2023 Chinese Drama List

The Perfect Blue – Fan Bingbing, Huang Xuan

The Perfect Blue is a crime suspense film directed by Cao Baoping, starring Fan Bingbing, Huang Xuan, Wang Ziwen, Xin Zhilei, and Li Qin.

The film tells the story of a tangle of humanity in different life situations and emotional states, starting from the poetic years of youth in school.


The Perfect Blue

English Title: The Perfect Blue
Chinese Title: 她杀
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Drama
Duration: 90 min.
Director: Cao Baoping
Writer: Cao Baoping, Wu Pipi
Producer: Mao Chuxiao
Released Date: -
Boradcast Website: -



Graduation season, four college girls are envisioning their futures, unaware that an accident will put their friendship to an unprecedented test. Seven years later, because of this accident, each girl's life has undergone a profound transformation. Through a series of coincidences, the events of that year are revisited. Under the themes of love and revenge, a struggle of human nature is unfolding...


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