Baron Chen Chuhe, Li Qin, Liu Yupu, Yu Rongguang, Ling Xiaosu, Li Ruotong, Xin Zhilei, and Li Zifeng.


Fights Break Sphere

English Title: Fights Break Sphere
Chinese Title: 斗破苍穹电影版
Genre: Fantasy, Wuxia, Action
Duration: -
Director: Je-gyu Kang
Writer: Tian Can Tu Dou
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



After the genius teenager Xiao Yan created an unprecedented and unbeatable training record for his family, he suddenly became a useless person.

For three whole years, he faced cold treatment from his family, disdain from others, and even his fiancée broke off the engagement... a series of setbacks hit him one after another.

Just when he was about to give up, a wisp of ghostly spirit appeared from the ring on his hand, and a brand new door opened before him!

This is a world of Dou Qi, where there are no fancy and colorful magic, only the most powerful Dou Qi that has evolved to its peak!


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