2023 Chinese Drama List

Zhong Guo Xing Jing – Li Xian, Zhu Yawen, Bai Jingting

Zhong Guo Xing Jing is a crime film directed by Xin Yukun, starring Li Xian, Zhu Yawen, Bai Jingting, and Zhao Liying.


Zhong Guo Xing Jing

English Title: Zhong Guo Xing Jing
Chinese Title: 中国刑警
Genre: Crime
Director: Xin Yukun
Released Date:
Boradcast Website: –



The film is adapted from real events and is based on the eight-year-long “Su Xiang Yu series of armed robbery and murder cases” that were solved by the police in 2012.

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