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A Touch of Warm – Hu Ge, Vicky Chen, Yan Ni

A Touch of Warm is a crime drama directed by Kang Bo, starring Hu Ge, Wen Qi, and Yan Ni.

The film tells the story of Zhu Shaoyu, a recently released human trafficker who is accidentally involved in a human trafficking case that spans the northeast, confronting his sinful past and gaining redemption.


A Touch of Warm

English Title: A Touch of Warm
Chinese Title: 驯鹿
Genre: Crime, Drama
Duration: -
Director: Kang Bo
Writer: Kang Bo
Producer: Wang Siyu
Product Company: HEHE PICTURES
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



Zhu Shaoyu, nicknamed Reindeer, is a trafficker who specializes in luring women. But his son Zhu Kai was abducted in his hometown.

In order to find his son, he goes undercover in the gang that abducted Zhu Kai, while the "nanny" Hao Zi absconds with Zhu Kai, trying to pay off his gambling debts with a private sale.

The gang lures Li Qi, Hao Zi's girlfriend who is nine months pregnant, to sell his son.

They ask Zhu Shaoyu to take Li Qi to a trading place to give birth and sell her son.

But Zhu Shaoyu is planning to figure out how to lure Hao Zi to appear and save her son...


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