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Yuan Hong (Justin Yuan) Profile

Yuan Hong

Yuan Hong(Justin Yuan, 袁弘), born on August 23, 1982, in Wuhan, Hubei, is a Chinese actor.

In 2003, he entered the acting world by acting in his first drama Unparalleled, and in 2010, he received widespread attention for his role as Yinxiang in the palace drama Scarlet Heart.

Basic Info

Yuan Hong

Stage Name: Yuan Hong
Chinese Name: Yuan Hong(袁弘)
Birth Name: Yuan Ding(袁丁)
English Name: Justin Yuan
Nickname: Lao O, Lao Yuan
Place of Birth: Wuhan, Hubei
Nationality: China
Birthday: August 23, 1982 (Age: 41)
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 181cm (5'11")
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: -
Weibo: 袁弘


  1. His agent is Shanghai Brandcore Ent.
  2. Education: he studied at shanghai Theatre Academy.
  3. Hu Ge and he are classmates, and there are best friends too.
  4. Likes to play basketball and swim.
  5. In July 2014, Yuan Hong and actress Zhang Xinyi met due to their collaboration on the drama"Princess Jieyou".
  6. They were married in Germany on May 30, 2016.
  7. On February 14, 2019, Zhang Xinyi gave birth to a son.



TV Show

  • Takes a Real Man(真正男子汉)(2015)
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