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Flowers From the Ashes – Liu Haoran, Arthur Chen

Flowers From the Ashes is directed by Chen Kaige, led by Liu Haoran, Arthur Chen, Zhang Xueying, and Vicky Chen, co-starring Zhao Xiaotang and Zhang Yue.

The film tells the story of several teenagers who struggle against fate as they grow up.


Flowers From the Ashes

English Title: Flowers From the Ashes
Chinese Title: 少年时代
Other Titles: 尘埃里开花, 我的少年时代
Genre: Youth, Drama
Duration: -
Director: Chen Kaige
Writer: Shi Yifeng
Producer: Chen Hong
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



The film tells the story of several teenagers experiencing the critical period of growth years, working hard and struggling with fate, and realizing their self-worth after experiencing a lot of suffering.


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