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The Legend of Sun and Moon – Dilraba Dilmurat, Shawn Dou

The Legend of Sun and Moon (Saga of Light) is a fantasy comedy directed by Jin Yimeng, starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Shawn Dou.

The film tells the love story of Chang E and Hou Yi.


The Legend of Sun and Moon

English Title: The Legend of Sun and Moon
Chinese Title: 日月
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
Duration: 110 min.
Director: Jin Yimeng
Writer: Jin Yimeng, Zhao Moyan, Dwayne Smith
Producer: Jin Yimeng, Bai Jin, Gong Ying, Gui Youming, Zhang Xuan
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



In the ancient seaside village of Goldfish, Chang E, a beautiful girl, and Hou Yi, a young man from the forest, were a pair of childhood friends.

Tired of the boring life in the small fishing village, the freedom-minded Chang E was determined to explore the outside world.

On the day she planed to leave home, the peace of the village was shattered by the sudden ceremony of the Dragon King to choose a wife...


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