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Ne Zha – Leo Wu, Xing Fei, Zhang Fengyi, Michelle Yeoh

Ne Zha is a fantasy film directed by Liu Zhenwei, starring Wu Lei, Xing Fei, Zhang Fengyi, and Michelle Yeoh.


Ne Zha

English Title: Ne Zha
Chinese Title: 大闹东海
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Immortal, Action
Duration: -
Director: Liu Zhenwei
Writer: Liu Zhenwei
Product Company: FILM CARNIVAL
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



Lady Yin gave birth to a"monster" and named him Ne Zha after carrying him for three years and six months.

Ne Zha was born with a red ribbon and knowledge of magic skills but also had three ugly lumps on his head.

One day, Ne Zha accidentally killed Ao Bing, the third son of the Dragon King in the East Sea. His father went to complain to the Jade Emperor with the help of the three Dragon Kings. Knowing that trouble was coming, Lady Yin sent Ne Zha to be disciplined by Tai yi Zhen Ren.

Ne Zha met his blind senior sister, Yao Guang, for the first time there.

With the guidance of Tai Yi Zhen Ten, Ne Zha made great progress in magic, but was challenged by his senior brother and had to run away.

He accidentally met Tai Jia Zhen Ren in the deep mountains and obtained three treasures: the Universe Ring, the Wind Fire Wheels, and the Fire Pointed Spear.

Ne Zha returned to Qianyuan Mountain and helped his master defeat challenger Lei Zhenzi, which resolved the crisis and made Yao Guang regain her sight.

To make up for his mistake, Ne Zha returned to Chen Tang Guan incognito and defeated Huo Lang who was causing trouble there.

Later, he followed his enemy and was led to Wanxue Peak, where he fought to the death with the Wolf King.

Afterward, to save the people of Chen Tang Guan who were flooded, Ne Zha risked his life to control the raging waters, causing himself to be seriously injured.

This act moved Guanyin Bodhisattva, and Ne Zha was finally reborn after Nirvana.


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